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It's 2011

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Yeah, last time I posted was in 2008. It's 2011 now. Just thought people might want to know that, if they just woke up from an enchanted sleep or something.

Summer Reading: Classics

by on

For the summer, I've decided to try and read classic books. This is the list I have so far.

Wuthering Heights

Lord of the Flies

Animal Farm

Brave New World


Tale of Two Cities

Paradise Lost

Catcher in the Rye

One flew over the cuckoos nest

Any other suggestions for me?

Christmas come early at my house. literally

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For those who don't live in or around South-West Canada/ North-West U.S., it was snowing this morning. About a good two/three inches. Yesterday it was hailing, windy, sunny, and raining, all in the space of an hour. We've had two false Springs in a row.

People who live on the West coast aren't averse to wacky weather, but even this is getting strange.

Anyway, I just came home from work, and discovered that my parents have a really weird sense of humour.

They took the old dead, dried out Christmas tree still sitting in our yard (we're backed up against a forest, so it isn't as slobby as it sounds), and set it up and put lights on it, then a bunch of cheap presents under it. There logic? It's snowing, so it's Christmas.

Maybe if I find the Camera I'll put up a picture.

I HAVE BRAWL!!!! (American Version) Superstore mistake.

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I asked at Superstore if they would have Brawl on release, and they didn't know what I was talking about, so I went across to Wal-Mart, and they told me they'd have it. I went back to Superstore to get Elite Beat Agents, and Brain Age 2 for my mom (Didn't get the former). There, the woman I spoke to before told me that they had Brawl. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: So, I'll see you on Sunday then?

Her: No, we have it now.

Me: But you can't sell it to me until March 9th, Sunday.

Her: No it says release date March 6th.

Me: That's not right, you sure you don't want to phone someone and double check that?

Other Woman: We just go by what it says on the box *shows me the box, "RELEASE: March 6 Thu.*

Me: I'm sure that's a mistake, but I'm not complaining, I'll get it.

So, now I have Brawl, and to top it all off, I just got a notice from Purolater that my Wii has just been returned from repair, and is ready to pick up, so I'll be getting that tomorrow after school.

Stand by for my first impressions. Which come before your first impressions, because


New songs in my VG songbook. Choose one.

by on

Here's an entire list of the songs in my video-game songbook.

Super Mario Bros Theme, Zelda 64 Intro Theme, Midna's Desperate Hour, Terran Theme 1 Starcraft, Green Greens, Lost Woods, Star Wars Cantina, Song of Storms, Super Mario Air Platforms, Kraids Hideout, OoT Market Theme, Pokemon RBY Intro, Dr. Mario Fever Theme, Super Mario lvl 2 theme, Super Mario Castle Theme, Star Theme, Serenade of Water, Zelda's Lullaby, Pokémon GSC Champion Battle, Route Theme #1 Pkm, Route Theme #2, Super Mario Clarinet, Elite 4 RBY, TP Trailer, Lost Woods Clarinet, LoZ Dungeon Theme, Big Blue, Starfox Assault Main Theme, SSBM Opening, SSBM Fire Emblem, SSBM Dreamland, SSBB Theme, SF64 Star Wolf theme, Master Hand Theme, SSBM Hyrule Temple.

There they all are. Choose one that you think you would like to hear. I'm hoping that you won't choose a very hard one :roll:

Elite 4 Theme Piano

by on

I finally got the video uploaded.


It took three tries, but it's here now, in all its poorly lit splendor. It's hard to see and hear, but the music itself is clear, and that's what matters. Also, the thing that I was moving out of the way, that I have two more of now was a young cat. We have four of them now. The very cat in question is walking around the base of my chair right now :P

So, please be kind enough to comment, because with 133 views on my last video, 3 comments is rather sad. I'd love to hear your opinions, whether for good or bad.

Next up will be the Mario water theme on clarinet (I'm too lazy to learn it on piano), followed by the Starcraft Terran Theme, and finally Kraid's Hideout. After that will be Song of Storms and Zelda's Lullaby. Finally, it will take a lot of practice, but hopefully I'l soon learn the Mario Air Platforms theme. And who knows what will happen after that.

New Piano song soon

by on

I recorded the Elite 4 theme from Pokémon as played by me on the pianoforte, and uploaded it, but it never actually appeared. A few weeks later I renamed it, and re-uploaded it. Unfortunately, even though it's been several days, it's still pending review. However, I hope to have it up soon. And I'd love to see more than half a dozen comments. My last video had 131 views... AND THREE COMMENTS!!! I'd just like to have a bit of recognition :(

Hope it gets through the gears soon.

Looking for musicians for union.

by on

The topic title says it all. After searching, and finding many a union for music fans, I was unable to find a union for actual musicians. If you play an instrument, post here, as I'm looking for charter members. (Bagpipe players need not apply :P) /jk

If you know anyone on Gamespot who is a musician, then please send them to me.

Me dressed as Link. (Now with Pics)

by on

I put together a Link costume for this All Hallows Eve. I'm only going to be wearing it to school, but it was still fun, and I'll have something to wear if I ever go to a video-game convention :lol:.

Pics can now be found here.

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