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I feel obliged to say something about GTAV but I'm not really sure what. Sure, it's practically the best GTA ever created. Yes, it's staggering in size and scope. Agreed, the 3 person perspective is both refreshing and revolutionary. It is indeed as witty and clever as one may have come to expect and, yes, once you get to Trevor you have unlocked the most entertaining character that GTA has ever produced. (As well as gain access to the best wild, open space since Red Dead Redemption.)

But it's still Grand Theft Auto.


Ok, don't get your panties ruffled. Grand Theft Auto V: 9.5. There, happy? If they had fixed the drive/shoot mechanic to where you could aim before you shoot I'd give this masterpiece a 10. And it is a masterpiece. It is incredible what Rockstar accomplished; to the point that if you haven't seen it then I can't explain how impressive it all is in its grand scale. They took the random encounters from RDR and applied it well to GTA, further enhancing this immersive juggernaut.

But it's still Grand Theft Auto.


What am I trying to say? I guess it's that I'm still kind of over the allure of Grand Theft Auto. For all it's granduer and 'innovation' there's not much to see here that you haven't already seen before. If, somehow, this hasn't worn off its welcome on you after 10 previous installments (counting the handhelds and expansions) then I'm sure this is what you've been waiting for. Oh, don't get me wrong, I can't put it down either. But I just can't compel myself to regurgitate what everyone else has already said.

I will stop and talk about what is new; Heists. This is the most fun GTA has been in years. Planning and executing a successful heist was the biggest rush I've had in GTA probably since Vice City. I hope, I hope, I hope these heists are something you can do on the fly, but I doubt it. If Heists are part of GTA V's upcoming multi-player then I just may be hooked.


So, basically, this: 1) If you are an unrelenting fan of GTA, 2) or if you are new to the series and like open world, 3) or you are under 18 (and shouldn't be playing this anyway,) 4) or if you love Rockstar games, 5) or if you are an immature man-baby then you will LOVE GTA V. Why so snarky when I clearly love this game too? It's the same principle as being an ardent supporter of one console or the other and yet still managing to be embarassed by the rabid fanboy contingent. Yes, I too love GTA V, but at the same time I acknowledge that that groups me with a bunch of 14-20-somethings that just need to grow the f*ck up; people that just love to make it rain on dirty sluts dancing on a pole, then take them back to their place and bone them. That puts GTA V on the same level as the 'modified' XBOX version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball: a guilty pleasure.

Should you play this game? Absolutely. What about the easily offended? By this time you should already know if you'll be offended by GTA or not. There's nothing really new here that R* hasn't already crossed a line on. Blah, blah, blah; torture scene... get over it. You did the same damn thing in Far Cry 3, to your own brother no less. Like most criticism of GTA it's a non-issue. Blah, blah, blah; misogyny... get over that too. Ever hear of this little thing called satire? You know, the whole gorram point of the series? All of this, ALL. OF. IT. has been done before, by Rockstar no less... in previous Grand Theft Auto games. If you wanna hate you'll just have to try harder; say maybe PETA could lodge a complaint because, as Trevor, I kicked a woman's dog to death in front of her. That's a first for the series. So unless you group yourself with the nut sacks at PETA your GTA V argument is invalid.

All kidding and snarkiness aside GTA V really is one of the most impressive games this generation. It's not wrong to say that it's a next gen game on this gen of consoles. From a technical standpoint what Rockstar was able to squeeze out of this hardware is simply fantastic and I, for one, haven't see a bug yet. This puts it on the level of The Last of Us, although definately not in terms of story. There's no doubt that this year's upcoming Game of the Year hoopla will feature both titles in the titular role, and that's fair. If GTA V wins there will be massive butt-hurt across the spectrum of gamers but you couldn't say it didn't deserve it. Rockstar has done what Rockstar always does. This game is a masterpiece.