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Next-Gen, and Why It Will Be Awesome

Next generation.

Easily a topic that all gamers get excited about every few years. The anticipation of new hardware, new capabilities, and new game titles start swirling around rumor mills and gamer calendars everywhere. Over the past three months, news of the Playstation 4 and the newly announced Xbox One has dominated everyone's minds because of so many noteworthy rumors. Always on, no used games, internet-required; these are just three topics that had many of us intrigued and worried at the same time.

Now we know there wont be a giant leap in graphical capability, but there will be a leap nonetheless. The area where I believe gamers and developers are most excited about is how console and PC gaming are looking as though they may start to blend a little bit, and what used to be an obvious line of separation is now a thin line, with what could mean better games and more games for more consoles. People love PC titles such as Star Wars: TOR, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Crysis, Total War, PlanetSide, and many more because of their gameplay, fludity, and interaction with other players. Crysis of course is an exception as it has now seen consoles, but early on, it was a game where we thought the original alone on PC was next-gen, not just another PC title. 

Imagine a game such as Fallout, or TES, two of Bethesda's best games. We have seen how great these have become over this generation, but what about what they could do with this one? Graphically, more areas to explore would be obvious. Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar has also always pushed the limits of expansive maps and worlds, and with GTA V possibly becoming the last great current-gen game to release this year, one can imagine what a studio like them could do with a future title on PS4 or XB1. 

Myself being a huge sports fan, I can't imagine what a company such as 2K Sports will be able to do with their ever-growing dominance of the basketball landscape with NBA 2K. I am hopeful to see NBA 2K14 for next-gen with even more gameplay enhancements than ever before, and maybe I will get my wish to see them pick up a license deal with either Turner Sports or Comcast Sports Net. We all know EA Sports has almost forgotten how to make a realistic sports simulation, so maybe they can give up the NFL exclusitivity that they have crapped on as well.

With the Playstation 4 Eye, and the Kinect 2, I can really see where even truer enhancements can come with these accessories as well. I would like to see greater use with a more variety of games, such as shooters, RPGs, and action titles. I love the party titles and the added enhancements we've seen in games such as Mass Effect, Skyrim, and NBA 2K13. Now, wouldn't it be cool to play Gears of War and chainsaw someone yourself instead of by a button? Too bad epic Games probably killed the franchise with GoW: Judgment. 

Next-gen makes me excited. For the first time, I will be able to purchase the new consoles at launch instead of having to wait. I hope for all gamers sakes that Sony and Microsoft will have more manufactured and available at launch that in the past. We all want next-gen, and I know we have all waited for quite sometime. Here's to 2013 gamers, now go a collect those last remaining trophies and achievements for what has been a tremendous generation of gaming.

New Review!!

Hey all!

The last couple of days were unexpected for me, but I now have my latest review up for Mass Effect 3!

Check it out and feel free to post any feedback! 

Mass Effect 3 Review

I will be posting again on Wednesday with another update!


My Return Is Complete

Spotters! Today is the final day of the semester for me, and with that being said, I am back!

The next three months, I will be reviewing games again to keep myself from becoming a vegetable without a brain before next school year begins! Because no one like vegetables, and I would not like myself then!

So, my first review (in quite a while) I plan to have posted on Wednesday of Mass Effect 3. So far I am making great pace in the game as well as progress on my review. Wednesday evening is when you should expect to see it and I will be asking for feedback!

Thanks for welcoming me back!


Time Will Be Free Soon....


My lost love. Okay enough of the dramatic effect. It has been too long spotters! Hope all is well with everyone, and glad to see the site is still functioning, and possibly even a little better than when I left it! School has been tiresome to say the least, but, time is freeing up for me day by day as the end of the semester draws near. I am hopeful to begin writing reviews once again, but, knock on wood, something would always come up to where I could not ever accomplish anything. So, I am not even going to say that I am in the process of writing one because that would be a lie and I don't lie...that much. :D

With the flurry of games that continue to release such as Gears of War: Judgment, God of War: Acsension, and Bioshock: Infinite, I have the urge to give my thoughts on great games, especially sequels. So, as the semester draws near, I will try to continue to free up time and make a triumphant return to this great site as a productive and active member. And quite possibly the largest reason for me making a return? 

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 

Life's Good. Sorry LG, I stole your brand's punchline. 

Until Next Time,


(Formerly, xGlenn11x)

New Reviews Coming Soon

Time has been great to me lately! Finally I have had time to sit down to play a ton of titles in my backlog as well as some new releases from the past couple of months. The list includes the following, and will be up and LIVE tomorrow night!

- NBA 2K13

- Dishonored

- Assassin's Creed

- Assassin's Creed II

- Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

- Assassin's Creed Revelations

- Assassin's Creed III (currently playing through)

As you can see, Assassin's Creed has been HUGE for me over the last couple of months. I feel like I have a newfound motivation and feel great about contributing again here on GameSpot. Expect the entry tomorrow night!

Olympics, Gaming, TV Questions

As many of you are now aware, the Olympics are officially over. For some people who have hated the Olympics this year, this might seem great because some of your favorite TV shows will be coming on again. I happened to enjoy the Olympics to an extent this year, but damn I am excited to watch Hell's Kitchen tonight! For me, there were three areas of the Olympics that I followed the most; women's beach volleyball, women's soccer, and both men's and women's basketball. Note, in each of those categories, Team USA won the gold medal. Originally I just followed basketball, being the basketball junkie that I am, and then my girlfriend got me interested in the women's beach volleyball team. She happens to love volleyball, and to be honest, it was entertaining seeing people hit a ball back and forth. Soccer became interesting for me last year during the FIFA Women's World Cup, when the nation was going crazy over Hope Solo. I admit, I followed that craze as well, and women's soccer has become something of interest for me to watch during the worldwide events. As mentioned, basketball is my thing. I know the sport like the back of my hand. Following the two teams was a no-brainer. Team USA narrowly won the gold on the men's side yesterday, defeating Spain 107-100. Thankfully I was able to catch the game while I was at work at BestBuy. Switching subjects, on that note, I do work at BestBuy, and granted that I sell TVs all day, and I know the differences between the different kinds, I want to know what type of TVs everyone is using. When it comes to motion, I know Plasma is the best, but I have thought of going the LED route as well. I want to know what everyone thinks of their current TV, and if you are using an LCD, what do you want to go with next? (I am currently using a Sony, 1080p 60hz, and I am upgrading...Lol) With gaming recently, I have been completing some of my backlog of titles, and first one that I have just about completed is Batman: Arkham City. I believe this game is just as good as Arkham Asylum, but I wont have a full grasp of that fact until I complete a second playthrough. I have written most of a review already, but I want to really explore the city and get a feel for the game even more before posting it. I also plan on playing Borderlands and Kingdoms of Amalur, hopefully between now and mid September. If anyone owns Borderlands and would like to play co-op online on XBL, let me know! I will be checking back with an update in a day or two, and hopefully have a full review up soon of Batman!

Sleeping Dogs or Watch Dogs?

Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs both have similar titles and both look solid at the same time. I want to know from everyone else, which one looks to be a AAA title, and which one may fall under-the-radar?

A New Start, And A Needed One

Time can tell a lot about a person, especially when talking about yourself. The idea that people change over time is very, VERY true. Overall, you will remain the same as far as your personality is concerned, your likes and dislikes, and even some hobbies. In actuality, I have been with GameSpot as a member for almost 10 years. Before today, I ran with the alias xGlenn11x, and posted some roughly 40 reviews over a four year span. Some were loved, some were hated. Either way, people always saw my point in the review that I made. Outside of those reviews, I never made an effort to get too involved anywhere else in the site, when GameSpot has so much to offer. Forums, for example, is where everyone can connect. Some members can even make a name for themselves, while others are seen as flamers, trolls, etc. You get the idea. But others are merely there to see what the world is talking about, and typically looking in areas of personal interest. Personally, I love sports, gaming, movies, TV, and traveling, and I know of at least four of those that are topics found in the boards. Topics I could comment on in any way I see fit, and ways that for some odd reason, I have never done so before. GameSpot Fuse is the newest addition to the site, and honestly, I really don't see its point...yet. Basically anything that you do can be kept track of, for all of your followers to see. This is similar to MyIGN over at Maybe I can find more of a use in this than in the past. Overall, I want to become more involved on this site not just for me personally in my spare time, but to the aid of anyone else that I come in contact with. Whether I continue writing reviews, blogs, or anything else, I hope I can be something of an entertainer to those around the site. I will definitely be adding people who I find to have similarities to, but hey, don't be afraid to add me as well! I will be active daily on the site, and will be following anyone who is kind enough to follow me. Comments, thumbs up, etc. Expect things to be in full swing, and to learn a little about me, you can swing over to my other alias, where I wrote a horrible blog feature, and wrote some great reviews, while following some great people! Hope to have some more followers, and be able to continue writing some reviews for all games that I come in contact with. Happy Gaming Everyone! UPDATE: It appears that I can't do actual paragraphs...strange indeed. UPDATE 2: I finally got it to work....Hooray!!! PARAGRAPHS!!! :P