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The lack of imagination in the FPS genre

I don't want to be a debbie-downer, but if you stand back and look, what innovation has happened in the FPS genre lately?

I see people post all the time about Battlefield this and that, (not even going to mention COD, because that is not even trying to be innovative) but if you stand back and look, everyone is just recycling everyone else's concepts.

I realize that war games only have so much room for expansion. If you're making a shooter, you have a few things to tweak. The gun. The Physics. The Skins. The graphical engine. Other then that though, you're kind of stuck. Does anyone else feel like we've just accepted mediocre improvements across the board in these areas? Why are the FPS games so popular? I think it's mainly due to the multiplayer aspect. Not everyone likes sports games, for example, but nearly anyone can play an FPS because it's concepts ARE, in fact, extremely simple. Run, shoot, and run.

Looking back, I remember when Operation Flashpoint came out. The support and fanbase for that game went nuts. There were clans created, both milsim and casual alike. Paintball maps, small maps, huge mission maps...a mission creator that was so confusing you needed a college degree to figure it out. Vehicles, and not just tranks. You could take jeeps, civilian jeeps, civilian planes, military planes and helicopters...it just goes on.

Fast forward to now, and what do we have? The only thing I see that has been added is in the Battlefield series, and that is desctruction. It's been 10 plus years and we have that? Isn't that something to be said for our lack of demand for improvement? People get on and complain about balance to weapons, but that's been a topic since the first Counter Strike. Are we really that fickle - we jump from game to game due to graphics and storylines, which in the end don't matter because we play online?

Where is the love for the games that had this before it was popular. Red Faction brought us destruction in the modern age. Don't like that tunnel. Make a new one, here's a rocket launcher. I hope we really aren't this easy to please.