Not Much Has Changed

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Still no comments registering, still can't use the img function, still can't see what my friends are blogging ; just a mindless feed to every little comment people make on forums....

too much sadness

My top 3 for the year

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Honorable Mention: Bioshock Infinite - Never played a Bioshock game before. Don't like FPS. But the setting intrigued me. If it was only a Myst-style game instead of a dumb shoot-fest.

3: Tomb Raider - What can I say? I'll buy this again when they release the updated version for the PS4.

2: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - This game was tailor made for me. (I'd prefer it if they left out the whole Assassin part though) It could be improved; make the ocean FAR more vast, make it harder, make it more rare to find loot floating in the water, allow you to take new ships and move to them, oh yeah.... ship-to-ship MULTIPLAYER! Damn.

1: The Last of Us - There's no getting around it. I knew this was the game of the year the moment I finished it. The critical success of this game can only be a positive thing for gamers; with TLoU's success we can now expect to see better stories, more realistic characters. Of course the alternative is the Mario tripe that other places have crowned GOTY, we can keep swallowing Miyamoto's Fun-Vomit, if we want, but how does that advance this medium?

It was a Good Run

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It really was. I've blogged on this site for what, almost 6 years? I can't tell because, as I write this, I can no longer see my sign up date. As one of Gamespot's most prolific bloggers and most active site users; i.e. Spotters, I defended this site. I rose up against detractors and tried to keep tensions down. Even @DigitalDame said she thought I was a Ranger and, since I wasn't, that it seemed like an oversight.

The truth is I'm tired. I'm so tired of waiting for people to do right. It's not Synthia's fault, in fact she's maybe the only staffer I've noticed stand up for us. The fact is CBS just doesn't care about the Gamespot Brand as it relates to community. They gutted the social structure of the site and they've not replaced it with anything meaningful. Now I feel like an idiot for standing up for this site when they talked about a redesign. I participated in the beta and I tried my best to calm the fears of the Spotter populace but it turns out I was wrong. I was wrong to defend Lark and the redesign. He was killing the site; killing me softly and I just went along like a good little sheep.

I wish I had an alternative. The truth is I don't. There is NO PLACE like what Gamespot was. I mostly get my news from Kotaku now; the unlikable personalities delivering news here just don't cut it anymore, especially since now they regurgitate what I read elsewhere. I don't check reviews here anymore either: I never cared for KVO's opinions, Carolyn drifts off target too often... against the grain I always respected McShea but, once more, a host of unlikable personalities is not a draw for the site. I don't come here for videos; I find the humor in Feedbackula droll. I came here; I spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on this site for one reason...

You guys.

The community. That tiny population still here reading this tripe right now. Nearly everyone is gone. Those that are left (what soldiers you are!) I cant even find your blogs without developing a migrane. So I'm tired. I'm tired of wasted hope, tired of waiting for a cavalry that is never going to come. I'm sorry Synthia. I feel like I owe you an apology, but I just can't fight anymore. You are the best of them and I truly mean that. CBS got what they wanted, I guess. They stripped out the community and strangled what remained.

I'll check in once in a while, maybe in a month, in the vain hope that CBS will see the error of their ways. The rebel in me encourages those of you who feel like I do to do the same; they choked us out, why not choke them out? This is not goodbye forever, but I'll not continue to give Gamespot traffic every day in reward for f*cking us over.

I miss all of you,


Avast! The PS4 be impressive...

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(Note* I can no longer insert cool images in my blogs, as was my custom, due to Bitchspot's general failure of a redesign. The cute little Img button just does NOTHING.)

I'm late to blog. Not to shirk responsibility but I blame the site; not because I tried, mind you, but because Lark killed Gamespot. I just have no desire to bother writing blogs that only 1 or 2 people might catch in their feed. Bland, flavorless blogs devoid of pictures.

I did get my PS4 at launch; NUMBER 4 in line (Sorry, Lark won't let me use the gorram pound sign in my blogs anymore) and I am incredibly impressed. The speed and silence of this beast is immediately awe-inspiring. A 20 GIG install in less than a minute, the ability to download and install multiple games while still playing a game, the ability to suspend at game, like the Vita, and switch to Netflix and then switch back... at will. From a cold start it takes less than 15 seconds for the system to be fully operation where you can start doing something. Oh, and that 300 mb day one patch... less than 2 seconds.

This is my first console bought at launch and I must say; I'm floored by all the PS4 does that I didn't think I needed but now love. And the controller? OMG I could write a whole blog about how I love the controller (but I won't because.. Lark.) The sticks are a MASSIVE improvement, the triggers are finally right, even the touchpad is nice, albiet not terribly useful. With the tiny bit of added weight the controller feels more 'right' than before, the area you grip in your palms is just right as well. The headphone jack works perfectly with the surround earbuds I bought for my Vita so that can hold me over until the update allows my headset to function properly. All in all I just have nothing negative I can say about the system. For now, at least, it's flawless.

Oh and you probably won't hear from me for a while because ASSFLAG! Black Flag was practically tailor made for ME. It couldn't be more perfect for me if Kenway actually sported my first name! The ONLY disappointment in this game for me is that the multiplayer doesn't feature naval battles... that's IT.

Example: I go ashore in a little pirate haven and approach the bar set up on the beach. After trashing a few bozos I belly up and pour a glass of rum, gasping out loud when the group of musicians begin to sing Star of the County Down; a song I myself have sung in pubs. I immediately began to sing right along with it, pressing the O button to drown Kenway in rum until he blacked out and woke up in the bushes some time later! I stumble out and stagger across the beach, visuals still blurred by the rum, only to see 3 sailors sitting around a fire. One leans over and farts and when one of his companions complains he leans over and farts again. I collapse in laughter.

I LOVE Black Flag. No, it doesn't need to be Assassin's Creed. It shouldn't be Assassin's Creed, but the fact that it is doesn't diminish the best gorram pirate game EVER. The shiny visuals and bonus textures of the PS4 plus the ability to stream it to my Vita and go to the bathroom or anywhere else in my house just means that my 400 dollars for a system launch was well spent in my eyes.

Everything is shiny about the PS4 and Black Flag... now if I could just get my Gamespot back.

One (Your Blog Title Must Have At Least 10 Characters because Gamespot Now Sucks)

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Remember this?

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That's what Gamespot is like now. I'm trapped in my own blog and no one can hear...

Blogging in a Wasteland

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So I dislike the new site much more than I anticipated. With these aged computers at work much of it simply doesn't work. Blog comments have yet to be restored and the whole site has lost its character. Finding my friends blogs is a muddled affair that, quite honestly, I haven't been successful at. At this point it feels like CBS's attempt to quash users may have been successful. I haven't adapted.

I'm not sure if I can.