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This might be good bye or not.

Hi all long time was from a year ago since ive been on.

Personal matters i have which worries me. No asking. No answers.:x

Well this might be good bye or i can find something to do on here than feel a bit board ha vent done much of anything lately my self on anime than gaming. I still love anime.:D

If i feel i have to go when i feel like it.i will have my account permently deleted Soon.:cry:

Well it was fun and a few friends.:)

Thanks for listening.


I know its been a long time. Things have got on my plate so i hope too come back soon sorry all.


Naruto update. I have now 274 episodes of naruto and seen upto 279. I have all 4 Movies as-well. This is so cool im always upto date:). I wonder who's keeping up?????????

I still have issues tho with connection so i decided to post a bit to keep up again.:(

Thought i was dead:(

I will be back now and again. I'm experiencing technical problems at moment back soon when my Internet and my PC is up and running I'm not using my PC at mo. late-rs all:(:cry:

My profile is errord

I cant believe my profile has started acting up again. Its erroring i cant do anything. I will be back soon when ever gamespot fixes my profile. Profile gone mad.:cry:

Happy New Year and Im kinda back

I was nearly ill 3 times much better now. Happy New Year all my friends and all Hope this years a good year.

My router has been playing up like crazy connections useless. It likes disconnecting like a loony.

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