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Alrighty my first blog here on Gamespot, Don't read this expecting perfect spelling or grammar because I'm not uptight about it. Reading over the forums both here and on other sites all I see are the "hardcore" gamers having a cry because Microsoft focused on it a fair bit at E3. Personally that doesn't worry me, being a father with 2 young boys i can appreciate these kiddy games like Seasame Street and the Disney theme park world game. Further as a father with 2 young boys i have every intention to get both those games and i can't wait. With the 3rd party support on the Xbox and the established brands already on the Xbox and comming in sequals Microsoft don't need to really draw me in. I know Halo is comming and i know gears is comming. Also like 90% of Gamers out there i will be investing in Ghost Recon, Battlefield 3 and Mw3 pile that in with Gears and Halo and i have enough games to keep me going. My kids however, They have a handfull of kinect release games and nothing else so i welcome these extra joys for them.