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If you're on PSN look for Dalivus. I'll gladly wager a few fights. ;)

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Ah, it is NOT. Now not only can you fight friends, you can wager silver on the fight!

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As one of the most frequent users my participation has dropped off DRAMATICALLY. I used to spend 6-8 hours a day on this site 5 days a week. Now I'm lucky if I sign in for 20 minutes a week. The destruction of personal blogs and the near impossible task of trying to find your friends equals a gutted Gamespot community. This is far worse than I ever imagined. I spend more time on Kotaku now than I ever have, and that's really sad. I feel like a loved one has died.

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Right, it's an upgrade bought with karma. Nevermind.
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I see it in the help section but it doesn't explain how to do it.

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@super600 I did. I clicked on My Blog and I've refresed several times. I'm at a loss.
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@super600 It still isn't showing up for me. Maybe it's just my computer? I have the blog up now, can you see it?

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Trying to embed a youtube video into my blog but it only results in a blank, white square. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem or is it a site-related issue?

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Quick question: I spent upwards of 6 months creating a CAW promotion from scratch on WWE 12. I filled up ALL of the CAW slots and most of the Arena slots. With 13 can any of that be uploaded to the servers from 12 and downloaded to 13 to prevent another 6 months of thankless work? I doubt it but before I think more on making the jump I'd like to ask people who might know.