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I just obtained and inserted a brand new, Terebyte hard drive in my PC. It is time for me to insert STEAM into the hard drive so I can enjoy mods, Gmod, and stuff in all it's infinite glory.

... But wait, there is a problem!

All my game installations within STEAM move into my old, and highly dated 60 GB Hard Drive when I install them. So I thought that, maybe, uninstalling it and installing it again can allow me to move the program into my new hard drive during it's installation process. My thoughts were not exact.

So, puting it blantly, how do I install games into my new hard drive? And if it involved installing STEAM into the new hard drive, how do I do that?

Thanks lads!

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Halo3. Man, those vistas...
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My friend wants a nice PC, but he's very confused by how nVidia is organizing it's GPU series. I was thinking if he should get a Geforce9 series GPU, but a lot of people have not bought it for some reason. Why?

Plus, what's the best GPU out right now? And what's lower?

This is the PC that my friend found. Does it seem applicable?

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My specs:

Gefore7800 GT EVGA

Pentium4 3.4 Ghz

3 GB of RAM

I have been looking at the $200 GPU article on GameSpot and I am interested in getting a Gefore9800 GTX. However, I sort of need a dual-core processor. Is it important to have one or should I just keep the processor that I have now?

Also, is it possible to replace a CPU on your motherboard without buying a new PC? And if so, how?

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I don't know why. I just found HL1 was be a scripted, horribly designed game with challenges that focused too much on trial and error. Once I witnessed and played HL2, I beat it on normal then on hard four times. The game was incredible and is, simply put, one of the best FPSs in my life.

What the heck? What made the original so good?

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Gears of War2 and Fallout3. CoD5 is developed by Treyarch and might be a major disappointment.
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A friend of mine is building a theatre system for himself and he asked if I can find a fantastic HDTV for him. It needs to be 1080p and LCD.

And if you want, can you show me a great HD-DVD player? Thanks.:)

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Shepard vs. Saren
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I am saddened by the lack of sells the game got. I loved Emergence, and I wanted more from the SiN universe. But I guess everyone must run to their Half-Life's and Battlefield's.

It just shows how us gamers never give first parts in a series a chance. If people hated the fact that it wasn't like Half-Life, maybe it would've gotten better as the series came along. Advent Rising is similar. It was meant to be a trilogy, but the lack of sells and the hate from gamers didn't allow it. But maybe if we gave it a chance, the sequels might just improve on its predecessor.

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I prefer brief counceling. I need to express myself. :)