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Hey guys, I realize that I haven't written a blog since going on my June mission trip and didn't write a return one, but I'm back blogging... to tell you I'll be gone gone for a little over a week. I'm goin' to Gulf Shores for vacation.

On another note... things are goin' good. I'm currrently training to take over leading my youth group's worship band, as or former leader is now in college... in another state. So I need to train my deep voice to hit the higher notes (well most of the notes) to the songs with out getting really loud to do so.

Anyways, I love you guys, and expect you to be waitin' here to greet me home. None of you leave while I'm gone. Alright?

Love ya, and God bless ya,


Why I'll be gone for a week...

Weel guys, I leave tomorrow to go on a service/missions trip. We have an event every year where between 1000-2000 of us gather in Cincinatti, Ohio to serve the comunity and spread the love of God, called SOS. We work with lots of charities and non-profits, as well as doing free carwashes and the like. It's an 11 hour drive up there for me and my youth group so... "ROADTRIP!!!"

Well see you guys around. If any of you guys live in our around Cincinatti, make sure you give anyone with a shirt that says SOS on it a warm welcome, it might just be me. See ya!

Well finally decided to do another blog.

I haven't eaten since 11:30 am U.S. central time, and I wont do so again until 6:00 pm tomorrow. I'll also be sleeping in a cardboard box on a soccer field. Why? So I can raise money for starving kids around the world. We too often take for granted the food on our table. While we eat as much as we want, thousands starve each year from a cause all too preventable. Some people say they would love to help, but don't have the money to. Depending on who that's comin from that's either a misconception (most) or an outright lie. Every $30 feeds a kid for a month through World Vision. That means just one dollar 'll feed a kid for a day. Don't tell me we can't end hunger. We'll also be serving food to homeless people during the event.

Also, my dance team, Redeemed, will be performing four times over the weekend while going hungry. Pray for us.