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Top 3 Most Anticipated PC Games No.1

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Were you expecting this?


I love competitive games, CSS, TF2, etc. I always get into games that require skill, I think what attracts me is that the more I play the more I can smack talk and own noobs. The sort of gameplay Starcraft offers sounds just like that, fast-paced and skillful.

Starcraft 2 has three different races; Terran, Protoss and Zerg just like Starcraft 1. When I say different races I mean it, the fundemental idea of Starcraft is that the 3 races should be as unique as possible.

Here's the new Zerg unit the infestor:


While it doesn't look like much in that shot he's deadly in the game. It can burrow silently into position before infecting a building or unit. Infected units will spread disease to anyone around them, infected buildings produce slow and also infected units.

One of the new things in SC2 is how the Single Player Campaign works. Once you complete a mission you go to the headquaters area of the race you're fighting with. And the game turns into a point and click adventure game. You interact with main characters and can progress through the campaign in a Non-Linear way. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Top 3 Most Anticipated PC Games No. 2

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Hopefully some of you have been eagerly awaiting number 2 in my top 3 future PC games, if not you might find it interesting anyway.


I think this'll be on everyone's radar, I mean who wouldn't like to play this?

For the few who don't know, Spore is a game in which players take control over their own species of animal, taking it from the primordial soup all the way to space. (Read about the 5 phases here)

I think the single thing that excites me about Spore the most is the creature creation tool. As you can see from the screen above it looks pretty deep. I bet a lot of the time I spend in Spore will be creating really stupid looking creatures.

The more you play and develop your creatures the bigger the scale becomes. What starts out as a few organisms becomes a tribe, then a civilization then a space empire. It could almost turn into a game of Gal Civ 2. Spore will be revolutionary, mark my words...

Number 1 soon...

My Top 3 Most Anticipated PC Games

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As always there are some awesome looking PC games on the horizon, so over the next week or so I'll write about my Top 3, starting with:


I've been a fan of the total war series for a long time now in fact Shogun Total War was one of my first PC games (I haven't been a gamer for that long). Naval battles were the next logical step for the TW franchise and Empire has the perfect setting to introduce them.

The ten playable factions include Britain, Prussia, France, Spain, America and the Ottoman Empire. I'll try my hand with the British first, see if I can do better than them in real life, not likely, but I'll try.

Also, for the first time in a Total War game, nearly the whole world is on the map, unfortunately for the Aussies and New Zealanders I don't think their on it. With overhauls on Diplomacy, Missions and Espionage E:TW is going to be awesome.

Visit my blog soon for number 2...

What I'm Playing

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I've got a lot of games on the go right now, so I thought I'd blog about it.

Just started playing through The Witcher, I'm not sure what I think of it yet. So far I think the combat is the best bit; lots of gore, especially on the finishing moves. There was one where Geralt (who the player is) jumps on this guys shoulders and stabs down through his head, spraying blood everywhere.

I've got my teeth into Stalker also, very atmospheric and quite scary. The irradiated wastelands of Chernobyl make a great setting. Though it's a bloody hard game, I had it on normal and have died about 15 times so far.

I've started playing through Half Life 2 for the second time a few days ago. It's definately one of the best games I've ever played, the first time you step out into City 17 is just fantastic.

And, of course I'm still playing a lot of Team Fortress 2, what a great game.

Shocking News - Ubisoft only wants North Americans buying their games!

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Far Cry, Clancy games, the Heroes of Might And Magic series, IL-2 Sturmovik and future Ubisoft releases too like Assassin's Creed are now available on Steam...for North Americans. It seems Ubisoft isn't interested in selling to people like me in the UK. Or anyone not living in North America.

Valve's Doug Lombardi said "It's their call. We offer worldwide coverage, and we're happy to offer the products to as many customers as the publisher/developer desires."

My opinion of Ubisoft has definately gone down because of this. What are your thoghts?

I've got the virus!

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Deiviuxs gave me it, to get rid of it I must reveal five things about myself, so here goes:

1. I am 14 years old - but I feel older than my age

2. I'm a PC snob - I'm always arguing with friends about how PC > Consoles

3. I wear contact lenses - I can't stand wearing glasses

4. My favourite game right now is Team Fortress 2 - It's so addictive!

5. Finally, I love pasta - Specifically, tagiatelli with a nice tommato sauce, grated cheddar cheese, vampelt ham and french dressing, yum!

So now I must give 5 other people this virus: Orakk, thenewau25, Jd1680, Stowik and mrhankeydinks

Guitar Hero 3 - Lots of Fun

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I was walking around town this morning with a few mates and we walked into a game shop. A 360 was in the corner with Guitar Hero 3 on it, we had a go each and it was awesome. It was our first go on any of the Guitar Hero games so we sucked at it but we were in there for about an hour just playing the same song on easy difficulty.

We left the shop with dead arms, but all vowing to get the game straight away.

So I'll get it for PC, luckily GH3 was the first in the to come out on PC.

Anyone else played it? Did you like it?

TF2 - Favourite Class?

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Mine is the engineer. I love setting up a sentry in a place where no one thinks there will be one, then I watch as they run into it and my kills rack up.

One time in dustbowl I set up a sentry right outside the starting gate, the blues were trapped for ages and I was at the top of the score board, it was awesome.

So, what's your favourite c l a s s (can't write that word in gamespot) from TF2?

Digital Distibution

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I bought my first game from steam the yesterday. The game was Audiosurf and although it is a great game it's not what I'm blogging about. The process of getting Audiosurf was extremely easy, so easy I'm thinking of getting all my games from steam from now on.

So here's my question, how long untill the main method of buying a game is to download? I reckon 10 years. What's your opinion?

Also, how do you get your games? Steam? Amazon? Gamestop?

Underated and Overated Games

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An interesting topic that I was thinking about the other day. Usually the reviewers get it right, but occasionally a game goes under their radar or they take too much attention to it.

Underated - Trackmania United - This game is awesome, it has a great community, hundreds of fan made tracks to play, race, puzzle and platform modes. And you can create your own tracks easily. I think the scores should have been in the 90s. I reccomend you get this game now.

Overated - Crysis - This is just my opinion but I thought this was just nice graphics and not much gameplay. Okay the suit powers are pretty cool, but you can just cloak past everyone. And the alien part sucked. It was enjoyable but not worth the scores it got.

So what are the games you think are underated or overated?

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