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Ok all im gona say is IronMan is the MAN ive watched all the trailers and the documentary on sky ironman close up.yes im sad but this fim looks absolutely awesome amazing fantabydosey its gona rock me and ma mates are goin to see this ace movie and i tell u one thing im gettin really really excited i feel like im 10 years old again cant wait i want the suit and b ironman lol this film has really got all the comic buffs heated and it looks like we all cant wat to c it and criticise it to hell lol but im sure if they puled it off right its well gona b a second one hmmmm maybe they should get the hulk in the next one huh that would be cool.


GTA4 looks awesome and its gona be one of the best games to come out on the consoles the characters look ace the facial movements on them looks ace and the game background look awesome too the building and vehicles look awesome and just by lookin at the trailers the game just RRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS

thats all i gota say abt that lol

Rainbowsix Vegas 2

sup yal i havnt had much time to view rb6v2 but it looks good from wat i have seen liking the sprint action for i felt playin rbsv then playin cod4 made it seem slow.but i want to c more and c for mysel wat this new rb6v2 has and can it better cod4 with the sas in it hmmmmmm

WAR a movie with Jet Lei

well iv seen the movie WAR and i think it is a rather well thought out plot and a good twist in the story. it got Jet Lei and Jason Statham (the transporter) the story is abt the Yakuza and the Chan family (Chinese) mafia.

i would recommend this movie to people that like action movies and guns swords and cool hard killer Jet Lei.which the story is mostly abt Jet Lei called rouge he is a hit man for the Yakuza but i dont wana wreck the story u have to see it to like the movie i really wasnt expecting the twist in the story and i thought it was rather clever and it cool.the main story is abt these two horses made out of gold and are really valuable and are priceless in america but cant be sold in china.they belong to the chan family and he wants them bak for the yakuza have stole them so u get the drift.so i say watch it it a good movie.i would rate it 4 out of five.

Aliens vs Predator Requiem

Well were do i start on this movie. ITS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is by far the best aliens vs predator that has been released its amazing gore the action the crazy assed predator who rock by the why he is like soo cool.

the film was how id actually wanted it to be the two boys that made it did their homework and got an amazing result to the other people that have no taste in movies rated it crap man these people really need to wise up and watch good movies and not watch girly movies.

the film had a good story continuing from the last disaster that was aliens vs predator the first one to all those who don't know wat I'm talking abt lol

it got a good plot and has a characters that u think will live but DIE Moohahahaha!!!!!!!

plus the special effects r great and i know the directors wanted to use less CGI and have a more hands on approach to the movie by having costumes of aliens and puppets which is better cos it makes it feel like they r real and brings back an 80's quality back to the movie which in the 80's movies were the best. so id tell everyone to go c this movie and if it not Ur cup of fine tea still go c it. id rate this movie 100 out of 10 cos its that ace.:D

Aliens Vs Predator Requiem (2)

Well i have been dying for someone to make this movie for so long i thought i would take a heart attack when i found out it was being make and is out tomorrow.woooooooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

im going to see this movie for one reason it IS going to be BETTER than the first let down aliens vs predator it was cheese.

i have played every alien game there is and the best ones of them all is aliens vs predator for the pc it rocks so much i cand help but go the mariene and get the crap scared out of me everytime i play the game man if u have it play it in the dark wait till u hear the face huggers. GAME OVER MAN!!!! GAME OVER!!!!!!!!

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

well i have seen the trailer for RSV2 and I'm thinking to myself is it going to b worth it?i loved the first RSV but wen i played Cod4 the speed of the game became a problem for cod4 it is a really fast pace game and i was wondering if the boys at ubisoft r going to make the game a faster speed and more realistic like cod4.reason is cod4 blows the crap out of any shooter on xbox and online. so if anyone can talk about it fire me something I'm interested in this game RSV2 and wonder if it will cut the mustard to match cod4. PEACE the MINK8)