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YES!!! I just found my long-lost Lode Runner: The Legend Returns disc for the PS2! :D

Call of Duty Series: Pay to Play thoughts

Just finished writing a post for my blog. It will be up July 20, 1:00PM PCT. Read the full post on my blog then. Here's a couple paragraphs:

As you may know, there has been a rumor going around stating that Activision will be charging players to play on their online multiplayer servers. This rumor is backed with the video above. Some people believe the video is fake, and if it is the owner did an amazing job. But if it isn't fake, this could mean trouble for a lot of people. Especially Xbox 360 gold members like myself.


{pic of fourzerotwo and JD_2020's tweets from Twitter}

Take a look at the keywords "have" and "has" (hint: look above the arrows :D ). This means will you never be forced to pay for online. So could the plan be to be similar to Runescape? Will there be members and non-members? If that happened, that would mean that if you did not pay a subscription, you would be locked out of some features, and those features would most likely be the most wanted features.


Why Modern Warfare 2 S*cks and How to have Fun Playing

Really? "Sucks" is censored? So I can't say "that kid still sucks his thumb," ? This is not the entire blog post. This is just the first two paragraphs, and a list of the reasons why it sucks. On the main blog post I have 1-2 good sized paragraphs explaining why each of the reasons, well, make the game bad. Also, the second half of my blog post gives you some ideas of how you can enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2 if you are like me and just don't like the game at all. Well, campaign was fun, but you get the point. The URL to the main post is at the bottom of this post. Modern Warfare 2. One of the most popular games ever made. Infinity Ward did an amazing job generating hype. Everyone I know that has an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 either owns or has owned a copy of this game. I know there are people who will disagree with my entire post, but I just have to agree to disagree with those people. Some people love MW2 and some people hate it. I have encountered both of those people on Xbox Live, and it's kind of funny listening to the kids scream in their mic at how they hate everything. Then the next thing you know you see at the bottom of the screen "IXB4Dt3mp3r3dKiidXI has disconnected due to transmission error." Anyways, let's get on topic now. There is no doubt this game is great, the single player was amazing, the storyline was suspenseful. There are some flaws that I and many others just cannot, and here's a general list: [reasoning taken out, view the entire post at my blog. Link at the bottom] Spawning Ranking System Too easy to kill (which means: too easy to die, no skill) Nuke Kill Streaks Stopping Power Read the full in-depth article at:

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood picks up where Ezio left off in Assassin's Creed II. To clear things up, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is not Assassin's Creed 3. I guess you can call it Assassin's Creed 2.5. G4TV says that Ubisoft won't release Assassin's Creed 3 for at least two years. It's kind of ironic that in two years it will be 2012, and the first Assassin's Creed had tons hidden messages regarding the whole 2012 deal. Anyways, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood finishes the story of Ezio. The setting of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is Rome. It also has competitive multiplayer, which looks really fun. Here is a trailer of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: [vid on my blog] In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, you will be able to ride a horse anywhere. That means you can ride a horse inside a city instead of being blocked off at the entrance. IGN says this is because the city of Rome is almost 3 times as big as Florence. Also, you are no longer a lone wolf. Ezio is the leader of a brotherhood of assassin's, as you can see in the trailer. Ezio will also be collaborating with Leonardo da Vinci again. Read the rest of this post at