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I am convinced that both the far left and the far right are crazy. We need something in the middle, but I haven't seen it yet.


The U.S. has a far left?

Yes. Side note: Did you know we have a registered Nazi Party, it's just not big enough to count.
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I am convinced that both the far left and the far right are crazy. We need something in the middle, but I haven't seen it yet.

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Catherine Mullins - Intimate Encounters Vol. 2

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I wanna go see it the night before I leave for my missions trip.

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I don't believe in tipping people in restaurants. They get a wage. I don't tip my bus driver or my postman. Why should I tip a waitress? Compulsory tipping is this ridiculous habit that is spreading from America around the world. If you want to add a 10% 'service charge' then simply make the food 10% more expensive. Why not add a 5% 'electricity charge' and a 0.5% 'washing-up liquid charge'? These charges particularly annoy me because they are dishonest. The $10 price you see is actually $11.50. It's false advertising. If the waitress does an exceptional job (is friendly to your kids, makes a real effort to help you with your Vegan diet etc.) then give her some money in cash at the end of the meal. The idea that they are not paid enough so we, and not the restaurant owners, should give them more is absolutely absurd. I am skeptical that they ever actually receive any of the 'service charge' anyway. Tipping cultures are horrible. I hate it when I visit America and I have to tip everyone from the person who drives me to the hotel to the elevator guy. It's f-ing stupid.Addict187
Was hoping this thread would be about cow tipping... which actually is stupid.
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I often here from some Christians (certianly not all) that homosexuality is a sin and a death sentence to hell, and I wonder if these people have actually read The Bible to begin with.

Now to be fair I am a Jew so I may not have the best understanding of Christian theology, but I read The Bible (I find it important to learn about different faiths) and I can safely say that Christians (again some) have missed the point completely or never read it in the first place.

Jesus said "He who is without sin cast the first stone", guess what? That means that you are not allowed to judge homosexuals if you are a Christian. Jesus also said to love your neighbor as you love yourself, and that all men are God's children.

That also includes homosexuals. Also The Bible does not talk about same sex marriage, not once. It seems to be a non issue and Jesus seemed to be more concerned with heterosexual couples and what they do and not homosexuals.

The message of The Bible is to love God and to love others. Why do (some) people that call themselves Christians misunderstand this?

I think I just found an intelligent person on the internet... I'm a christian and I agree with this guy. Yes, they're being hypocrites. God told us to love everyone and act like Christ. The Bible says that Jesus came NOT to condemn the world, but to save it. We have no right to judge them as we too have sinned. Also, God says, specifically in the Old Testament, that for a man to sleep with a man is wrong, it is one of the few things He specifically says He hates. This still doesn't condone persecuting gays, we are to love them and preach salvation with our lives, not play God and act like we have the power to condemn them.
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Should have the option to chose between modern 3D graphics and classic ones.
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[QUOTE="newown"]Hello, I wonder why I can't find any online website to preorder the Wii U :/ is there any? I really want to buy the black premium Wii U. Thanks,

In the US? Walmart still has a few, but you have buy their bundle that include an other game and pro controller. That's what my family did.
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The sound of styrofoam.

This. 1000x this.
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[QUOTE="Bucked20"]Get her a gift card to victoria's secret needled24-7

this, do this.

the only downside of this is that it takes them a long ass f*cking time to pick what they want. and no matter how many times you tell them they look great, they'll still try on something else

Hmm. Am tempted to ask the problem with this, but possible answers might mean I've found dirtier minds than my own...

I thought that only happened in OTAH...