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Mirrors Edge 2 and PlanetSide 2

So, PlanetSide 2 is out. I loved the Beta of that game, and luckily got in it. And could play it with my excuse of a gaming computer. I don't know if I should get it or not, but it looked beautiful and the community was nothing like League of Legends or WoW (Even though I love my World Of Warcraft) but still had a bit of competition in them. All in all, when I get my new computer this Christmas, I will download it. Along with my other crap. Still need to fit in my new NVidia card to it, but whatever. I shouldn't get a built in GPU, takes longer. Now, my favourite game has a sequel coming out. Mirrors Edge 2. I don't know anythign about this game, but when I get on my computer again later, I must research a lot more. It must be an amazing looking game, and I love the idea of a first person parkour game. I hope they don't take the step where they just ruin a game like Halo 4, but if they can keep it as close as they can to Mirrors Edge 1, but still improve, then I will absolutely LOVE it, and will probably give it a 10 (if the story is good, soundtrack is good and good graphics) because I think it would probably deserve it. Whatever, let's watch my TV and go research Mirrors Edge 2, Later.