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Connection Bombs Away!

Had to come from work late yesterday and missed my scheduled match on the Bombs Away tournament. I was on match 1 in the quarter finals and had to be on the waiting list till match 3. And then my connection started to slow down and had some lag for some reason!!!!!!! Turned out that myneighborwas trying to use my LAN for some gaming of his own. Called him and heapologizes, then when I play I get Lag..In the end I didnt qualify but being my first tournament I ever played I think there will be more!!

Wow My First Online Tournament

Today I just won my first online tournament here on Gamespot, the Bomber Man Live one. I got to third place on the Preliminary match today......................Wow what a rush. I barely made it but still kudos to me, no i have to play the quarter finals tomorrow

The Boring Times

Now we are halfway through January 2008, a very slow beginning this year in gaming it seams. Adding to that long wait until any great releases are available the news that Smash Bros. Brawl was delayed till March. Well I can't say that I wasn't surprised. The only good thing about all this is it gives time to finish all the games I bought in 2007 that I still haven't ended.

1-up Frenzy

In Super Mario Bros.3 when you go to level 1-2 as raccoon mario, there is a pipe releases goombas. If yo just keep jumping on them without touching the ground you can gain unlimited 1-ups. That is a 1-up frenzy. I have been playing SMB3 now since saturday in a marathon of videogames over the last week. Starting with Guitar Hero 3, finishing it with Guitar jams for the DS. Then moving to SMB 3 then to ff tactics and street fighter alpha 3 for the psp. now thats a gaming frenzy over a week. and i just realized that most of these games i played are a part three, what a coincidence.

I finished metroid prime 3 at 98% and have a pickup i couldn't find....sigh.........another part 3.....

Blasting My Time Away

Still playing MP3, got the ship's grapple beam now. I think I just finished around 30% by now. Till now the game is very captivating and very fun to explore. But bosses are a bit to easy although fun.

New Games

Just bought Metroid Prime 3 yesterday along with Bioshock. Played MP3 and I just finished getting the new PED suit, I'm quite impressed by the graphics and the story till now. Its more action oriented but I will have to play the rest to see if the game still has that exploration feel to it. Regarding Bioshock, since I dont own a 360 yet my bro checked it for me. He ikes it alot but I'm worried I might not see that game again. Till I get meself a 360 I wont be playing Gears of War or Bioshock, or any 360 title since I dont have much time to spend with me bro.

I Got You MotherBrain!!!

Finally after all these years of never having to play Super Metroid I finally played it and finished it today!!I beat it in 7.5 hours, no time to speed run Samus into Justin Baily.

Video Games And Movies

   Well i recall that there was some sort of agreement between Atari or Sega and Sony about the Matrix video games, and later on that video-games based on movies shouldn't be just cash-ins that are crappy and all alike. Well the opposite should be true, Movies based on video-games should be of standard because they can either elevate the franchise to a whole new level to people unaware of it who are not your usual video-game players, or just a cash cow for the movie studio cause they know that fans of the game would really love to see it turned to a motion picture.

   And now with movies, I saw a movie unlike any I have ever seen in a very long time. Ratatouille, spectacular isn't enough. It's very deep and has so many layers upon it in which I could not find fault in any of them. I can't remember the last time a movie I saw anything like it. Along to another Disney movie, Meet The Robinsons, which was very nice effort pre-buying Pixar. It has a very story and is unlike any Disne movie I had seen, I mean anything with out Pxar's involvement. Much better than Chicken Little, but still has some loose ends that hamper it down a bit. There are many errors in the time line continuity of the movies story, but you get to ignore if you want for the story's sake if you want. But still the movie has a lot of potential if Disney would have continued solo, but I'm glad they didn't.
That's it for today, long time since I blogged anyways....

Something Cool

I am so ecstatic because i performed a procedure thats way interisting, i have inserted a nasojejunal tube under flouroscopy. Under a radiologist's supervision of course. I Never thought this would be this cool. Can't wait to do the next one.............................that i somehow believ wont be very near.
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