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My Only Qualm with Gamespot's '09 E3 Coverage

Am I blind?, or why isn't there a games list this year? In past E3's, there was a page that updated with updates on games, and added new games as they were shown off, and you could organize it by platform, genre, or publisher. This year they didn't have that. That Games at E3 page, was significant because it gave the full list of annouced games. But now, we only have access and coverage for the games that were mentioned in the conferences, or that Gamespot covered. Gamespot did a good job of coverage this year, but as with past E3's, it is not possible for them to cover every game, and a lot of the games covered are from the Conferences anyway. I used to look at that Game page to find something interesting that might not have been mentioned yet.

If anyone knows why this is, please respond.

E3 2009 Day 2

All I can say is Games Games Games!!!

I did not get a chance to watch the Nintendo Conference (will talk about it, in next update), but I did watch the Sony Conference. The Sony Conference may not have been the best presented conference (in terms of the actually presenters speech), but It definityely gave us a lot of what we want to hear about, and ultimately care about. Sure they showed a few multi-plat games, but everything exhibited looked awesome, Assasins Creed 2 anyone!?!. As for the exlsives shon, each one looks as though it will be nothing less than graphically pleasing, and just plain fun. A few of the well kept Secrets such as Rockstar North's the Agent, Modnation Racers, and FFXIV, look promising. The Agent and FFXIV Online are made by proven developers, but ModNation Racers actually looks like it could be fun, this will be the first kart racing games that has not been on Nintendo in while. Not only does it look nice and fun, but they truly did bring creativity along. I used to be skeptical about how this "creativity =" would work, but after seeing Little Big Planet become successful, I have no reason to doubt.

I just loved that Sony showed me some games, but also games that actually look worth playing. After they showed us some awesome games, they officially (I have seen some of it before, but no one paid mind to it, so I didn't keep up with it either) revealed the new improvements and progress that they have made with the eyetoy. At the moment, I am just glad that they acknowledge that it is still a prototype, but it does look like it works well, and this could definitely be a good addition to the gaming world. Microsoft's alos worked well, but what they neglected to tell everyone was that it works extremely well...within six feet, but once you go past that it does not seem nearly as glorious. Unfortunately for both Sony and Microsoft, but they are coming into this game a little late, so they are not really going to steal that many consumers from Nintendo, but what they can do is work to gain new consumers.

Finally, MAG. MAG gets its own section. They finally revealed some live gameplay, and what can I say, it looked like a true battlefield. Actually, if you have ever played Battlefield 2, then not only should you find liking to this, but I think this wil even surpass that game in greatness. Not only is the scale of the game just so big, but the way that they have divided the forces into squads and platoons, ensures that it would not be hectic, but hectic fun. I am Glad to hear that it is coming out this fall, I just hope everything is worked out before they make a realease.

E3 2009 Day 1

Well, Microsoft has really pulled out a big one. I was really unimpressed/not surprised by their software line-up, but this NATAL definitely made up for it. I hope that this is able to fully function well upon its release. I have been hearing about this project actually for a while now, through the 1UP-Listen Up podcast. They say that the it actually works excellently...within 6 feet. So hopefully Microsoft can improve upon the range of the sensor without sacrificing quality, and hopefully it can spawn some interesting games.

As for the other conferences such as the Activision-Blizzard conference, the EA conference, and the Ubisoft Conference, I just hope they can release some good software titles that aren't just rehashes.

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a nice Easter. I know that so far mine has been pretty successful. I met basically a future version of myself, and he turned out pretty well.

Spring Break '09

Hey guys, this is my first weekend of spring break, and what better way to kick it off than with Kill Zone 2 and Pokemon Platinum. I just got both today, and I am extremely excited to play both. I hope everyone has fun on their spring breaks, playing games and enjoying social life.

Congratulations Pittsburg Steelers!!!

I am an Eagles fan, by atleast a team from Pennsylvania took the Superbowl. Santonio Holmes is a beast with his beast Superbowl winning catch. Although it got close at the end, I am glad that the Steelers came out and showed up the Cardinals for who they are, which is a lucky team from the NFC West (worst dviision in the NFL).

Happy New Years!!! and welcome an inevitable historic year!!

Hey Guys, Happy Holidays!!!!!!!! This year may be the greatest year yet for all gamers, as long-awaited titles will finally be released. RPG fans will get FFXIII, Bioshock 2, Pokemon Platinum, White Knight Chronicles and many more, they will finally get well deserved treatment. Shooters will also be happy with titles like: Kill Zone 2, Halo 3: ODST, and others. Adventures willget Uncharted 2,iNfAmous, God of War 3, etc. Fighting fans will be treated to both Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV. Racing fans may finally get Gran Tourismo.

This is going to be a year to remeber, I just hope you all have some money saved up