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An Odd Medley

So here lately I've been all over the map with what I've been playing. It has been interesting, but I normally don't juggle so many at once. My Vita has gotten alot more use lately, though almost always at work, whereas my PS3 has borne the lion's share. We'll start there.


- Naturally GTA V gets play, but only with headphones on and mostly at night or between 4-5am before I go to work. Why? Because more than most GTA V works in profanity like some artists work in oils. It is ridiculous how profane the language in this game is. You can't even play a round of tennis without some debutant letting fly with a tirade that would make sailors blush. Being that I have 3 small children in the house who could be confused for parrots my time with this excellent game is limited. I will say, however, that Trevor makes this game. More than any other protagonist, Trevor steals the show. There hasn't been a psychopath like this since Ledger's Joker.


- Hot on GTA's heels is Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Despite the fact that I am just not very good at FPS this game fascinates me. Such an excellent western with such a charming storytelling device. Playing this really makes me want a new Red Dead. This should be the downloadable game of the year.

Hatsune miku

- I still get drawn in to Hatsune Miku Project Diva f as well, though this game is definitely hard. This one is difficult to put down, despite the frustration that comes with the inevitable failure I suffer at the flood of face buttons that rain down on me at 209 beats-per-minute. I haven't been playing this one as much as the others and the next game is largely why...


- Spelunky is my big crossover title because it demands almost as much PS3 time as it does on my Vita. Maybe you played this on XBL Arcade, I can't say anything about that but the Vita/PS3 package is excellent. This game is as addictive as they come. I can NOT stop playing it. Compulsively, obsessively, this is the Pitfall of the new generation. I've discovered so much hidden in this game (like the Haunted Castle, Ash from Army of Darkness' shotgun, the gold-sh*tting monkey) that you would just never expect. It is also brutally hard; like approaching Demon's Souls hard. This game will wipe its ass with your best effort and sh*t you out a plateful of disappointment served up with a side of frustration... but you'll come back 'cause you need more!


- Which leads me to the game I'm playing the most of right now. Muramasa Rebirth is living, breathing art. And one of the best games I've played all year. Beware Dragon's Crown owners: if you haven't played Vanillaware's previous project it is a Dragon's Crown killer. All of my enthuiasm for DC evaporated once this game took hold; reducing its successor to little better than a co-op beat-em-up. With a gripping set of twin tales (and 4 more characters on the DLC horizon) Muramasa has been unrelenting in its hold on me. If you have a Vita you should play this, even if you played it on the Wii. The extra content and beautiful OLED colors make it all worth it.