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Well It's November already and this year is moving very fast. I got to say though, last month was awesome. I got to meet Arnold Schwarzeneggar in person in London for a book signing, plus i shook his hand. A couple of weeks later i went to MCM Expo in London which was my first time. I got to meet the voice-over actor who does Ada Wong's voice which i also acquired a signature from and a few other voice-over actor's from Mass Effect 3.

Now this month won't be as cool, but it will be my gf's b-day and mine. Plus i got myself a lovely new leather jacket and some leather boots. 8) As for games i'm currently playing RE6 which i'm loving and that's about it. I shall look out for the new Naruto game Ninja Storm 3 and Sonic racing. Apart from that, that's it. XD

Over and out.