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Drunken Musings on Games you're Embarresed to Play

I'll be honest with you - I'm bladdered as I type this so I apologise in advance for any spelling errors or typos.

Most of my mates - those of my mates that are on Xbox Live, all have the latest games most of the time. At the moment it seems to be all about Crackdown II but a lot of my Xbox Live boys are on CoD MW II or BF BC II so for some reason I'm tempted to sign out if I'm playing Kotor II. Why the hell is that? Yes I know it's a dated game (Xbox Original) but come on - it's awesome.

Does anyone else have any games where they're worried about their mates seeing what they're playing?

Removed Arkham Asylum from my Now Playing List - Sold it!

Sold it to my mate for a tenner and threw in GUN on the 360 for free. I figured I'd get about 6 quid for it at GAME and it wasn't worth the hassle. Feel free to disagree but I thought that the combat was repetitive and the "detective" bits were boring. It had a good atmosphere but not much else... zzz.

Bullying - yes, I am an adult! If you are being bullied I beg you to read this!

I apologise in advance for any tpyos or spelling errors - as I type I am pickled and please bear in mind that I am typing on an old Mac keyboard at 0211 (GMT).

One of my good mates left my company today so we all went out on the lash. Long story short, the husband of one of the ladies I work with called me a "pansie" (I'm not sure why) and then when I was asked a question about work by one of my colleagues, told me that if I carried on talking about work, he would knock me out. Bear in mind that he is at least half a foot taller than me (I'm 5"8 ) and about half a foot wider than me as well.

I told him that he was behaving like a school yard bully and that if you're with a group of adults there's no point in throwing your weight around because it just makes you look like a knob. He didn't take it too well at first but eventually apologised to me after much badgering from his wife. I'm not sure if he was sick of being told off by wifey or if he realised that I was right so this isn't much of a victory but it's a victory none the less.

I only wanted to post this in case anyone that follows my contributions was being bullied, be it at school, work or anywhere else. If you stand up to this sort of person then they really don't know what to do! This fella had a choice - either drop me and look like a knob in front of all his wife's work mates or back down. If anyone is being bullied, please please please have the courage to stand up to the people that are tormenting you! It's people like these that have ruined my adolecsent life (again, sorry for any typos) and the one thing I've learned is that all bullies are cowards. I know it sounds corny but if you stand up to them they have two choices - either knock you out and look like a jerk or back down and look stupid in front of their mates.

I really hope none of you guys are being bullied but if you are, take a stand - worse case scenario, you get a smack in the face but you have the chance to be the person that stood their ground and changed someone's life. Get on it!

Much love to all my Gamespot peeps,

- Liam

7th July... 5 Years On

I used to really appreciate the fact that we live in a country where I am (mostly) safe. It seems that nowhere is safe now, in the age of "global terror" and any of us could be killed at any time. Today was the 5 year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings and if there's one thing that terrorists seem to love it's anniversaries.

I was on the motorway on my way into town to watch the Spain v Germany match and was stuck in traffic when I saw an RLC Bomb Disposal van with it's sirens and lights on, overtake us on the hard shoulder. Considering the date I thought something might be up. As it turns out, nothing happened (although there was an arrest made during a joint Avon & Somerset/ Met Police operation nearby that some people have told me may have been terror related). Intercepted communications have suggested that terrorists are looking for "soft" targets that when attacked, could produce massive casualties and there ar several of those in Bristol.

The fact is that although I was not in any fear for my life, I was aware of my own mortality which is never a nice feeling when you're 22 years old. I envy those of you that don't get worried by this sort of thing. Perhaps I read the news paper too much or something. It makes me think that some of the things I worry about (like getting my name modded :D) really don't matter.

Anyways, I saw a picture of the lady that was wearing a surgical gauze mask straight after the bombing (because the explosion caused disfigurement to her face) and 5 years later, you'd never know. It goes to show that even the (surviving) victims of terror attacks can move on and live normal lives. That said, she's really brave and I have a lot of respect for those that are able to cope in that position.

I hope you all live your lives to the fullest - I'm sorry that this is a little macabre but that's the mood I'm in.

Stay safe people,


My naaaaame!

They've changed my name. Not to anything that makes sense of course, they've just hacked off the last letter. Needless to say I am shocked and appalled. If anybody thinks "UK5T0N3R" is an offensive name, please let me know. I will be arguing to get it changed back unless someone can tell me why it's offensive. The wierd thing is that it took almost 80 posts before it seems anyone was aware that my name was offensive any nobody on Xbox Live has ever complained. Little kids sometimes think that it means I am from the UK and weigh 5 tons.

It's also ridiculous that I can't change my name manually to something that makes sense!