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Metroid Pong

Ever hear of this program called "Scratch"?

It's essentially a game-making program that simplifies the concept of scripting. That said, it still has a somewhat annoying learning curve.

That's not necessarily the point of this blog, as may have been given away in the title. The point is that with Scratch, I created a semi-Pong game based on Metroid. It uses only 1987 Metroid sprites, 1987 Metroid music and sounds, and so on.

Y'all should give it a try.


I suggest you read the HOW TO PLAY section when starting the game first, though.

Also, if the game runs slowly, it's your computer. It runs fine on mine. :P

(Both Windows and Mac can play games made in Scratch)

Ultimate Ridley out.


Back on September 5th, 2009, I created a sprite webcomic called Pogeymanz. This comic was a satire of the Pokemon world, the Internet, action movies, and sometimes overhype, all the while presented in and covered up by a medium of complete randomness. To this date, Pogeymanz is the most popular webcomic ever made by me (though that isn't saying much), and now I want to share it here.

Since there are about 49 pages, I'll just link to the webcomic's page itself. Enjoy!

WARNING: This webcomic has been rated PG (12+ by PEGI standards) for constant rude humor, some infrequent language, and occasional drug references. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Here is a link to the first comic.

I just figured, since I shared my cruddy and ancient (and horribly vulgar and violent) ARK comics with y'all, and I have nothing better to post in a blog, why not share this one?

New chapter for Metroid Dread is up

Chapter Eleven was posted on every site that which I posted Metroid Dread on. The chapter title is Assault, and it spans more than five thousand words long.

For anyone who needs to be redirected to the link to the fic on FF, here you go.

Please review or comment on it. It would be greatly appreciated if you do.

I'm currently a little over halfway done with Chapter Twelve, which will be titled Aurora Heights. And no, the name has absolutely no significance to Aurora Units in Prime 3. At that, the fic gives very little reference to the Prime subseries at all sans Prime Hunters, so if all you played was the Prime games, it may be difficult to understand the fic.

Ultimate Ridley out.

Featured Review: Dead Space

This is my next big review; as in, the next review I put a huge amount of effort in writing.


Above is a link to my review for the game. Please recommend it if you like it.

I personally thought Dead Space was an outstanding game. It was scary, violent, disturbing, grotesque, and had a great story.

What is everyone else's opinions on the game?

Just some links and such...

Well whaddya know, I'm updating today when I almost promised I wouldn't!

But I did say I would update when you least expected it...

Anyway, onto the topic. Here are some links to things by me.

Metroid Dread


'After the events of Metroid Fusion, supposedly, the galaxy is at peace. However, with a hidden conspiracy being developed along with a master plan the Space Pirates will administer, it is not even close.'

This Fanfiction is Rated: T (high end for ESRB standards, or PG-13for MPAA standards, and 16+ for PEGI standards) for dark thematic elements, moderate swearing, intense violence and action, insect/creature gore, and some blood.

Fanart (some)


Note: The above link is not to advertise the forum that which the fanart is in.

ARK: Adventures of Ridley and Kraid


*When visiting the above link, please click "First Comic" and go from there.

'This is a humorous comic series that which depicts the awkward adventures of our two favorite Space Pirates and their buddies that they meet along their journey.

The first one and a half takes place on a game in Ridley's Crocomire Advance, and soon after that, the two find theirselves on a journey to end the reign of one of their own minions.'

This comic has been rated T/PG-13 for constant rude humor, sexual references, violence and blood, and mild language.

And I might edit for some more links later...


Greetings, everyone. I am Ultimate Ridley, or U.R. for short. Don't expect daily updates on this blog, because keeping a blog going is probably one of my weakest points. Reason being is, if I'm not cruising a forum or playing a game, then I'm reviewing a game.

I've joined on the seventeenth of May in 2009, but I wasn't active until the thirty-first. That was the day I submitted my first review, for Super Metroid. Since then, so far eight days later, I've written up and posted an additional fourteen reviews.

Now, a little about me...

Age: 15

Gender: It---er, I mean Male

Favorite Game Series: Metroid

Favorite Boss of All Time: Quadraxis

Consoles owned: X360, Wii, GCN, N64, GBASP, GBC, GB, NDS(Phat)

Favorite Movie: n/a

Favorite Band(s): Slipknot and As I Lay Dying

Hobbies: Video games, computer, reviewing video games, watching television, playing on drums, drawing fanart, writing fanfics

And...I think that's it for now. :P

I probably won't update tomorrow...I'll update when you least expect it. =B

Ultimate Ridley out.