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It was a Good Run

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It really was. I've blogged on this site for what, almost 6 years? I can't tell because, as I write this, I can no longer see my sign up date. As one of Gamespot's most prolific bloggers and most active site users; i.e. Spotters, I defended this site. I rose up against detractors and tried to keep tensions down. Even @DigitalDame said she thought I was a Ranger and, since I wasn't, that it seemed like an oversight.

The truth is I'm tired. I'm so tired of waiting for people to do right. It's not Synthia's fault, in fact she's maybe the only staffer I've noticed stand up for us. The fact is CBS just doesn't care about the Gamespot Brand as it relates to community. They gutted the social structure of the site and they've not replaced it with anything meaningful. Now I feel like an idiot for standing up for this site when they talked about a redesign. I participated in the beta and I tried my best to calm the fears of the Spotter populace but it turns out I was wrong. I was wrong to defend Lark and the redesign. He was killing the site; killing me softly and I just went along like a good little sheep.

I wish I had an alternative. The truth is I don't. There is NO PLACE like what Gamespot was. I mostly get my news from Kotaku now; the unlikable personalities delivering news here just don't cut it anymore, especially since now they regurgitate what I read elsewhere. I don't check reviews here anymore either: I never cared for KVO's opinions, Carolyn drifts off target too often... against the grain I always respected McShea but, once more, a host of unlikable personalities is not a draw for the site. I don't come here for videos; I find the humor in Feedbackula droll. I came here; I spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on this site for one reason...

You guys.

The community. That tiny population still here reading this tripe right now. Nearly everyone is gone. Those that are left (what soldiers you are!) I cant even find your blogs without developing a migrane. So I'm tired. I'm tired of wasted hope, tired of waiting for a cavalry that is never going to come. I'm sorry Synthia. I feel like I owe you an apology, but I just can't fight anymore. You are the best of them and I truly mean that. CBS got what they wanted, I guess. They stripped out the community and strangled what remained.

I'll check in once in a while, maybe in a month, in the vain hope that CBS will see the error of their ways. The rebel in me encourages those of you who feel like I do to do the same; they choked us out, why not choke them out? This is not goodbye forever, but I'll not continue to give Gamespot traffic every day in reward for f*cking us over.

I miss all of you,




I'm still here, I don't, and won't allow CBS to make me lose contact with my friends here, no way! I'm at GameInformer too but still, there are others like me here in Gamespot and we're still waiting for things to change for the good, at least :(


I hardly log in at all...the only reason I'm checking is because of the messages you'd sent.  This site fueled a lot of my gaming drive, without any community, what is the point?  Twitter helps a little, some people have defected to Game Informer...

c_rakestraw moderator moderator

I know a guy who recently visited the GameSpot offices. He spoke with one of the folks behind the site (didn't say who) and they said we're lucky they haven't shut down the forums. Apparently all they see in the community is all the idiots in System Wars, not those of us who've spent hours trying to make this place something worthwhile. Suddenly made sense why Synthia and the rest of the community managers have to fight so hard to get anything done.

Thought about turning in my badge immediately right after reading that. Made these past three years I've spent moderating the site seem pointless. Only reason I've stuck around is for what few friends I still have hanging around the forums, because at least they're trying to make the best of this awful situation, much as I'd like to say "screw it" and forget about all this.

I really do want to like the new site. It does a lot of things right and isn't utterly broken 90% of the time like the old one was. But the effect it's had on the community is really making it hard to stay positive.


I feel the same way. Very few of my friends care about gaming. Those that do have a passing interest at best, so I've always lacked having people to talk to about videogames. When I joined back in '08 and started blogging I was pretty happy since I could actually converse with people about videogames. I used this site to make some online friends, found out about games I otherwise never would have known about and had a good time. The community is what made Gamespot. And what did they do? They killed it. With a stick. And hashtags.

So now I log in every few days out of some vain hope, dreaming that the website will load up and everything will be good again, that there will be a dedicated blog feed and less bullshit. And I'm always disappointed. More and more people have left, the forums are full of trolls and idiots and system wars has infected every comments section. It's an ugly mess. 

And I totally agree with you on the staff being mostly unlikeable. The features are pointless, the articles lack substance (or even truth, we've been getting a lot of clickbait or false news lately) and the reviews seem to be more focused on things other than the games in question. I don't care about how it made you reflect on your personal life or whatever allusions you claim to have found between a game and social injustice in Afghanistan, I want to know if it's fun.  

zyxe moderator

well said. while we may not have crossed paths much prior to the redesign, i feel very similarly, mostly at the amount of promises being completely broken, such as community features and specifically union boards being brought into the forums, along with the soapbox/AUB mess. there are so many basic features that this site should NOT have launched without solidifying and testing (the beta testing for the redesign was a complete and utter joke), such as sorting boards starting with newest posts, indicators for new/unread posts, a blog feed, actual "friend" lists... i was like you, used to come to this site many times a day to catch up with the community, and now i find myself only refreshing the site out of habit, and even that is waning.

but, like you, i won't abandon the site, but i will surely limit my traffic here until either the site honors their promises and implements community-based features, or i find something better (than what GS is NOW, because nothing could replace what it was before the redesign).

best wishes,