Bought a PlayStation 2 Today

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To day I bought a PlayStation 2 slim for 100 dollars at a pawn shop. Then i went down to the game shop traded in 2 of my Xbox games (Call Of Duty 2, Call Of Cthulhu) in and got Shadow of the Colossus. It is great, except for the fact that I am an idiot and forgot to get a memory Card, so i have fought the first 2 colossi like twice or three times.

Beat Psychonauts

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Today, April 1, I have beat Psychonauts. This was a cool platformer that had a clever story that waseasy to understand. At first I did not think that i would like this game and i thought that it would be like a kids game, but i was surprised at what i got when i first started to play this game, it is definately a game that i would recommend for all ages.

Beat Far Cry: Instincts

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Today, March 31 I have beat Far Cry Instincts. An incredible game, that has lots of cool weapons, many sweet vehicles, and awesome powers that you  learn throughout your gameplay experience, while you slowly become " The Predator". This game is an incredible experience and i recommend it to anybody who is a fan of FPS!

Beat Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Today, March 18, I have completed three games, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, 187 Ride Or Die, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Battlefront 2 was a fun game. The campaign was loads of fun. The galactic conquest was pretty much the same thing as the first Battlefront. Which was awesome might I add. I enjoyed being Jedi or Sith "leaders". (especially everybody's favorite, Yoda.) This was an awesome game!

Beat 187: Ride Or Die

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Today, March 18, for the second game that i beat today, is 187: Ride Or Die. This game is not very well known and by most of the critics, not very well liked. But this game was rather impressing. It had nice graphix. Fun gameplay. Nice vehicles. Pretty good soundtrack. and was just plain fun. It was cheap too. It reminds me of a gangsta version of the  N64 game Vigilante 8. I would recommend it to people who like combat racing.

Beat 50 Cent Bulletproof

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Today, March 18,i have finished 50 Cent Bulletproof. I liked this game quite alot, even though not very many of the critics did. Maybe I liked it because I am a 50 Cent and G-Unit fan. I dont know for sure why i liked this game so much but i did. If you are a fan of 50 and his G-Unit soldiers, Then I would recommend this game to you. If you like an action game, then I would also recommend this game.

Beat Half Life 2

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Today, January 26, 2006 i have beaten Half Life 2. Although i have not played Half Life 1, I absolutely loved Half Life 2. It was one of the greatest games i have ever played. It is probably my favorite game of the year. I loved this game.

Beat Prince Of Persia Two Thrones

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Today, January 25, 2006, i have beaten one of the sweetest games to date, Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones. It was an excellent finish to the trilogy. I had a great deal of fun playing this video game as did i with the first two. I loved this game.


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In August 2004 i moved from Red Deer, Alberta to Calgary, Alberta (Alberta is in Canada for any body who didnt know)and i dont like it at al,l it is way too big of a city! And now i am moving ( On July 29th)back to Red Deer!!!!!!! Some of you might not give a damn but this is awesome news for me, i lived in Red Deer all my life untill i moved to this shlthole!
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