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Chrono Trigger completed + sorry of inactivity

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As the title suggests, I finally finished Crono Trigger on my DS. I had gotten to the last boss and for some reason just stopped playing. :? I'm glad I finally finished it though, it was a very enjoyable RPG. But this beside the point. The main reason for my inactivity is because my Dad needed my laptop for work so I haven't had internet access for about a month. Getting behind in my schoolwork didn't help either. :( Thankfully, my Dad won't need the laptop for about a week so I I'm taking advantage of my computer time while I can. Aside from schoolwork, I've been pouring most of my time in Uncharted 2's multiplayer, its a lot of fun. Not much else to say, just wanted to let you all know I haven't left GS yet, later. :)

Nintendo vs. Capcom: Yay or Nay? (Random TF2 video included)

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Lately, the Wii forum has been a buzz with ideas for a new vs Capcom game. For those of you that don't know, for quite a few years Capcom has been a making a fighting series where some of there most popular characters, Megaman, Ryu, etc. fight against characters from another company. So far, they've SNK vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 1& 2, and there most recent entry Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, confirmed to come to America on Wii.

So, people have been speculating now that the vs. Capcom series has come to a Nintendo platform that there may be a chance of Nintendo vs. Capcom. I personally am completely for this idea, think about how epic it would be. The blue bomber, megaman, vs THE Super Mario. The Bionic Commando, Nathan Spencer, vs. the Chozo warrior, Samus Aran. The hero of hyrule, Link, vs. the son of sparda, Dante. The idea oozes pure awesomeness. :D Throw in good online multiplayer and we have a game that could surpass Super Smash Bors. Brawl as the best fighter on Wii.

So, what say you my friends? Nintendo vs. Capcom: Yay or Nay

P.S. I just saw this TF2 video on youtube and nearly went myself laughing. XD Check it out.:

Un-friggin believeable!!!!! OMGWTFBBQ (PSWii60 FTW!!!)

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Man, I can honestly say this is the best Father's day I've had.......EVER!!! :D My Dad was so impressed by my hard work this Semester in school, I got straight A's in all my classes, that he went and got me a PS3. I'm so happy. :cry: I have officially gone PSWii60. It has 80GB of memory and 2 free games included, Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man. I'm eager to Infamous, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted Drakes Fortune. Yeah, I know the blog is rather short but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you all, later. :)

Freedom tastes sweet.....

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I'm finally on summer vacation. :D Now that I'm free, I will be a lot more active here on Gamespot. Also, in recent gaming purchases, I bought Resident Evil 4 and The Elder Scrolls 4 GOTY Edition. I really enjoyed RE4 and as for ES4.....I'm having mixed feelings. :? I dunno some days I love and others I don't. I will say there is a lot of stuff for you to do. Although, friggin vampirism almost completely screwed me over. >_> (Thankfully I made a save before the vampire bit me. XD) That's all for now, if there are any blogs you like me to comment on let me know, bye. :)

Meh....another blog + i got The Orange Box

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About a week or 2 ago I finally got the Orange Box. Plus, it was only 20$, a steal imo. :D So, I've played a lot of it and here are my opinions about all 5 games. Half-life 2 is easily the best part about this collection. A lot of FPS these days only focus on multiplayer and not single player but Half-life 2 delivers a superb single experience. Half-life 2 episode one is also very good but it is much shorter than Half-life 2, I beat it in about 1 or 2 hours. Half-life 2 episode 2 is definitely better than Half-life but is also shorter, but not short than episode 1. Overall, I'd give HL2 and HL2:EP2 a 9/10 and HL:EP1 an 8.5/10. Portal was about the best puzzle game I've ever played, with the exception of maybe World of Goo. The game itself was friggin genius but alas too short, less than 2 hours long. I'd give it an 9/10 Now for the most disappointing part of the Orange Box, Team Fortress 2. This was actually the main reason I wanted the Orange Box. :( Don't get me wrong, the game has wonderful multiplayer but the devs have don't give a crap about the 360 version. The PC version is superior in every imaginable way. Don't believe me? Look here:,_PS3_and_PC_version More maximum players, more maps, plus they get new weapons for each character. I knew all of this beforehand and can deal with it but the devs don't even bother to fix the stupid glitches. I pray to God they don't screw us over this bad with L4D. >_> Overall, I'd give it an 8/10 due to the sheer laziness of valve. So, there you go. If you get the chance, I heavily recommend you pick this game up. :) That's all for now, later...

I really enjoyed Mass Effect but...

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So yeah, in addition to getting L4D for my B-day I also got Mass Effect. :D I had a lot of fun with it and I don't have any real complaints, except one. I was rather unimpressed with the story. It wasn't bad or anything, it just didn't blow me away or anything. Which brings me to ask you 2 questions, what was so amazing about ME's story and what defines a great story? The thing that I didn't like about ME was the story just seemed to straight forward to me, just take down Sarren. The only times I was really drawn into the story was: [spoiler begins] When I was forced to kill Wrex and when I had to leave Ashley to die. [spoiler ends] Perhaps there is just something about the story I'm missing, if so please tell me. :) Now for my second question, what makes a great story. Is it when you are drawn into you characters universe and are just rooting for them to succeed against all odds, is it when the stories invokes strong emotion in you, the player, as the game progresses, or is it when there is a sense of mystery, where there are plot twists around every corner and you are constantly left guessing. Imo, I think the 3rd answer is what defines a great story. I just didn't see that in ME, you objectives pretty much always remained the same, there wasn't any huge plot twist or anything like that. :( What do you guys think?

It's my Birthday!!!

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So yeah, today I'm offically 17 years old. :D One of the presents I've recieved so far from my parents is my own copy of L4D. Can't wait to see what else they got me. :) Hope you are all doing well, later...

Sorry I've been gone + my gamertag

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The reason I haven't been on GS much is because I had my laptop taken away. (Parents, who needs em? :evil: :cry: Also, I've been spending a lot of time playing on xbox live, mostly Bad Company. But, I just felt the need to drop in and say hi and that I'm not dead/leaving GS. Anyways, my gamertag is Ttwilight wolf, feel free to add me to your friendslist. :D That's all for now.... P.S. If there are any of your blogs I missed, let me know and I will be sure to comment on them. :]