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GameSpot, Slasher, and their support for StarCraft 2/eSports

Slasher (as hated as he may be by some, never understood it personally) has done a GREAT job recently covering StarCraft 2 including his awesome interviews for the last MLG Arena. Gamespot has really made a great decision here to start covering eSports the way they have not said they will be and hiring Slasher full time to continue this. The partnership with CBSi and MLG is also a big deal and should help expand gaming and eSports. Seeing the "NASL Season 3" image on the main page in the newsfeed rotation is great and I'm glad they are going this way. Professional gaming is definitely a thing, its fun to watch, its even better to learn, and should be given as much exposure as possible. Good on ya GS! Discuss.