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So... it's been a year and 2 days since I last posted a blog. Thought I'd post a new one. Enjoy and I'll see you all next year.

New Blog

I haven't done a blog in just over a year now, I thought I might do a new one. So here it is, a new blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Stacked on a bike, now my arm hurts.

I went to my mate's house today - the first day of the school holidays. Ee sat around playing COD4 on his PS3 for a while, then set some stuff on fire, and then went for a bike ride around the street in front of his house. Being the first time I rode a bike in what must be 2 years now, I was a bit unsure at first. I had to get used to riding a bike again and also his was different to my old one.

Only a couple of minutes into our bike ride we decided to race down to the end of the street which has an L shape turn in it. I was just behind him when we got to the turn he then turned, but for some reason it didn't register within my brain to turn as well. So I was heading straight for the curb at high speed, I didn't have enough time or distance to turn properly so I had to brake, keeping in mind I had about a second to do so and go through all this:

I first went to back-pedal, which on my old biike, meant brake. Then I realised, this bike doesn't do that

I went to press down the right (front) brake, realising as I had learnt earlier that this only touches on the front tire and is for a very slow stop.

And just as I had started to push down on the left brake for the back tires I hit the curb. I didn't go over the bars but more on my left side and flew through the air. I landed on my left arm on the concrete in someones driveway right next to the NATURE STRIP GRASS!! It would have been nice if I landed on the grass!

A man, a lady and a young girl who just happened to be in there driveway behind the gate saw it and seemed a little shocked. The man said "Are you okay?" I was laughing and said "yeah I'm fine" and I got up. I wasn't feeling any pain until a short time later in my arm.

My shoulder is fine, and my wrist and elbow but it's just the muscle in my forearm. It's really quite sore. No outer bruising, doesn't hurt when I press on it hard though, it's just the constant soreness or when I bend it at certain angles.

Bit of a long story there, and I know nothing major happened, but it was a great stack and I wish it was filmed. Also makes you wonder about how fast the brain works in these sorts of desperate times.

Inglourious Basterds, great film, almost ruined.

After the school feast day (which was kind of meh) today, mates and I went to see Inglourious Basterds. Very typical obvious Tarantino traits in it, really great film, almost as good as Rexervoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. However, my enjoyment of the first half of the film was somewhat lowered by a group of young annoying pricks in the row behind us, probably in year 10, the year below us.

They would not shut up and not stop screwing around and I was quite ready to get up and tell them to 'Shut the f*** up or get the f*** out.' But freek said not to worry. While I didn't understand this at the time I realised later, about half way through the film, when they got a little rowdy he told them to 'shut the f*** up'. Thank god the left soon after, little jerks.

Really kick**** film though, filled with the many seemingly pointless little conversations that are regular in Quentin Tarantino films.

Level 31

I never thought I would actually make it to this level. Seeing other people with it I always thought that it was years away, but here it is... YAY! :D

Essay on the cold war

I'm writing an essay on essentially the beginning of the cold war from 1945 to 1955, for history due tomorrow. Well too be honest I'm actually writing a blog on how I'm writing the essay right now. I should get back to it, I've done an intro and 4 words of my first paragraph, might be a good essay. Pretty interesting stuff.

Nothing new, apart from, I'm going to see f***ing SLAYER AND MEGADETH in Melborune in October. F*** YEAH! That s***'s gonna be sweet.

Today's pick up

I went to the shops today. Grabbed some stuff. Slayer's 1988 album 'South of Heaven' for $16 at JB, Stephen King's 'The Shining' for $20 at the book shop, QBD I think it's called. And I picked up Prey for $20 at Big W, so that was a cool find.

South of heaven. The Shining, Prey

While I was hanging around at the other Shopping Centre, talking to the girl I used to work with who now works in Rebel Sport, I found these pants. I figured I need a new (and at the least decent) pair of trackpants, got them for $45. She gave me a discount. :D


They're pretty comfy and South of Heaven is good. I spent $101 in a day. I think that's the most of spent in one day. It's weird how the money just disappears like that. But I shouldn't be needing anymore pants anytime soon.

Terrible Moderation history

All I have is three moderations

One on System wars a long time ago for exceeding the 5 quote string limit, got a warning.

A warning for 'Trolling'. I asked if auser was 6 years old, he made a stupid comment, whatever.

And another warning this year for quoting someone who had made a censor bypass in their quote. I don't understand that though. Couldn't they just edit my post, not delete it entirely? Oh well.

And that's my Moderation history, it's just too short.

Such a busy holiday schedule!

Look at all these films I have to watch...

Once Upon A Time in America
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Raging Bull
Cannibal Holocaust
Ichi the Killer
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Suicide Circle
American Psycho
I also want to watch Goodfellas again

Pretty much all of Seinfeld
Robot Chicken Seasons 2 and 3

Ithink that's it, gotta fit some homework in there somewhere

I really feel like playing Mafia 2 right now.

I actually stayed up for some of E3 this year and watched the Nintendo conference and it was pretty good, a bit too much babbling and crap about their sales and such but they announced some good stuff. My net stuffed up when Sony started showing MAG gameplay so I just went to bed at about 4:30am. I also saw the Ubisoft conference which was really kind of average.

I just found out there's a new Mafia II trailerfrom E3and it's a damn good trailer. It looks like the cutscenes will be really emotional and epic. I also saw some of the gameplay videos Gametrailers have and the game is looking really good. I just hope the gameplay and the story are as good as the original.

I went for my first drive on Sunday. In an industrial area near where I live there's a place with a fairly large car park and my dad was getting me to park along an imaginary curb and i was driving around the car park for about an hour. It was good, not easy but not hard and I found it to be fun.

School is closed until friday due to the Swine flu and I started playing GTA San Andreas again. I'm really getting through it but still heaps to go. I've been home heaps considering I had a week off when I shook my mate's hand who was diagnosed with Swine Flu the week before last. Now I'm homethis week, and then in a couple of weeks time is the semester holdays so there's another 2 weeks :D.

I watched some old Jackie Chan films recently (damn he is awesome) and Robocop which was really ****ing over the top and awesome. I swear if hollywood remakes it I'm gonna kick some arse. I have Dr. Strangelove, City of God, Bullet in the Head (another John Woo film), Casino and Once Upona Time in America allhere, still yet to watch.

Time to relax and read Medea... for school... for an outcome next week.... and then an exam not next week but the week after.... *sigh