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On the 3DS store, search for monster Hunter. 

Then you will see a MH Data Transfer app.......... Download tha and it does it for you.


Make sure that the device you want to send a save file to is empty.....


So if you're sending one from your Wii U to your 3DS, make sure the 3DS has no save file on it, or the other way around.

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I would love to play with peple, I'm finding the job of finding an online game a slog.

Sadly, your Origin ID is repellent and a touch offensive.

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Hello guys, forgive me if I'm missing the obvious here.....

But I can't see how to play online :?


As I understand it, because of the server issues I can't invite people (although I see lots of other online games on the go).


When, in the 'Play' section, I choose to join a game, it shows a selection of games on the go, but every single game is full and only allows me to 'visit' the cities. It says to join a game, claim a city. But every single region appears to have every city taken.


Also, I started a game a few days ago, left it open for public to join, but nobody has.......


What am I missing please guys?

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Origin ID is : UglyGeezer ,would like an invite 

#5 Posted by Ugly_Geezer (414 posts) -

Same here, in UK.. Playing on import.

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Hello guys.

Be nice to me, I'm an old man venturing into your world seeking wisdom.:idea:


In previous Halo games we've been able to download content made by other gamers, races and other game modes. 

But on Halo 4 it doesn't seem to be up yet?


Anyone know when this function will be up? Or if it is up, will it be as easy to search and find stuff, as it was in Reach?


Cheers chaps.

#7 Posted by Ugly_Geezer (414 posts) -

It's a very mediocre game, never really sucked me on tbh

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I'm not a KVO fqan, but his review is on the money.. I'm liking the game, but often it seems to have been made by people that really don't like games and haven't actually played many.

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I think the Wiki article sums set piece up perfectly.

A cat knocks over a cup, a man slips on the spilt cofee, slipping his slams a door that knocks into the president of the United States of America whp presses the button and wipes out 90% of this blessed earth.........



 A Micheal Bay set piece in a nutshell. We have a saying im the UK, 'all fur, no knickers' (it's an analogy for a street hooker) but it sums up the set pieces in RE6 perfectly and any piece of trash cinema.


A well composed set piece can be poetry, set piece after set piece with no substance or build up is trash... Like this game.


If you think I'm being harsh or trolling, I'm not. I'm really enjoying RE6, but it's faults are rancid and the critics knocking it harshest are on the money.

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Hello guys, hope one or more of you can be kind enough to help me out with this.


I run a gaming community and we have regular nights, but usually we have more than 8 players. Last night 8 of us played some multi, sadly a few were left out.

As I understand it, you can have 8 strong posse's (If that's spelt correctly).


I was wondering if there was a way to have 2 groups on the go in free roam, but able to get on the same server/map and meet up?


Anyone played in large groups on this and able to offer some help or advice?


Would be greatly appreciated, it's on PS3 btw as well.


Thanks in advance guys.

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