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I finally got it

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After years of waiting I could finally afford a gaming PC, I'll now be able to compensate all the years I missed on pc games, and it's a big upgrade too.

Old PC: a dell
*200 MB Ram
*16 MB video card
*36 GB Hard drive

New PC: xps 630
*4 GB ram
*512 MB video card
*500 GB Hard drive


New Avatar

by on

Yes, after a year of posting I decided to create a new avatar.

You may remember my last avatar:

Me being tired of it decided to make another one...

..but it did not deliver so I never used it , let's just call it a beta.

Then I decided to bring a new level of badass-ness to my avatar

It's perfect: hellfire, AC/DC font, a black 1 pixel border, you can do some awesome stuff on MS paint.

Nintendo E3 Press Conference Review

by on

I'll keep this short:


Animal Crossing Wii

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Wii Speak

Wii motion plus


Wii Sports Resort

Shaun (?) White snowboarding


EVERYTHING else, when they showed wii music my mom even said ''What the hell?''


That girl, I felt like in kindergarden whenever she spoke.


The e3 is not over yet, who knows, maybe old ninty has something yet to be announced.


Well, atleast we got Pikmin.

My Awesome PC

by on

It's really awesome, here are some of the awesome features of my PC:

  • It doesn't have much RAM (256 MB) and I can't upgrade that because the one it uses is discontinued.
  • It suddenly lags for no reason, even at the desktop.
  • I can't run more than 3 programs at the same time because it suddenly lags and everything closes.
  • It has a 40 GB hard drive, for some reason windows fills up 1/4 of that space.
  • The internet connection is pretty fair (54 Mbps) but its very slow on my computer.
  • The speakers are all ****d up and make a burning noise when they're on.
  • When you connect a USB port to it, the internet connection ****s up and it can only be repaired after rebooting.
  • I can't play good games on it (oblivion, fable, the coming soon diablo III, etc.) because it has a 34mb graphics card, and I can't upgrade to a better one because of the RAM.
  • Microsoft office programs (MS word, MS Power point, etc) must be installed every time Iturn on mycomputer.
  • It doesn't read freakin' CD's or DVD's, but it does read floppy discs.
  • It heats up too much (must be because of all the awesome things it does).
So yeah, this is a rant, I was pretty mad because I finaly found a game that I could run on it (final fantasy XI) only to find out the CD/DVD tray doesn't work anymore.
But my birthday is in 3 months, I'll get a new PC and get rid of this piece of crap.

I got hooked

by on

So yeah, I started playing WoW and got addicted to it, I've been playing for about a week. Which means I might not be here as much as before.


No More Heroes for me...

by on

I was going to grab it as a present from my mom until she saw this:

Blood and gore, sexual themes, intence violence, etc., etc. I guess my mom loves me a bit too much.

It's valentine$ day people!

by on

Valentines is coming, and guess what? More money for the boss!

Yes, because you don't have to love anyone, right? That's why we have valentine's day right? It's a day for you to be an hypocrite and spend all your hard earned money in sweets and presents for all the people that you not even care of.

Why? because It's not true. Instead of being a good person every day, you only do in valentine's, instead of telling everyone you care of that you do everyday, you do only in valentine's, instead of being nice to people every single day of your life, you only do in valentine's.

Why do it on Feb 14 when there's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year?
Happy St. Valentine's day, fellow GS users.

Do not open until x-mas

by on

I just got a flaming new psp slim bundled with Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron...

But guess what:


It now stands on my desk looking at me through the small plastic window in the package.

I can hear it crying for freedom.

Rock Band is way too Easy

by on

Rock band is way too easy, at least on guitar, I played guitar hero 3 on easy and couldn't beat rock you like a hurricane, but I could easly beat about 4 different songs on rock band on hard.

And I'm a noob on rhythm games.

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