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Wishlist for games releasing Oct 12 till early 2011. (There's ALOT!)

Well since it's nearing the holiday season...well not really...but it's always good to start a wishlist right guys(all 3 of you)? So with that said...HERE WE GO!! Lemme know if you guys are getting any of these. Ps3 obviously...

-Medal of Honor (Reboot looks awesome and all the Beta problems seem to be fixed.)

-Fallout:New Vegas CE (What's better then Fallout 3? Fallout 3 in Vegas! CE comes with a ton of cool stuff)

-Gran Turismo 5 (This racinggame ahs caught my interest even though I've never played a GT)

-Little Big Planet 2 CE (Is an explanation even needed? Plus CE comes with a Sackboy doll and bookends..)

-Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Continues interesting story of Ezio and teases AC3 story at end aparrently. Also multiplayer)

-Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Warfare (looks pretty cool from footage I've seen..never played GR lol.)

-Bad Company 2: Vietnam (not really a game but I still want it. Adds new life to BC2 which should be a good thing...)

In other news. School has started...Won't post Grade in case of pedobears... Anyways all my classes are easy so far. History teacher doesn't believe in homework. Most homework I got actually was a Word Search...ya. I also went to the movies with my girlfriend and we saw The American. The complete opposite of what I thoguht it was so ebcasue of that the movie was kinda ruined for me but overall it's a pretty good movie. Expectable plot twist though. Also I'm looking into buying an Hauppage HD PVR for recording stuff and a laptop to hook that up too and for school. Other then that nothing really going on in life. So ya. Rate, comment, Subs- oops wrong place.

So let me know what games you guys will be getting and I will see to it that we play together. Also, Smurf and I are making a montage together with split gameplay. About 4 minutes from each of us. Whenever he stops dying from some hot pepper he ate at school (funny story actually) he should be on his way to editing and stuff.

Other then that....Later guys.

Everyone's fave Turtle,


FrostBite Announcement. Also Mafia 2.

Hey guys. I made a topic on Frostbite that I think you should check out. It's called Clan Battles and it's concerning my views on what I think the next step for our clan should be...which in case you hadn't guessed....is Clan Battles.Check it out.

Now onto the second part of my blog. I recently purchased Mafia 2 after being blown away by how much fun a 12 and a half minute demo could be when put in my hands. Let me start off by saying it's a very very fun game. There's not a whole lot for you to do in terms of free roam, which makes you wonder why they made a linear open world game. Feels kinda empty. However, this is not a very big deal when you play through the epic, intense, fun story mode. The story is very well written and the characters are likeable and are alive. By alive I mean they crack jokes and have good dialouge with very good voice actors instead of being clones that ride along.

The gameplay itself is your normal over the shoulder third person shooter. Not too much to talk about here but the guns for me each had a distinctive feel to them and each one (whether it be MP40 or Thompson 1928) felt unique in it's own way. The cars in this game are something to note. They are all very fun to drive with some being speed demons (Shubert Beverly to name one) and vehicles like flatbed trucks and Milk trucks.

My only concern with the game is replayibilaty(how do you spell that?) and some weird visual bugs. Theonly things to do are collect some random trophies like finding all Playboy magazines (yes REAL pics of WOMEN!) and Wanted posters. Other things like requirements for trophies are the only things that will keep you coming back as the story is kinda bland after one playthrough for some reason... but it's still an awesome story. Visual bugs are weird in this game...stuff won't be there when your character is holding it, and other random things. This is proof taht Mafia 2 isn't a very polished game but it's still a very fun game at it's core.

Well taht was my first ever real review. Let me know what you think about it lol. Also guys, convince me to start doing blogs every week or something cause I can't tell if I should waste my time...I could do stuff like post my life...like every other blog. :P

I'm going to go to bed now. It's 3 am and school starts 7 days from now.

Your favourite Turtle,


Short(well maybe not) Announcement.

It's 10 to 11 on a school night!!!! D: oh noes! I gonna be in teh troubles!

anyways I thought I'd make one of those blogs where you write a sentence then post a smiley :D

Yesterday I went to EB Games, I asked the guy for Red Dead Redemption because there were no copies on the shelf but literally 10 Xbox copies behind him (that line then smiley got boring). He looks under the magical counter whre all teh games must be kept in a dusty old box or something. Comes up gasping for air :P "Sorry none for PS3, they've been hard to find". I said ok thats fine I'll take this 20$ card. As he's setting up the transaction he says, "Don't worry man, it's just GTA on horses". I was raging like the most raginest rage you could possibly rage on. Why? Because.....that is one of the only reasons I want RDR. I WANNA RIDE A MOTHA ****** HORSIE! >:O But no! I have to take my 20$ home and then go get Dairy Queen. Man my life SUCKS! D: In other news, I got Call Of Duty 4 from a friend for WAW. A good trade. The online in COD 4 trumps Mw2 so badly it was like MW1 was the amazing sequel to MW2. It felt like MW improved on MW2;'s problems. (probably because I played mw2 first). Also. NUKESPLOSION!

Finally (for it's getting late and turtles need their beauty sleep) I got SPECACT. I personally think the Russian camos look incredibly stupid. Why green? American is bad*** though, with it's black and whatnots!! Ace you can gameshare since you already have my info. The rest of you.....I be GONE!!!!! D:

*throws down smoke*

oh hai, you're still here O_O


P.S FrostBite members head over to the forums. Innee made some awesome changes to the site and integrated a badge/award system.

Members of Frostbite.

Dear all the 5 members of Frostbite. I think we should all try to get on friday night (Saturday Morning for some) and play Bad Company 2 now that King FINALLY decided it would be a good idea to get it.

I also have a question for all of you people who read this lame blog. Did you watch the Black Ops trailer? It looks to me like it was a flashback (kinda like Assassin's Creed 2 in my opinion) of the guy's grandparents and parents when they fought in various wars in all different eras. Also the Decapitation is back which I love, because it adds a sense of realism to teh game. Treyarch jsut made it harder for me to decide what game I'll be getting first this Fall. After Red Dead Redemption in June, should it be *drumroll* Medal Of Honor (which so far looks great), Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Never lpayed Ghost Recon but this looks cool) or......Black Ops (damn treyarch >.>):p

Comment cause if you tell me what you'll be getting I'll probably end up getting it too to play online with you guys.

Later losers :p



Hey everyone(all 5 of you) its the Internets fave turtle....ME! :P I recently got Bad Company 2 (release day actually) and have been playing it and my new Beatles rock Band song nonstop for the past week......that is until.........yesterday D:

Here's how it went down. I was playing conquest on the map Panama Canal. I was in a 4 man squad, one of them beign my friend GrayDogAssassin. We werre playing quite good in that game. We eventually bring down the other team to zero (making them suffer teh wrath of the evil Goose Horn! :D) So first thing I notice wrong with it is that there's no lil clip that gets played after you win. I thought, "ok probably no big deal it can be fixed". Then for some reason instead of wanting to go to the stats screen and stuff, it stays at the black screen saying Loading with the spinning circle in the opposite corner. I think it's possible I'm getting disconnected so I wait.....but it never comes!!!! So I reset my ps3, go to play it again...GUESS WHAT! it says theres no disk in the ps3! So I take it out put it back in. I click on the icon to start the game and I get an error code saying the start operation could not be performed.

Long story short: My Ps3 lens drive thingie majigger that reads the Blu Rays is fudged. Sucks too cause I just got Bad Company 2 -_- I'm going to try and back up my data to something very large and then just get a slim. or switch to xbox :P

Turtle out!

oh no!!!!!! D:

I can't believe it. Bad Company 2 comes out tomorrow and aparrently the PSN is down. I have no idea if mine works though.......I was playing 1943 last night fine. I was going to try and finish up AC2 and platinum it. It's times like these I wish I had a slim. Then none of this would be happening and I could be playing Assassin's Creed 2 in happiness. Especially since I'm sick today so it would be a great way to waste time when I get bored. I have nothing else to talk about here so ya.......

Bye World,



I need help! (don't say a word hippy!) I cannot decide what game to get after Bad company 2. I figured I wouldn't get anything till I play it. Then I'll play Fallout 3, then finish Assassin's Creed 2(along with DLC), finish COD Classic, maybe get RE3 as a downloadble game. I'm thinking maybe Bioshock but I don't know much about it, it just looks kinda cool. Heavy Rain is a definite no becasue that looks just downright silly. Borderlands could be real fun if King was ever on when I was :P. Modnation Racers looked cool till I got in the Beta, then every time I tried to play, it froze up on me. Last game, would have to be Resistance 2. I have rented this 3 times but never beat it, and I absolutely loved it each and every time.

So that was basically a rundown of my very busy gaming schedule I have planned out :P. On a completely unrelated note, my second semester of school started and all my courses are pretty tough, meaning not very much ps3 for awhile till I get settled into a routine. Geography in french, English, Math, Music. yippe. I'll be on ps3 in about a week and a half. Until then I may update this blog occasionally. I'll prob be on Gfaqs alot seeing as I have nothing better to do :P.

So long world,

Turtle out! ^_^

p.s...hippy.....you are a bad bad liar :) I think you know what I'm talking about

My First Blog o.O

Hm. My very first blog. What to talk about? well I recently had a birthday, where I got Star Trek, and Assassin's Creed 2. Star Trek was a good movie until my sisters came in yelling and screaming, making the movie unaudible. Assassin's Creed 2, is very fun and I haven't been able to put it down since I got it. Sadly though, I am nearing the end of it :(. I am hoping it wil be my very first platinum. hm what else should I talk about? oh I know....Hippy -_-. A very odd character who sucks at MW2 :P hes scared of me because he knows when I get it I will pwn his sorry little ***. :D Finally I will talk about my experiece in the Bad Company 2 Beta (cause what would be a blog without it?). Hm....I guess that would be my blog cause I have to go play Assassin's Creed 2.

Well goodbye internet. Your favourite Turtle( hey I like that name)