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Haven't posted in a While...

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Haven't posted in a while so here it is.  I'm currently awaiting Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for XBOX 360.

New Maps Yay!

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Alas, me mateys, the map pack has arrived and all halo 2 players can enjoy some nice new map to expand their halo 2 experience, if you have live ye must puchace it and enjoy some well deserved custom games with yer mates. har har, have yerself a marvelous day.

Halo 2Levels reset!

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Good: Cheaters don't get credit for what they didn't earn.
Bad: Non-Cheaters lose all their hard work.

All in all, good, bt it's sure as H3ll irritating to have to re-earn all your levels.

A must play game for SHOOTER-LOVING xbox owners

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Bothers in Arms is a fantastic game. All around too, the single player is immersive, realistic, and just plain FUN. If you own an XBOX and like shooters, you must get this game, it rocks. It's like Rainbow Six, Halo 2, and Call of duty mixed, but better than I thought it would be. I took a chance at buying it before renting it, but I'm glad I bought it, for sure.

Please help me!!!

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Can you guys please rate my reveiws? I would appreciate it VERY much. My old account that got messed up ( Spartan058 ) now has the "Top 500 Reveiwer's Icon" and I want it Back :cry: Please help me!!!


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Which game do you want the most NOW?

1. Star Wars: Republic Commando (The demo is Sweet!)

2.Close Combat: First to Fight

3. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Merry Christmas!

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A late one though... Happy New Years too! An early one Post you're BEST Christmas present here.

I made it to level six!

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I can review again, FINALLY Since I lost my other account I couldn't reveiw, and I wanted to! I'm almost back to where I was ( level 8 )
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