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E3 2010 Press Conferences - Quick Review + Exclusive Video


Again, I'll keep this blog short because I don't have time to write long blogs today and in details. Here it goes:


Bad. Simply terrible. It had a good beginning and then it started to become boring because they were showing only Kinect stuff. Kinect is amazing, but it feels a bit stupid. Plus, didn't Nintendo do the same with the Wii a few years ago? Anyway, the only highlights were the Gears of War 3 footage and the new Xbox 360 slim announcement. Why didn't I include the Black Ops footage? Well, it wasn't impressive. I would give Micro$oft a 3/10 for this.



EA was really impressive. Not the best conference ever, but great. It showed lots of stuff like MoH, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, etc. footages and many more. It didn't go off-topic and it kept us entertained. Too bad that the EA Sports games were the only games which I didn't care about. Score? 8/10



I didn't see the show, but from what I heard, it was average...towards good of course.


I'm not into Nintendo that much, except for the Pokemon games. Damn, Nintendo was amazing. It had a few games which were a bit meh and childish, but the new Mickey game looks great - plus, the new Zelda game is cool for a Wii platform and the 3DS is amazing. What I liked the most was that they weren't talking nonsense, plus they kept us entertained as well. Also, I liked the beginning of the conference. Funny. Anyway...Final score: 9.0/10



Definitely, Sony was one of the best conferences for this year. It's hard to decide between Sony and Nintendo because both were amazing. Sony had more things to show, which included famous and anticipated games, whereas Nintendo had around three or four amazing games (from old franchises to new IPs). But we have to keep in mind that Nintendo managed to be honest with their games (ie. they didn't start going about how cool this game will be and stuff...boasting around and making lots of promises). Also, Sony had many entertaining performances on their stage, just so you know. It's hard to say it, because I really thought that Nintendo was freaking awesome,'s a tie. Nintendo and Sony, both win this year. So, the score for Sony is of course: 9.0/10



Well, Sony and Nintendo were the best. Even though Nintendo was actually a bit better than Sony, I would say that both of them deserve the first place. Last place goes to MS for being just terrible. Anyway, E3 2010 was great, if we exclude MS of course. Well, now I can't wait for E3 2011.

Now here's an EXCLUSIVE look at my team's new project which will start in the near future after we do a few more episodes for Batman: The Abridged Series. Anyway, enjoy, because you are the first to see this.


This is our channel for the Abridged Brothers' project(s) on Youtube: AbridgedBrothers. So try and check the available episodes! :D

Also, we have an official website as well with all the latest news, entirly made by me:

This is what I unlocked so far by the way:


Almost Over And Micro$oft at E3

I'll keep this short because I don't have time to write long blogs at the moment. So here it goes:

Well, I can't wait for school to finish. For me, that will happen in like 3 weeks. Oh well, I really can't wait for the summer holidays. Anyway, my new year at school is great so far. The people in my classes are awesome and the teachers I got this year are awesome too. Finally, a year where I have what I want at school.

Anyway, I didn't play any new games lately. COD4, Left 4 Dead and Penumbra were the only games I played lately. The Penumbra review should be posted soon so be patient! :P

Just a few days ago, me and my team finished Episode 5 of our parody project called Batman: The Abridged Series. So I hope you want to watch it, so here's the link:

Finally, I got my first E3 emblem here at Gamespot and that was because I was watching the MS conference. And I have to say that it was boring as hell. Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, the new Metal Gear game, Fable 3 and Kingdoms (the new game from Crytek) were the only games they showed there. It's not that bad actually, but they used only 5-10 minutes for each of them which is quite lame. Anyway, for the rest of the conference they were talking and showing stuff about Kinect. It's really amazing, but in the end it's just brainwashing. It was annoying to listen to them talking about how cool Kinect is for more than a hour. It was cool for the first 20 minutes, but then it got boring. Anyway, the only interesting thing was the announcement of Xbox 360 Slim. It has better performances and it's being sold at the same price of an old Xbox 360 which is freakin' sweet.

My final verdict, MS fails again. Now I'm tuning for the EA and Sony conferences becuase they have a lot to show...and they will rock (not like MS). Oh yeah!

P.S.: Here is my new emblem!

Something Out Of This World (Hands-On)

One more week till my last two exams, Physics and Biology, and I really can't wait to finish them and see that sweet freedom after the exams. Due to a lot of revision done this week I had some free time left so, without any hesitation, I turned on my computer and looked through my collection of games. I played most them - from fully completed ones to ones which I abandoned just after the first two levels - but this time I really wanted to play something which was oldie and enjoyable. After spending ten minutes looking I noticed a game which I played it before but never completed it. Actually, I never even passed the first level (not that the game was poor or anything like that, but then I had other games much more interesting to play). Somehow, now I really wanted to play it, so I inserted the CD in my computer and a window popped-up with the option Play. Next to it was a big long title saying Penumbra: Overture.

I don't how popular Penumbra is for you but I personally heard about it long ago, so I can say that for me it's popular. So, Penumbra (the series) is divided in three episodes (just like the Half-Life 2 series): Overture - being the first episode, Black Plague - being the second and finally, but not least, Requiem - the final episode which is actually in a form of an expansion pack for the second episode. Good. I have the first episode which is Overture. As genre, Penumbra is a basic first-person adventure game in its right mind but it also blends the genres of survival horror, first-person shooter, puzzle and adventure - which at first sounds quite cool and not many games manage to combine all of these genres in one game.

your room
The cover of the game.

The Mine

The storyline is quite interesting, for me anyway. The game is set in the year 2000 and follows the story of Philip (that is you as the main character), a thirty-year-old physicist whose mother has recently died. After receiving a mysterious letter from his supposedly dead father, Philip follows a series of clues that lead him to a mysterious location in the uninhabited northern Greenland. Basically, it's you trying to find your dad, if I am right, in Greenland. When you travel to Greenland, the clues seem to lead you to an abandoned mine - which is basically the only possible place you can go in because the rest of the place outside is covered in snow, plus, you don't have a choice. Either way you will end up in the mine or freeze to death outside in the cold snow. While you are in the mine, weird things happen. In some places you can hear someone dying, even though you'll never meet that person. Sometimes you can see traces of blood on the floor which indicate that someone was murdered recently and dragged down through holes on the ground (indication of spider creatures). Also, as you advance in the game you will find clues, and these clues are in forms of notes, books, letters and diaries from people who once lived in this mine. All of these clues make up the storyline in Penumbra, or change it completely from what you knew at the beginning. You will discover many things with these clues, like the history of the mine and the weird events that occurred here long ago. While I was playing the game I also found some weird objects lying on tables. Every time when I was touching them a white screen appeared and I was then able to hear an unclear voice (which later I noticed that it was Philip's dad). So far, I found two of them in two different rooms. The first one was definitely unclear. I couldn't understand what he was saying. The second was a bit clearer than the first one, but I still couldn't understand what he was saying again. From what I know so far, as long as I find many objects like these in the game, the more clearer the voice will become which ultimately will leave me with a message from my father, or just another clue. Now I don't want to spoil the rest of story for you, plus, I just started playing the game so I don't really know that much about what will happen next or what happens in the end (that's why this article it's a hands-on/preview) but I can say that it will become as complex as a spider web. Yes, as further you go in the mine or let's say deeper underground, the more clues you will find which in the end will make up a few twists to the storyline. So far, I found two of them. I won't say what they are, but to keep you curious, they are really interesting.


Another note. Damn.

I Love Physics

The physics of the game are impressive. You can pick up pretty much anything and move (or throw) it anywhere. In most games I have played, when you threw something light and soft it didn't break when was smashed on a wall for example. In Penumbra, you can pick a bottle and throw it on the floor and see it smashing in tidy pieces of glass. Of course you can do that only with something soft and destructible, preferably made out of glass, so don't think that you can pick up a rock and smash it in pieces. Plus, another thing which contributes to the realism of the game is the weight lifting. If it's too big, you might manage to lift it up, but you'll end up walking very slow if you are caring it. How things react between each other is quite cool to watch because the physics of the game are pretty much top-notch. If you threw a chair somewhere you'll always see the perfect reaction between the chair and the ground for example, not like in some games where producers boast about how great their physics engine is when every time when you try to do something the reaction between two objects is horrible (ie. you throw a rock towards a bottle on a table but when the rock hits it, bottle stays still and the rock bounces off – or not). In the game you can open doors, drawers, pull levers, pick up objects and more. Nothing unusual so far, but the way you have to open or use them is quite realistic and "unusual". You don't just click on it hoping for the computer to the rest of the work. No. You must hold click and move it in the required direction with your mouse. This creates the sensation of actually touching and moving it like if it was with your own hands. I personally like this feature when solving the puzzles in the game, but unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to combat. If something attacks, you have to use your weapon (a hammer) by moving the mouse like if you are holding the weapon in real time and this sometimes is quite annoying for many reasons. Firstly, you must swing the mouse to attack in one direction and the problem with that is that sometimes it doesn't do it properly. It can swing it too fast or too slow, which ultimately misses the target. Secondly, when you attack you can't move from where you are standing, neither turning while attacking. So if something attacks you from behind you need to stop anything you are currently doing; turn around or move and then attack. In the end, you'll be most likely frustrated by that because in Penumbra anything that attacks you will result in immediate death which is quite annoying. I went a bit off-topic there, in a paragraph where I wanted to talk about the physics of the game, but something in me really wanted to point that out earlier. Now back to physics. Actually the physics in this game are pretty much the same as the ones in Half-Life 2, maybe with a few improvements here and there, but nevertheless the same. Even though the engine it's not Source, the HPL engine from Frictional Games is really remarkable. The only possible downside of the engine is that it might look like a rip-off of Source, but personally I don't care as long as it does the job right.

your room
This was my room actually.

The Dark And Light Are Your Biggest Allies And Enemies

As I said before, most of the actions you execute in the game are done with the mouse. It's realistic, but useless when it comes to face your enemy in the dark tunnels of the mine. And that's why the dark and light are your biggest allies and enemies in the game. The combat in Penumbra is probably used as a last resort when it comes to dealing with what crawls in the mine. In the game you'll have a torch, and remember these words; the torch is probably one of the most important items you'll ever get. You need to use it very carefully because the batteries of the torch can get wasted anytime and then you're pretty much in big trouble. In the mine it's always dark; hence you can't see what is in front of you or behind. Sometimes, when solving puzzles you need the torch to see what you are doing or where you are going. It would be pointless solving a puzzle in the game without seeing what you are doing. The good thing is that while you are advancing in the game you'll always find some spare batteries lying somewhere in a room. So my advice is to take them because every battery is important. Never leave something behind. Now don't think that your torch will be your life saver for the whole journey in the mine. Oh no! Most of times it can be the exact opposite. It can be your worst enemy and that is when it comes to the creatures you'll find in the mine, especially the dogs. In Penumbra you will find weird creatures, but the dogs are probably the most dangerous creatures. That's why when you see a dog you must switch off the lights and try to hide because once the dog sees you or hears your steps - you are dead as a meat for him. Now things are getting even more interesting. The game now approaches a stealthy gameplay where you must try to avoid any direct conflict with the dog(s) or any other creature. Sometimes, in one particular stage in the game (that's where I am right now), the dog is just walking around a place with lamps attached on walls which creates a spot of light. Of course, now I can't go that way (and the problem is that the place where I have to go is in the direction of where the dog is) because if the dog sees me in the lighted spot I'm pretty much dead. At this stage, you must use your mind trying to create some kind of a strategy on how to avoid the dog. You must always calculate the precise the time when to move or else the dog sees you. And the AI in this game is pretty intelligent and realistic, not like in other games (ie. Fallout 3 - when you throw a grenade which explodes near a guy, the guy never notices it). Another interesting feature I noticed in Penumbra was that you can close doors after you to stop creatures from previous tunnels or rooms to come after you. This thing is really helpful in case you are scared of these dogs, or other creatures. So remember, when you go in a room close the door behind you because you don't want a dog on your back reaping your head off.


At the moment, I can't say more about the gameplay because I only played the game for like half an hour and I still have a lot to discover and understand. Plus, I know that there are other features in the game in later stages and I can't wait to see them.


These are your best friends...or not.


The atmosphere in Penumbra is phenomenal. It always keeps you with your heart beating really fast. The graphics aren't Crysis-like, but the design of the mine and rooms in the game are amazing. Every new room and tunnel is different and wonderful in its own way. Everything is unique and different, so don't think that most of the places you'll find in this game are just a "copy+paste". Another element which makes the atmosphere great is the sounds. The sounds, or lets the mood, changes in each new place you go into. Sometimes you can hear creatures crawling or moving even though there is no one with you there. I remember walking through some tunnels and then hearing spiders moving. I was turning around looking for them with my hammer ready for any surprised attack, but there was no one there. Then the noise of the spiders stopped. I walked a bit further and then BAM, I heard them moving again. I stopped and then turned. Nothing. Like if there was nothing there all along. The game is quite scary with all of these creatures and their sounds. No wonder the game is a survival horror type. I actually never been so scared in my life for a long time and I played most of the horror games like Doom 3, Dead Space and many more. But the way Penumbra is using the scary elements is quite unique. I mean in Doom 3 you were scared because creatures were appearing from nowhere and all the time you were seeing traces of blood and dead bodies. Well, in Penumbra, it's totally different. There is less action and fights, but the atmosphere is really creepy. I mean you don't have to be scared only when something attacks you. In Penumbra you are scared of the things that happen less frequent or of what you think will happen, which in the end won't happen – or when you think won't happens, it happens. In Penumbra you don't know what you will face or with who, so that sure creates some tension. I hope I didn't confuse you guys, but it's really hard to describe how scary Penumbra is because it's totally different from any other horror games I've played.

This doesn't smell well.


In conclusion I love the game so far. Great storyline, great gameplay (with all the scary moments, stealth, clues and many more), great sound effects that make you jump from your chair and the great graphical design. After all these years, how did I not play this gem? So far, Penumbra: Overture impressed me a lot and I really can't wait to find out more about the story behind the mine and why my father is alive and living in that spooky mine. I'll try to keep you updated with all the stuff about this game while I'm playing it and hopefully there will be a review for it soon enough. That's when I finish this wonderful game of course. Maybe then I'll try Episode 2, Black Plague.

"Did anyone see my father?"

Here is the link for the trailer of this game:!v=uPwQxF99eMk

Another Episode Up


Lately, me and my friends are working behind a collaboration project called Abridged Brothers where we abridge the famous cartoon show, Batman: The Animated Series. I already talked about this project in this blog, so there is no point introducing it again in this blog. If you want more info about it, then read the blog I pointed it out to you or got to our official website -

I just wanted to say that we finished Episode 4 entitled Batman: The Abridged Series - Recycling and I hoped you would like to watch it and give us some feedback.

Here is the link -

If you are kind enough, please subscribe to every channel in the Channel Box here (bottom of the page) including the AbridgedBrothers channel. Thanks! :D


It's This Time Of Year Again


The super special awesome E3 is coming closer each day and I bet most of you are excited about it. Personally, I am too, but there are only a few games I'm interested to see in this year's E3, and let's hope that it won't turn out to be just like the one in 2008. I still have bad memories about it.

So far this year there were a few games I was looking forward to see or buy, which is quite sad because during previous years there were more good games available. Yes, not many good games were released during the last few months. No wonder April was the weakest month in terms of selling. But I usually hate to think in "how many units the game sold" because it's really about the quality rather than quantity, and a good example was the Wii version of Dead Space which only sold thousands of copies and the game was really great. But that's another story (Wii is more for family-activities so no wonder many didn't buy it for the Wii).

There were 9 games I was looking forward to see, and these were: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Supreme Commander 2, Assassin's Creed II, BioShock 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Mass Effect 2, METRO 2033, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer. Apparently, only three of them really impressed me and these were Battlefield: Bad Company 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat and Mass Effect 2. The rest were kind of average I would say. Assassin's Creed II could've been much better, hence my first impression was quite "meh". Bioshock 2 was actually good and I really enjoyed it but it didn't impress me as much as BC2 and the other two did. SC: Conviction was a bit repetitive in gameplay and it was full of bugs, glitches, and connection issues. In the end I still enjoyed it to an extent, but I would rather stick with the older ones from its series. Metro 2033 was a bit pointless because if you owned Call of Pripyat then the next thing you would've seen was Metro 2033 in the bin. I did find the game a rip-off of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but it had its moments. Supreme Commander 2 was definitely the worst game out of the nine games I was looking forward. It pretty much killed the series and I loved the first game. Uhhh...The only game left which I didn't see that much of it was Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer and I'm still looking forward for it because I really hoped the first AoC to be the cure for my World of Warcraft addiction, but apparently it failed, so maybe the second one will be the "cure".

I'll just get straight to the point where I say my most anticipated games for this year because there isn't much to say about the three games I enjoyed the most so far except that they are pure awesomeness. So, this year I'm looking forward to:

#8 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


I would say that the Ghost Recon series are known best for their bugs and glitches. But somehow, the concept of the games really attracted me and the gameplay, which was a bit limited, did manage to give that sentiment of enjoyment. Even thought we don't have that much info about this new game, I do hope that it will be the ultimate tactical-FPS game.

#7 Dead Space 2


I actually didn't find Dead Space as scary as other games I played before, but it doesn't mean that it's not scary at all. I actually got frightened as hell in some particular levels. Overall, I liked the game. It was living up to the standards of horror/survival games, and that's why I'm looking forward of its sequel.

#6 Civilization V


There are too many things to say about this one. I always loved the Civ games, especially the forth one, and I hope the fifth one will be as great as its predecessor or even better.

#5 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm


I admit it. I'm a WoWholic and I can't stop that. I tried to cure myself with Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, but both failed. Age of Conan was pure "failness" (I hope that's a word), but Warhammer Online was actually alright, but after a few weeks playing it I switched back to WoW. So far, Cataclysm looks quite interesting and it's a huge twist for the series because everything will be pretty much destroyed...I mean changed forever. :D

#4 Medal of Honor


Medal of Honour for me was a rip-off of Call of Duty (I'm referring to the older games of course). But nevertheless it did manage to give a realistic WWII atmosphere and gameplay and I have to thank Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for that. They were and are actually one of the best WWII games ever created. Great games, great series! (excluding the rip-off bit). So after being fed up with the latest CoD games, this game looks quite promsing and I can't wait to see how it shapes up.

#3 Star Wars: The Old Republic

star wars

I already talked about my WoW obsession and this is the only possible game which can stop me from playing WoW for another five years. Looks fresh, new, original, interesting...the perfect game for WoWholics. I do hope this game will turn up to be great, because if I look at Bioware's history, they pretty much "pwned" the RPG genre (excluding the first two Fallout games which will remain in history as the best RPG games ever).

#2 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


10 years. That's the time I waited for this game to appear and I can't believe that it's almost out. When you look at it for the first time, you might be a bit disappointed because it looks more like an update of the original Starcraft rather than a proper sequel, and by that I mean only the graphics improved. The gameplay is still more or less the same. But that is good actually. I always wanted the same pure epic gameplay with only a few tweaks here and there. And Blizzard always gave us quality games, and I'll always trust them no matter what weird decisions they make, because in the end they turn out to be genial.

#1 Crysis 2

crysis 2

Based on the GS poll, Crysis 2 is the most anticipated game this year. No wonder it is. I bet there are so many people eager to see the new Cry Engine 3 in action, like me. So far, for me, Crysis 2 looks stunning and I really want to see more footage of the gameplay because Crytek promises us one of the best shooters from our times. Let's see if they can do that in the end!

NOTE: I'm mostly referring to the PC version of the games. Also, I don't own most of the games mentioned in the second paragraph, but played all of them on my friends' computer.

Almost Done


It doesn't look so frightening when you are there.

It's been almost a month since I started my final exams and it has already been tiring. General and Credit papers for each subject are quite annoying especially when you know that you'll ace the Credit ones. I have two exams left, Biology and Physics, which I hope I do well. Physics is OK for me, I always managed to get the highest grade. Biology - well, I can still get a Credit grade for it but it's more about memorising because I have to know every small detail about each topic in Biology.

A mark

So far, I think I did well. English was damn easy and I was hoping for something more challenging this year. Chemistry was pretty much the same as the exam from previous year. For Maths I think I did well again. It wasn't that hard but the way you had to solve the questions was pretty long. For one question I had to write like two pages. Computing was the easiest exam so far. I finished both papers in like 30-40 minutes and I still had like another 50 minutes left. I mean, come on! What does GUI stand for? Anyway, then I had History which was freaking annoying because I had to write KU (Knowledge and Understanding) and ES (Enquiry Skills) questions for three units in just 1 hour and 45 minutes which isn't enough for the amount of stuff you must write. I started the questions very detailed, but then I noticed that I didn't have much time left so for the rest of the questions I had to simplify them. I finished in time but my hand was pretty much dead when I stopped writing. Let's hope that the marker won't take points off if I didn't mention one or two minor things. Finally I had French which was pretty bad because I found the Listening very hard, but I managed to do the Reading papers with ease.

Well that was my exam period so far. It was fine, if you exclude French. Now I only have Biology and Physics left and they should be fine. I'm not so worried about them.

About my gaming life, nothing too interesting. After being off for a few months doing revision and not having that much leisure time to play games, I'm way behind with games now. So many games I haven't played or tried like Bad Company 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Assassin's Creed II, Mass Effect 2 and the list continues. The only 3 games I managed to fit in during my free time were WoW: Wrath of The Lich King, Fallout 3 (too bad that sometimes I hate the game) and Football Manager 2009 (yes, didn't have time for 2010 as well).

The exams will be over in 2 weeks and I really can't wait to finish them and go back to my normal life and Gamespot.

While my normal life will come back soon, my Youtube life didn't change. Now I'm working with some guys on a collaboration project called Abridged Brothers where we abridge Batman: The Animated Series. It's quite fun to abridge it and I'm really enjoying it. Basically, it's swapping their voices with ours and using our stupid dialogues to make the characters look stupid. If you are interested, then have a look. There are 3 episodes done so far and the 4th one is coming this week.

Batman: The Abridged Series - Episode Pilot (Episode One)
Batman: The Abridged Series - These Paedos Are Failing (Episode Two)
Batman: The Abridged Series - Do You Feel Like A Douchebag? (Episode Three)
Episode 4 - Preview (the title says it all)

We even have a website for it too -

detective and bagels

The bagel is the key in our project.

EDIT: To show that I'm almost back on GS, here's my review for Crysis. I wrote this review long ago but I never had the chance to post it on Gamepsot.

crysis review

Click the image to see the review

Exams In A Week

Look, me again. :lol: Indeed, it's becoming a tradition for me not to post something on Gamespot for months. But again, I have an excuse.:roll: My final exams are next week and I've been revising for like 3 months so far. I'm pretty confident that I'll do well in these exams, and I really can't wait to finish them because this year school was a pain in the neck for me. Because of school and the final exams I couldn't be on Gamespot frequently, I couldn't make my usual videos on Youtube and play video games and review them properly.

The exams will take a month. So basically, I'll be done with them around May.

Come on May!!!

P.S.: If you want to add me on Raptr, well, this is my ID: IrateMircea

Raptr Forum Signature

It Felt Like Big Long Holiday

Once again I'm off and back on GS. If it wasn't for my PC to break down from unknown reasons two or three months ago, I would've been active all the time here. But the important thing is that I have a new PC (which is quite cool, especially with Windows 7 on it) and I can finally enjoy being back on GS and playing some proper games. Yay!

I can't really say that I wasn't active because I was visiting GS almost everyday from my dad's PC, but I never interacted with anyone due to the short time I got on his computer and having to do revision for school (this year I have my big exams).

The union was ok. Some days it seemed dead, some days it seemed fairly active.

Oh well, I'm glad that I'm back again on GS!

P.S.: Sorry for those who never got comments from me. :)

Last Week, Next Week

Oh yeah, I'm officially back now. :D It seemed that the break-time took more than I thought. Well, it's good to be back amongst the gamers. I did miss you even though I did post some comments and stuff, you know.

So, I'm officially done with my exams this year. I got all Credit grades for all my subjects, except in English where I got a 4 and French where I a got a 3. The English is understandable why I got that kind of grade because my English is not my first language even though I live in UK and I know English a lot, so I should've aimed for a Credit grade, but I didn't apparently. I was kinda annoyed about the French grade because the exam was very easy and I answered all the questions without any problems. The annoying thing was that in all the subjects, teachers have a marking scheme. They check your answers with that and if they see something which isn't like in the marking scheme, you get marks off. A good example in French was this - The answer in the marking scheme was "they invite their families home so that they won't have to pay rent". What I said was "they invite their families home so that they won't have to pay for a location or place to stay". Basically, I've been marked off for that. She told me that I had to say the word "rent" like in the marking scheme. I mean, come on, isn't that basically the same? Anyway, probably the most annoying thing that made me so irate in French when we were checking our marks and answers was that some people got more marks. What I mean by that is that they went to the teacher and told her that what they said was basically almost the same as in the marking scheme. The teacher checked it and said that they should get a mark for what they said. So, people who needed one more mark to get a Credit grade, got it in the end. I wasn't pleased with what I had. Almost all my answeres where I got 0 marks were basically almost the same as in the marking scheme but I've been more than 20 times to my French teacher but she always replied "You should've said that not that". So unfair. Everyone who went to her got a mark or more, except me. I hope at Parent's Evening (when parents with/without their kids go to talk with teachers about their progress in that particular subject) she has a good excuse to not give me a Credit grade. If not, I'll say that I've been discriminated for being from another country. Full stop.


(Yes, that was my face when I was in French today)

The UK marking system is in this blog by the way, just in case you don't know what Credit is or what's 3 and 4 as grades.

That was my life this week, pretty rubbish, except when I got all Credit grades from my other subjects. In gaming, nothing too special. I played Dragon Age recently and it's a pretty good game. I'm really impressed with it. The best part is that they I finally managed to make the PC version much better than the console version.

dragon age

I'll be doing more stuff for NWOMPGU pretty soon anyway, so you better stay tune. It seems that it grows really fast now. I got like 6 new members in one day, which is awesome.

Finally, I'll end this blog with a Merry Christmas (a bit early) and have a good Christmas holiday! It's gaming time now! :P