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Alan Wake: American Nightmare review

This sequel to Alan Wake has been much anticipated by me, since I was enthralled with the first game. Even though this is an XBLA title, it has all the bells and whistles of a full game. The storyline is in perfect sync with the previous game and it is quite enjoyable to play.

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Weekend Play Issue #6

Another week is about to end, and another weekend play issue had to get online to help you fellow gamers out there decide which new games to play this weekend! I'm sorry for the delay, but I simply hadn't time or opportunity to publish before now. Enjoy!

This week is somewhat slow, there isn't really any highly anticipated titles out this week, but EA have gone all in with Fifa Street, that's hitting the stores this week. Sega is releasing another Yakuza game, Journey is out on PSN, and Warp, who got out on XBLA a couple weeks ago is hitting the PSN store.

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Weekend PLay Issue #4

Playstation VITA hit the streets this week in Europe and Australia, and it reflects heavily in this weeks selection of games. It's a very strong line-up of launch games for the powerful handheld.

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10 Beautiful Android Games

I thought I would talk a little about Android this week. For most gaming sites this is really an overseen platform, and it's no different here.What's great about the platform is that you have your gaming device with you wherever you go, assuming it's a phone and not a tablet.

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Weekend Issue #3

Sorry for the lack of weekend play issues over the last couple months – I have been busy with christmas, family, school and general more important things on the website.

This week, I finished up the singleplayer part of Driver: San Francisco (christmas present from my fiancé), and I plan to finish up the multiplayer during the weekend. So, what are you gonna play this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

It seems to be a quiet week in the retail section, with Namco's UFC Undisputed 3 being the top title. This week sees the indiegame Warp landing on XBLA and a couple good releases on Steam with Brawl Busters and Alan Wake standing out – Anno 2070, Magicka and Saints Row: The Third gets DLC. Sony is pouring out oldies on the store, and there's a good handful of gems between such as Cel Damage, Quack Attack, God Hand and SSX on Tour.

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The year 2011 in game covers

Throughout the year we have been looking at the inside of the cover of the games, more precisely what's on the disc. I thought it was time to look on what's outside the cover. While some are horrendous, I decided to refrain from pointing them out and instead looking at what have been good. It has been a beautiful year in gaming, and the artistic covers is no exception. From colourful over sharptoned images to unique styling.

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All about PlayStation VITA

VITA was released mid-December in Japan, and while the rest of us have to wait until February 22nd, we can sit back and watch how bad or good the launch goes. As an added bonus for the waiting time, we'll have more titles available to us at launch.

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Review: Need for Speed: The Run

I've always wanted to cross America from coast to coast by car, and withNeed for Speed: The RunI can get a taste of it. I won't be driving as fast when I actually take the drive in real life though.

So who's racing?
This games protagonist is going by the name Jack Rourke and as the intro unfolds, you'll discover that he made a mistake by borrowing money from some shady mobsters – and he can't pay them back. Jack wakes up inside a car, and realises that he's tied up to the steering wheel of a Porche 911 Carrera S – and the cars he's in is about to be crushed. With a little help from you, he escapes the crushing machine and jumps into another car. Now it's up to you to get away from the mobsters, and they don't go easy on you.

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Batman: Arkham City review

Rocksteady Studios came out of absolutely nowhere with Batman Arkham Asylum two years ago. A game that took many by surprise including myself. Now we've returned to Gotham City to fight crime and once again stop Joker and his sidekick Harley Quinn from completing their sinister plans. We had high expectations for the second installment and rightfully so, because the last title kicked ass.

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Dance Central 2 review

Dance Central 2 is the sequel to Harmonix's very successful Kinect launch title (and is truthfully what made me buy a Kinect in the first place). The good news is its successor does not disappoint! Read more here.