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So, I'm playing Mario Kart and I get a black screen and some text saying "cannot write to system memory". ok. reset and played again, but after awhile I would get the same error.

Then after a few minutes or seconds even, of having the Wii turned on I would again get a Black screen and text saying"cannot write to system memoery, see owners manual" I would get a similar message when trying to access the Mii channel.

Called Nintendo, the told me to reformat the system, which means I lost all my Miis, close to a 100, and most of my saved game files. Reformatting did not work, it gets hung up. It erased most of my data but somehow gets stuck. I did this 3 times, each time letting it run for over an hour

Does anybody know a way to reinstall the OS from scratch, like on a PC. I'm outta warranty and don't feel like paying NIN $90 to fix.

No my Wii is not hacked in anyway.