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The state of the world

Stunned I tell you... STUNNED!!


*draws breath*


And while I'm recovering from that....

2. George W. Bush is elected president..... George Bush?? Really?? This is a joke right?? He can't be president.. he didn't win the first time around.. how can he win this time???? What the h@%* is going on!?!?!?!?!?!!? I'm still dreaming right?? Please oh please let me be dreaming......

*sigh* nope.. I'm not dreaming..... ah crap.... Well I guess I'll go visiting Canada for oh.. say.... 4 years or so... I hear the foliage is quite lovely this time of year...

Massive On-Line Roll Playing Games - an observation.. ok.. a complaint really..

so here is the problem with MORPG... you get yourself into an allegiance with a bunch of other people and at first it's GREAT!!!!.. then a couple people leave but that's ok.. new people come along.... then a few more leave.. and someone else new shows up... then some people get lives... (how dare they..) and they leave. or even better, you get a life (woo hooo!!!) and leave.. then you come back a long time later and suddenly... your hunting solo... all the time..

I think maybe I should try dragging all my friends back into AC2 with me. Or maybe I should try being more personable to meet new people. The problem with that is finding people who are cool. Oh sure, there are LOT of cool people on AC2, I know because I see them in town all the time but they all have their friends and allegiances and hunting fellowships and such... so it’s kinda like transferring to a new school or getting a new job or such… What I’d really like is someone who is already a high level Juggernaut that will tell me, “GET REAP ESSENCE NOW, you will never need another skill with reap essence.” Or “don’t bother.. it’s a waste of skill credits concentrate on your Juggernaut skills and craft a woop–a#@ sword staff. (which I just did recently by the way. Yaaa!!!!) Now if I could just get my armor skills up to speed… I can’t seem to find a good template anywhere.. if anyone knows of one please let me know… yeah right like anyone is going to read my journal.. hee hee… the good news is I can say just about anything… anywho back on topic…

I wonder is it better to leave my allegiance and find a new one.. or stay solo and not have to deal will the political hoo-ha that comes with 150 on-line friends…

I say this because I used to play AC and I was in one of the best allegiances on Frostfell.. or at least I thought so, Roch the Aged. My patron was awesome and a real life friend. My monarch KICKS A#@!! and is now a real life friend. However, at one point 4 of her (my monarch’s) 10 characters had to leave the allegiance because her patrons were mad at someone else in the allegiance, and we almost lost the mansion… fortunately someone ponied up the cash and bought 3 more accounts and took care of the rank problem… It got to be a real hassle for me.. who could I talk to.. who could I say hi to… who could I tell who about who… it got to the point where I was just hunting solo and avoiding all of them.. I even started a new character from scratch just so I could just come home unwind and kill things…. It was also hard on my Monarch who was like a mother or big sister to all of us.. I could see that if things didn’t improve, she was leaving… and that would have mad me very sad…

I think that for now I’ll just see what tomorrow brings.. who knows… perhaps I’ll drag my patron back in… sure his girlfriend will kill me but maybe I can get her to come back too….

Real life. Download yours today.

I was bouncing around on the forums the other day and someone had this really funny quote on there signature, "So this real life that you speak of, is it worth downloading?" And it made me think... no.. it's not.. it just gets in the way of playing.. It forces you to go outside all the time, and as we all know - outside bad, inside good.

Anyway... it was a very funny quote.



Would you want a perfect life? If you could download the perfectlife.exe would you?

I'm not sure I would... I'm one of those crazy people that feel that nothing is perfect and it's the imperfections that make the things in our life unique and special. It's probably the reason or a side effect of me being a hopeless romantic. I'm not a big fan of mass conformity or the norm. Hence my choice to pursue a job in theater. I guess that's what it comes down to, personal choice. Perfectlife.exe would have to have SO many configurable options so that it worked as a mass product. If not I might get crammed into someone else's idea of what a perfect life should be. What if the lead of the design team imagined that the perfect life was to be filthy rich in Florida with like 8 girlfriends all with fake plastic bodies.... I mean it wouldn't be bad.. but... as long as the car is customizable I guess it would be ok... no what am I saying.. I'd hate living Florida... besides I like natural curves... and I rather be one really great all natural lingerie model than 8 plastic Barbie girls.

But with all those options can you imagine the code that would have to be written?? oh man... it might be kinda fun to be a beta tester on it though..



I finally figured out how to add custom icons to my profile. Thank you to who ever it was who started that thread on the forum board!.

City of Heroes - the reality of superpowers and their use in everyday society..

My friend Evan got me intrigued in City of Heroes the other day.

It looks pretty cool, how ever I've come to the realization that I, personally, should never have super powers.

The Boston north traffic report would sound something like this, ".... massive energy burst kills and maims hundreds on route one north this morning, but the black Nissan pathfinder the blasts seem to be coming from, appears to be making great time..." Unless of course I could fly...

I guess if I were to have super powers I shouldn't be a blaster.. maybe that more fair. Of course I don't think I've ever met anyone that has driven in Boston traffic that hasn't had that fantasy.. especial when some idiot in a Lexus SUV gabbing on their cell phone feels that they, more than you a mere insect, deserves to be in your lane. Oh man...... *BLAM!!* just to watch that stupid looking vehicle fly into the air.... "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW YOU STUCK UP RICH B#@*$??!!!!" ..you know... maybe I should take up yoga again... apparently I have some anger issues... :-)