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No Corpse Here

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I don't go on this site much, nor do I blog excessively like I once did. I have stopped writing about my daily doings for many years now, for reasons which are quite obvious: there is no reason. I have originally done it for attention, to become apart of a random group of people who loved games with endearing passion, which was something that inspired and transformed me. I loved games because of their appeal and their efforts to satisfy a young, underdeveloped soul. I love games now because I find potential in them as being powerful forms of storytelling; interaction is stronger than any fixed form of entertainment such as watching and hearkening a film or book. Interaction, simply, sucks you in.

It's been a long two years, and I have now graduated high school, prepped and suited for college and beyond. I gained the garner to write for I decided, for nostalgia's sake, to look over my previous blogs from the very past, only to realize that this site has been an important part of me, literally. My childish writing, my exaggerated reports, my hilarious endeavor to gain attention-- things that portrayed my once upbeat attitude as a young teenager with the mind of an ecstatic kid who wants to show the world who he is. Within the deepest recesses of my persona, it still remains. I want to be heard and adored, but above it crushing lies shyness, fear and depression. I have become a downed creature but a wiser thinker, and I think the cause of it is the darkness that has consumed the world unto this day. The economy, the war, the bleak future, and the relationship with my friends bring damaged emotions, and I try my hardest to steel myself.

The fear is both my death and the death of civilization. Death is unknown, and the unknown is usually feared. The only thing I can do as a young adult is to enter college and not follow the mistakes of the Mother. I play games and try to enjoy them, but it's very difficult when they are all... the same. The real thing that entertains me is luscious, inspiring music-- food to the ever active ears. As a man with a fantastical vision, I plan on becoming a programmer and a literary profession, for the reason being to make this vision come to life. I won't go into detail, but what I am planning is truly something grand and I hope I can create it before death.

I just wanted to holler out to those who have forgotten me or still wonder about my presence. I am still alive, and demand to keep it that way. Give great prayers that the future will uphold the beautifully complex race that is humanity, and may humanity have many great centuries filled with hope and opportunity.

Thank you, all. Really. And to Wildcat, if he still exists, for watching all my incredibly boring video blogs.

Lack of Updates

Yup, the updates are lacking alright. So I'll just get straight to the point of things.

School is tough. Everyday, I must do homework for my Biology, Geometry, and World History cl@sses. It's stopping me from playing some games on week days, and it causes me to totally ignore blog updating. Is this really a problem, though? It's damn school. A Human being should be busy eventually in his life. If not, then he or she is considerably not a good Human being; for many reasons that I don't need to state.

Anyway, lets get cracking.

I got my copy of RE5. It's a damn good game. Sure, it lacks the fear and tension of the past REs. But as an action game, it's incredible. It does the one thing that made me love RE4 so damn much; the developer placing the player in crazily-insane situations that look impossible to pass at a first impression. RE5 doesn't do that as much as RE4, but that's simply because of the game's length. I am on the last chapter, and I think I clocked in at least twelve hours of playtime. If the game was 20-30 hours long like RE4, maybe the tense situations would be constant and would make the game better.

But really, who likes long games despite me? I am probably in the 1% category of the gamer population that hates the fact that games are short these days. I know, a game's length doesn't determine as to whether or not a game is good or bad. It's all about the level design, the story, the gameplay, and how the design and the mechanics intertwine with each other.

Which brings me to my future career after College. I want to be the head leader of a game company. I want to be like Hideo Kojima, Cliffy B., and Gabe Newell. I have ideas that I cannot turn into reality by myself, and I need to let my soon-to-be-made game documents go into the game console/PC as actual games. I have gameplay ideas that I hope will fix the problems of the modern shooter, such as the recharging health meter and the imbalanced weaponry. Every gamer should not be frustrated by trial-and-error and balance issues. I want the gamer to enjoy the experience and hope to never see it end. I want them to love the game and not think of the fact that they paid $60 (plux tax) for a **** product.

As a 17 year old man, I want to be a part of the game industry. I am currently writing a script for a game that will soon be made in the long future. I can't go into details on what the game is or what it's about, for that would be taking it a little too far and would kind of make me seem childish. But I want to be a game developer, simple as that; and to do that, I am going to be a concept artist. That's how Hideo Kojima began, so I am following in his foot steps.

Wish me luck, I guess... Well, you don't have to wish me like yet. Maybe when I am in my mid 20s... or 30s... or 40s... Yeah, 40s sounds about right.

Forge + Sandtrap = Dream Come True

Tons of people will agree that Halo3 is nothing but a Halo 2.5 with minor improvements in graphics and gameplay. It has it's frustrating trial-and-error moments in single/multi player. It even has some balance issues with it's weapons and vehicles. Halo3 has a lot of flaws, and that's very agreeable. But there's one thing that makes Halo3 an actual sequel.
Forge Every box, wall, and object is removable and replaceable. Have fun.

When Halo3 was released, Forge was a useless map editor that was used to move weapons, spawns, flag placements, and all that other stuff. It was a useful tool, but nothing else. That was until Foundry came into play, and it changed Forging forever. Why? With the use of moving immovable objects to create bridges, walls, and entrances, creating your own map was as easy as pie. All that was needed was some patience.

Since then, glitches were found. These glitches gave Forgers the ability to make objects float and attach together. These highly mistakable glitches made Bungie, in my views, a genius. Plus, with the amazing ability to create your own Game modes with the highly customizable options available in Custom Games, Halo3 became the Xbox360's LittleBigPlanet.

Just when things were going great, Bungie wanted to take the term "great" and enchance it to the term "godly". The result?

All that crap is removable and replaceable... only in a bigger environment. Sandbox is Foundry 2.0. It's a large, nearly endless plain of awesomeness where imagination can strive. It's bigger then Foundry, it's better then Foundry, and it's sandier then Foundry. We still don't know much about it, but it's rumored that Forgers have the ability of changing the Day-and-Night cycle of the map. If true, that's wicked awesome.

I can't wait for the Mythic Map Pack. It's #1 on my list for the most awaited DLC on Xboxlive, near GTA4: Lost and the Damned. Lets hope it followed the hype.

Thinking About Upgrading my PC

I went to my nearest computer store to buy my friend, HellBound, a new keyboard. Since he has done so much for me in 2008, I just had to repay him for his charitable efforts of giving me the best damn Christmas since 1994. He needed a new keyboard anyways, is I guess my gift to him was rather thoughtful. (self criticizing is rudementry, but I couldn't think of anything else to write.)

So during my venture within the computer store, that of which was Frys, I went into the GPU section and found a Geforce9800GTS, only for $130.

$130... Have I been distracted by my 360 that much?

Point is, that card must be one-year old. Usually, when a new set of next-gen GPUs are released, that last generation decreases in worth. And again, usually current-gen GPUs are at a whooping $400.

My 7800GT is now showing it's age; it's time for some improvements.

Sadly, I do not have the money... Yet. I do, however, have the money to get a Hard Drive upgrade for my computer. I now have only 8 GBs of HD Space, considering my countless number of PC games that I got from Christmas. So I need a Hard Drive, and that's about $70. I only have $45, but I think my Mother is considering of paying half. I just have to gain the knowledge of which HD brand to buy.

Vlog soon, homies. I promise.

How Things Are Going

Things are going quite decent, actually! My Mother threw out all her cigarrets and she's trying to fight the urge. So far, she's doing phenomenal. I was expecting her to do good, but not this good. I hope that later on in the next few months, the nicotine will rinse away in her body; allowing her to grow healthier without an addictive urge of smoking.

My sisters seem to have gone quite when it comes to their foolish nagging, simply because of my Mother's lack of use on the phone.

And some more good news?

I am staying on GameSpot, fair and square. I just realized how much friendlier and supportive the user community is here compared to Giantbomb. I don't care about getting the most comments on my blogs; if I have people like you just reading my random stuff, it gives me the feeling that there actually is good moralized people in this world.

Expect more blogs, my fellow bretheren. Who knows, maybe a video blog. :)

Thanks for everything.

I am Afraid I Have Some Bad News...

And it involves me.

  • I just found out my mother has a borderline stroke/heart attack. She needs to stop smoking for four months or she will die.
  • My sisters have to give her their freaking bills since they can't pay them. This puts more stress on her.
  • I have to be aggressive with my Mother tomorrow. I just can't do that. I don't yell at people. I yell out curse words when I play games, but not at people. If I do, I cry. Since it's toward my Mother, it's going to be devastating.
Yeah, I had better days.

Hi (...)

Tru3 Files - GotY 2008 will start after the holidays. I promise.

Love (in friendship),