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If a game looks good, I buy it. I don't really care who publishes it. I don't have a problem with Origin either. I'll do what I do for every other game and wait for reviews, gameplay videos and a price that seems worthy.

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To me, it looks like all the other Sonic games that everybody hates.

I just don't care for the franchise.

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Loved the first game and I really liked the second game too, despite it's flaws. So you're damn right I want a Mafia 3. If they right the wrongs of the second game, but keep the same quality story, I would be very happy.

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I wear slim cut (I suppose) jeans now. I used to wear the looser boot cut style. I tried on a pair of skinny jeans by accident the last time I bought a pair and they were awful.

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@Stranger_36 said:

I'm 26 and I haven't even kissed anyone.

I'm 21 and this. I'll probably end up being 26 and still the same. Goddamnit. Need to get out more.

I think I have come close once or twice, but was too scared to ever follow anything through.

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Mario 3D Land

Mario Kart 7

Super Street Fighter 4

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Luigi's Mansion 2

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros

Resident Evil: Revelations

So that's 7, plus 2 eShop games, Pullblox (or Pushmo) and Might Switch Force.

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I'll probably grab Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and Gone Home. Almost bought all 3 of them during the last sale but decided to buy Battlefield 4 instead.

I don't want to buy too much anymore, I'm trying to limit myself to only a few games that I really want and nothing else.

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I'll turn it on with a new game, or if I'm in a new area in a game that I think might look good with it on I'll check it out. But I never leave it on for more than a minute. I just prefer to play without it.

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I like Joel McHale, and from the last hour of the show that I saw, he did okay. Some of it was poorly timed and some was poorly written. But it was obvious that he didn't really care all that much and didn't want to be hosting the show anyway.

So my problem isn't with Joel McHale, it's with the idea of Spike needing a celebrity to host a show they don't give a shit about. It always comes off as amateurish and embarassing, especially when it's done at E3. We all the know the celebrity probably doesn't care.

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I think you're in the wrong thread Elann. We are talking about the issue of installing the Battlelog plugin which can be screwy, and in my experience one time, using a different browser worked.

I just got the game about a week ago, I played a few hours of it today and I had heaps of fun. Yes the crashing issues are still pretty prevalent and they suck. Nobody in here is denying that.

Also I believe they have fixed a lot of things. People couldn't get through half a match at launch but I don't hear that anymore. I tend to be able to get through 2 matches before a crash while it loads the third one.

Edit: Man the username text can be kinda hard to read.