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HUGE! NES Collection For Sale! [UPDATED]

670 different and guarenteed working NES titles are now up for auction on eBay. A picture of this massive collection is posted for your (and my) enjoyment. Wanna own this collection? Click here for the auction and good luck!! Better still, this auction also includes all NES accessories in good working condition!!!


Also to note, the person claims to have every single NES game ever released and licensed by Nintendo in this auction, but when comparing the list to Nintendo's, there is one game missing! I have no clue what this game is but if you do bother locating this game, please post a comment. Have fun!

[UPDATE] The seller cancelled all bids and is no longer selling the item. It was fetching bids at around US$20,000 before it was pulled from eBay

Wii News Channel Now Live!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it... and that's pretty much all you'll be doing as there are few pictures and other media to view. The content is nice and the content is surprisingly very up to date.

Sport, international and technology news, just to name a few and viewing the news in a slideshow format is a very nice touch indeed. The added ticker like feature to the slideshow appearence, while the globe revolves, adds to the presentation to an otherwise lack luster and potentially useless channel to a majority of Wii users.

At least Nintendo decided to make this channel available a day earlier then expected (On Australia Day for us Aussies).

Also, England lost to Australia in the one day international cricket tri-series competion today, Eng: 110; Aus: 1/111.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

End of Year Status of 2006


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Special thanks to Dark_PsycO and tgawn for their quick replies regarding images

No longer on Holidays

Back from a 3 day camping trip with the family and extended family at Ballarat and a day trip around Melbourne. Soo cold and tired.

And Warney's got his 700th Test wicket!!! The Poms have collapsed, man they can't play cricket... :P

Hope everyone enjoyed their Xmas, now there's the New Year to come! Party!!! Woot!!

Now On Holidays

Yeah, you read right, on holidays. Oh how I will miss GameSpot and their potential emblem offers during this period...

Merry Christmas y'all and happy Festive Holidays :D

Also, scroll down for the offer. For a limited time only!

Wii Opera Internet Service now Live! (Trial Version)

I guess living in Australia does have it's advantages, especially for world wide launches as we are always in the future compared to the majority of the world.

After downloading the "new" channel from the Shopping Channel and waiting almost 30 minutes to download, Wii internet surfing has so far been a pleasurable and different experience. Such sites like GameSpot, and Google all work just fine.

And if you are wondering, this plays just beautifully!

The only major problem is that if you have a small TV, there is going to be some difficulties in viewing the text. I guess component cables are ideal when Wii surfing. Also, there are limited functions due to the Wii remote and there is no right clicking (I guess Matt Casamassina from IGN must be thrilled with this Mac function).

I highly recommend you all to visit or The Game Homepage on your Wii's and play a few simple flash games, really simple and probably the best way to take advantage of this service and play free games. Have fun all! Till the final version is released…

You Track Me, I'll Track You

How about that for a deal?

  • - track me first and then I'll track you
  • - you don't have to like me to track, accepting to all those who take the time to click "Track this Person"
  • - you don't even have to blog or read my blog, no commitments no conditions
  • - clever forum writing not needed (i don't do forums)
  • - no commenting on my blog needed
  • - no additional commitments required
  • - viewing my profile is unneccessary (although it would be nice)
  • - people from different countries, owning different consoles are all welcomed
  • - tracking for the sake of an emblem (or higher rank), no problems
  • - other conditions not listed, don't worry about it. Just click!
  • - Must have GameSpot account :D

Offer until when this no longer is visable on the first page

You track me and I'll track you. Simple.