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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down !

Hey there people of TV.COM !

Crap, so much time has passed that I fear I may be out of touch with the new and "improved" Not quite sure how many of you folks will cross this blog- so it is a possibility I am writing to myself. Shocking. But enough about that. I am not a very good blogger- you probably see the dates of my blags. Yes, blAgs. But I am not (I hope Im not) too late to ask "how was Christmas ?". Personally, I found this Christmas to be quite alright. Alright means I got some presents but none of that spiritual enlightenment crap they are talking about in every damn Christmas special ever. But I don't think I need that to be happy about the atmosphere. So that's that. I think it's time to change my logo and avatar.. in due time though. I could say that I'll be coming here more often, but I am busy with all the stuff and things- and stuff. So see you for now. Buh-bye :O ..

P.S: Bonus question: Know the name of the song, or the author ?

Don't fear the Reaper

Don't fear him, there is no reason to do so. Hi. How you all doin' ? It has come to my attention that everyone has vacation. ;| Yes I feel it. It definetly has sunk it's sharp claws into our lives again. Yep, you guessed it- I don't really like it. A grim time, when the best of us fall into a botomless pit of depression. Why you ask ? Ha ! I have absolutely no friggin idea. Maybe it's the nothingness that surrounds it ? Or the boredom- oh the cruel boredom. Yes that may be it. Stopped by the site today. So I thought.. why not to say something ? Or write. So I am. Hmm.. free time is not necessarily a time when nothing happens. There ARE couple of things going on.. interestingly the last epsiode of Avatar the last Airbender is going to air. Now I could say "You could have picked a better time to do so" but I am not that person. It's the one sitting right next to me- that takes away the keyboard from me as I write these last words. You could have picked a better time to do so. Darn- liked that show. But when things close up real nice at the end, it's not as sad as it could be. Many shows end, leaving a hole in you. You can fill it a little with some old episodes, but if the show is really good- you will feel bad for a couple of days. From the top of my head I can say that friends left that oval, empty space somewhere in the middle of my being. But there are rumours that Friends movie is going to be made. I would go to the cinema to see that. Now I must go. Yes it's all sad- but knowing my state at this moment, I suspect my return to this site is going to happen. Soon. All being said- I realize that the vacation time is a time spent "being away" whatever that means for you. So go, enjoy your life- and what the heck are you doing reading this blog all to the end ?!

See you.

Post Scriptum: A bonus question ! annyone knows who sang the song in the title ? Sure ye know- you google maniacs. Google rocks. Yeah. Buahaha !

Lookin' back...

Looking back over my shoulder I can see that look in your eye... Oh, hello there ! Funny.. I just went back to my first post. Hillarious. Can't say I blame myself though- my first blog entry, and so long ago. It's really entertaining to read your previous posts, go ahead have a go sometimes. It's hard no to get a little nostalgic... Don't know if someone will reads this thing. I mean, it's been a while. Okay- it's been forever... It's like watching one of those A-team slo-mo moments on 1/2 speed. Yeah, a LOT has happened. Well that's it really. I only wanted you all to read your first entry, so do that- and try to remember how cool it was to get that first comment ;) .

Hey hey !

Two news, no1: holidays are almost over (not for me though, 1 more month of free time) and no2: I havent posted anything in a looong time :/ . So here I am ! And I have a picture for you:

Drew it today ! Named him Zaibatzu- he looks like a tough guy so..

I think it's beckause of all this free time I am here only once in a while- but when school starts I'll be coming here more often :) . Well.. see you !


Hi ! Long time sno see ! I really should post more blog entries, but I am lazy :D Nevermind that- Heard much about myspace so decided to make my own site, yes I know saying about it here is a shameles (is that how you write it ?) comercial, so you can leave a mean comment (heh, or leave without making one) so I ask- someone else has myspace sites ? (Myspace link at the bottom of blog) Well difrent subject now- I just finished my egzams, and got the scores which were pretty good* so finaly I've got much free time* ! Well, I hope I will come here more often*, so see ya later !

*Nope, not really.

*#2 Not yet- still one week to make my choice where to go next.


Freedom of speech, and overall freedom.

I know- second blog in a day.. but I was wondering.. You see, even I have some deep thoughts. You may not belive it but I get them all the time ! Thats why I wanted to talk about something here.

Not so long ago- a reality Dutch show started, about a donor which decided to give away her kidney on a tv show. Yeah well freaky. I found out it was a hoax (I think you heard about it too)- but also found out that people were actually sending voting SMS for the person which should get it (!!!) And then I thought- Soon we will go to far ! The next show may be real... Do you think we've got too much freedom in doing things ? I mean don't get me wrong- It's great to say and do what you want to (if ofcourse it's legal), but where is the boarder ? I think It's all a little creepy..

Long time- no see !

Hey y'all ! I've been studying for my egzams (is that how you spell it ???) so been away from the computer and all- but didn't forget about ! Logged in today and- my logo and avatar are gone ! Damn.. Allright no biggy, new ones are comming soon. First things first- a weekly (or daily.. or monthly- whatever) Photoshop picture (made by me) :

It's pretty dark- but I like the mood. Allrighty.. now to the subject.. Okay, I have nothing.. guess next post will be about something interesting.. Untill then ! Gif picture:

My gif made from "seven oh five" short movie: "three card studs" (google them ;) ) automaticly becomes my avatar (so weird and funny- love it !) so see ya ! Be back later this week !

Couple o' pctures !

Made 'em myself in photoshop :) Here they are:  A weekly robot maintaince... next:  Damn, I should go to the doctor with that rash... and finally:  Yeey ! Thats all ! See ya ! (JUN3 2007): CWAP ! I guess those images expired too.. ah well.

Late !

Well, here I am ! A little late with easter wishes, but what the heck ! Happy easter ! Yeah.. Well, I've been working with 3d graphics lately but it's not going so well- but still trying :) . In other newsI am going to have an X-ray of my head today :o I had a headache for couple of days now. Well that's all- I'll try to post more blogs from now on :) See ya !