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Movies worth mentioning of late.

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First and foremost, Resident Evil: Extinction, went and saw this at the theatres on the 21st of September (yes the first day it came out), though truly my opinion is biased because I love the RE series still this movie was awesome. With tonnes of action in it for all those action fans and some new introductions from the RE series (creatures and characters alike). Another good movie is the remake of Halloween, directed by Rob Zombie, went and saw this one at the theatres as well. A good movie all in all though somewhat predictable it is still an entertaining horror film. Though expectedly since it is directed by Rob Zombie it has some seriously disturbed stuff in it. 28 Weeks Later is the next movie I'd like to discuss, the first movie was excellent, somewhat of a new approach to an old genre, but the sequel isn't as good. Though it does set it up for an amazing third edition as long as they set it up right. The last movie I would like to discuss is The Kingdom, I purely saw this at the theatres because there was nothing else worth watching. It is an entertaining movie with a completely predictable "anti-violence, war solves nothing" ending which ruins the movie completely.

M.I.A. Since Summer '06

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Well as you can probably guess from the title I haven't been on Gamespot for quite some time, I believe that the last time I was on was during the summer actually. Well anyways I'm back now so sorry to all my unions for not being there I'll attempt to be here more often if I can, if you've got any questions message me.

Unions whats the point?

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Ok now I can understand unions (I'm currently trying to start my own) but seriously where is the need to join 30 of them, I can barely keep pretty active in my top 5 favourite union that I've joined. Now I don't think that you can get any badges for joining 30 unions so whats the point in even joining so many in the first place.

Zombies in my BRAINNNNNNNN!

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I was just thinking today during class that seriously what makes zombies such a big phenomenon? Really when you think about it all they do is bumble around moaning then attack almost everything still living in the general vicinity. So why do people like them so much? They aren't generally really that scary by any means, unless you have a weak stomach or are really squeamish. Personally I love the whole genre and pretty much anything to do with zombies, RE for example but really I just thought today that why do we find this genre so entertaining?

Online User Names

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Just thought I'd list my online user names so you can give me a shout if you play me online some time and they are: Game----------------------------------System----------------------------------User Name Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (PS2) PANZERBLITZ45 Starcraft: Brood War (PC) UBCS-Mikhail Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (PS2) Matt LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth (PC) Avro1967 RE: Outbreak File #2 (PS2) 2ndSSPzrDiv

Next-Gen Consoles

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I'd just like to right down a thought I had yesterday, that really people are discussing about if the Xbox 360 will be able to compete with the PS3, seriously I think that after the PS3 comes out the only customers the Xbox 360 will have will be the people who bought the originals. The reason being is that Sony is going o benefit from all of the mistakes and problems with the Xbox 360, making the PS3 much more reliable. Also the PS3 will also have almost half a year of a technological advantage over the Xbox 360 and I just thought I'd write this down so if you agree send me a message.