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I Finally Got A PS3!!!!!!!

After YEARS of desperately wanting one and I NEVER really had a reason to get one mostly because all the games I wanted for it were coming out on the 360 and well I REALLY wanted it for the superior graphics, faster CPU, and SOOO much extras, I got banned from xbl on a gamertag I had for over 4 years and over 4 years on xbl BANNED till year 9999 and SOOO much work and time into that tag and then all the sudden BOOM I got that message . SOOO thanks microsoft for that, giving me the last reason I would need to be pushed into getting the most powerful game console out on the market... and the ONLY console I think that's worth the money you pay for it. so I traded my xbox360 console, 120GB HDD 20GB HDD, all 12 of my games wireless headset, and EVERYTHING I could, and I still had to pay a little out of pocket to get my playstation3 , and I'm SOOOOO VERY satisfied.. I mean at the moment I have fun just using my netflix and the other ps3 features on it and NO games yet, but WOW sooo worth the money I'm gonna be saving at least 50 dollars a year on online service, and not to mension not have to worry about the common over heating issues or that dreadful RROD.. yeah they both have their issues but I have wanted a ps3 much more than a 360 and WOW, THANK YOU GOD for this.. it's God given, almost all my friends I know personally have a ps3 and hardly any a 360. So yeah that's my little story.. it was refurbished and looks and plays like never used.. came with the SD component cable, power cord and 1 wireless sixaxis controller YEEAAAH LOVE THIS MACHINE lol


Check out my youtube channel.. most of the videos are pretty random.. but it's another place where people can talk and not have to worry about amatures reporting your for something they don't like

A New Xbox 360 FINALLY

The past few weeks I had been having over heating issues with my just recently passed xbox. I had went just bought another one and so hopefully now this one will not ever catch the RROD, or the 2 red light ( overheating ) issue.. for a WHILE at least.. I had opened my old one up before I got rid of it and saw all the crap and brown dust or fuzz and crap that had gotten into it..that thing has been shutting off on me blinking those fricken 2 red lights at me and it was LOUD as crap when it was on. So, now I"m starting new.. BRAND new this xbox has not gotten tapered with or anything I just wish that MS would have a better design to keep it from over heating and at the time keep crap out of the console that can in the future cause it to over heat or have issues.. and is another reason why I'm STILL getting a ps3 I just don't know when. I'm only stick with the xbox because they are easier to come by, and replacing it is a little easier... and for the first time I got to play on my brand new one today and wow.. it's so quiet I forgot it was on.. and the new one I have actually has INTERNAL MEMORY about 256 or what ever mega bytes.. but I don't care.. I still use my HDD and HDMI and it is nice to have a new wireless controller and new power supply. Yeah everything is new and now that it's so much later.. cus I have had that other xbox since June of 2006 I have A LOT of experience in keeping it up as far as RROD and over heating

It's BIG

Ok I have had A LOT of people asking me "How did you get such a big gamerscore?" I always say.. I have 2 buddies that are big achievement hunters like me, but they are better at it, I have been on XBL on the 360 for almsot 4 years.. it will be 4 years in June 2010, and they have both been on for about 3, they play games more than anything else, but they do work. So ok every few days, or so when either of them either rents or buys a new game... that person will let the other 2 know and see if they want to get achievements for it.. yeah I know strange but when you like getting achievements nothing else matters in the game, so anyways we would team up and get any and or all the achievements in that game before we start on another one.. 1 of us 3 does not go on xbox live unless it's for an online achievement.. but he has the 2nd to highest score, while Im in We in a way swap achievements too, like if 1 of us has an achievement that the others want.. we either get it or help get it, but yeah a 3 man group of dedicated achievement hunters is a guaretee win with it comes to getting achievement .. so that is why I have a such a big score and pretty much all the games at 100%

Any Questions.. just ask

Failure Rates of both PS3 and xbox360 WOW

I just googled these just out of bordom and wow I'm amazed as of this day... The Failures are

XBOX360 =54 Percent

PS3 = 10

That is so surprising.. the last time I checked well the ps3 was the same but the xbox360 went up by 2 percent THAT SUX I have gottne the RROD 2 times in 1 year already and I just made 1 year without getting the RROD I'm just so nervous now because the last 2 games I had played that I had rented from gamefly have froze more than once but I'm hopeing that was just because of the disc. But wow how can microsoft still have these problems.. even the elite gets the rrod and it's supposed to be the big new and improved mac daddy 360, but sony redesigned the ps3 and came out with the ps3 slim and I have not heard 1 thing about that console giving issues from new out of the box.. I have just read stuff that fanboys have said and they don't even own 1

I am SOOOOO Unlucky on getting a PS3 WHY!?!?!?!?

This is kind of random but I just recently got cheated out of getting a ps3 again. Ok in year 2006 like not too far after the ps3 release day.. I had over 700 bucks in my pocket.. ok and so I was debating out of getting a ps3 or laptop..and at the time I had no compluter at the time due to moving all money loss. So I go head and bought a laptop considering I had went to walmart and found out that there were only 25 ps3s that were going to be in stock and the ONLY way I could get one is it I camped out in the parking lot till 12.. I thought ok this is just a video game and people who do that really are a little to dedicated to video games.. so I will just wait till I get my next check next month and that will be no problem. Its about 2 weeks till my check comes in so I call that walmart and every other store in the same state I live in LOUISIANA and the closest time any of them will restock is in like 2 months if I remember correctly.. WTF?!?!? that is a long time to wait Just for a console.. so I just decided well with all the bills I will have to pay and crap I will just wait for a price drop and just endure the urge of buying one for a while.. so now years later just the other day.. I got a hold of 100 bucks ok I spent all of it in 1 day then I get a hold of ANOTHER 100 and when I spent the first 100 I was thinking well crap if I had 100 more I would have just enough to sell my ps2 and all the games to gamestop and that should equal up to close to 300 and I can borrow the rest and get a ps3 so now I just have 100 bucks to spend and now I won't have no where near 300 bucks to spend on my goal purchase of the ps3... I know just sell my 360 and that should help out a lot, well I have had my 360 since mid 2006 I think and I have A TONE of progress on games and I love getting achievements I have over 48000 gamerscore all legit... and for some reason stuff for the 360 is easier to come by as far as price and quantity and I know more people with a 360, bu I want to own the best consoles out there.. I had the wii and I got rid of that with in 6 months of owning it brand new.. that thing was so made more for kids so please don't bring that little toy up.... Ok carried away.. everytime I get soo close to getting a ps3 I just lose that chance.... Has something anything like this ever happened to you about anything??? I have been fighting this for 4 years


Ok this is really getting annoying.. Ok I have played some pc games.but unless you spend over 100 bucks in a 4 year period on graphics cards and upgrades your pc will begin to play like crap.. I have been playing true video games meaning true I mean on a system that when you ask what gaming systems do you have the employee will say wii, xbox 360,or ps3 and they will not say pc.. trust me there are some people in the world who look at a computer for what it is... A COMPUTER.. its not a game system.. yeah cheap people stick to pcs because they can hack their way through video games.. downloading illegal copies of games, and free copies of almost anything.. getting out of buy what should be paid for. Well pc fanboys.. I do know that being that all pc games are no roms.. they could never equal up to the quality of a blue ray, nor hd game.. that I can prove.. just go look up the best upgraded pc you can find and then compare that with either a ps3 or xbox360 can can promise you that the pc will lose in speed and graphics quality.. the game consoles you don't have to install games well specifically on xbox360 anyway.. and on pc the games are less detailed and have like NO textures.. I noticed this on L4D 1 and 2 there is no ATI or any graphics cards or anything even out that can compare to either ps3 or xbox360s graphics not speed.. there will always be a time where the game will either have a lag or slow frame on a pc but rarely on a console... and it's a fact yeah you have obsolete hardware on a console, but in the same area you don't have to do anything to a console to make the graphics better.. they are still and always will be better than a pc and on that area the ps3 has more power than 7 computers.. oh none of those fanboys remembered that.. that being said before the ps3 came out...the ps3 is the most powerful machine in existance a store bought pc with ANY graphics card or any processor can't even compary to a ps3 and not to mention the ps3 you can just pick up from a store has more memory than any pc or laptop you can buy unless you upgrade it... consoles own.. and ALWAYS WILL... OH YEAH DON'T forget all the best games are more popular on consoles.. compare the people playing games out on both xbox360 and pc on the same games.. the xbox360 has almost double.. and the best games are already out for a console and just buy the game and without a graphics card.. don't spend 1000+ dollars on a pc while you can pay not even 400 for a better experience and the controller is more accurate .. you don't have buy a special mouse AND keyboard.. this 1 controller plays ALL games.. and on a console the quality changes on differnt tvs or montors.. in a pc game the graphics stay the same.. .... YOU KNOW WHY.. because cd roms only have standard definition.. so take your pic on blue ray or hd and play a ps3 or xbox360 and get the best out of games and not worry about lag or trashy servers on a pc... Don't be a geek... be a gamer

Guitar Hero Addict

Ok.. I have been owning guitar hero since about mid last year, and since I started playing it, and seeing a lot of videos online, kinda inspired me to keep playing, and get better at it, and keep moving up on the difficulty.. and now I can play expert, and I beat all the guitar heros on hard except legends of rock because of the hard rain solo on raining blood.. but I know if I passed that part, I could dominate that song.. and I'm on my last gig on each guitar on expert, I can't help but to play the fricken game..and no matter how much I fail on songs, I still keep playing.. I just try different songs. And I notice sometimes when I'm not even playing the game, I think of my favorite songs, and like do the fingerings with my hand and imagine listening to the song.. like jordan ttfaf are 2 of my favs.. but anyways, and I have some of the best games out right now, including Fable 2 halo 3 rockband 1 and 2 and still it's just guitar hero, for some reason rockband I just don't stay interested in it as much, but when I actually played rockband, it was SOOOOOO much easier than guitar hero, so If I can dominate guitar hero, rock band would be a flash.

If you like guitar hero just as much, well I mean love playing it almost or more than any of your other games.. post it, and explain how much you love it I just can't stop playing it


I'm still playing guitar hero more than any other game, and I have completed All of them released except Guitar hero 3.. I'm stuck on TTFAF


My Kept games of since 08

I have bought the following games, and I plan on keeping them forever... if you have any games that you have and are doing the same to.. you sure can name them. I just made this blog post because the previous one was old.

1. Halo 3

2. Guitar hero 2

3. Guitar hero 3

4. Guitar Hero World Tour

5. Guitar Hero Aero Smith

I have Left 4 Dead, but I don't know if I'm keeping it as long as the others


I just purchased the 3 disc set of guitar hero for my ps2, I completed all 3 games on expert guitar hero 1, 2, and rock the 80s

I'm going to be getting Guitar hero metallica even though I already beat the game

Well my guitar hero list grew.. I now own GH SH and GH 5 and I'm getting GH VH and most likely any other guitar hero game that comes out

4Q 2008 games

These are some of the big hit games that are both out and are coming out in the 4th quater of 2008 on xbox360 Saints Row 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, Gears of War 2, Dead Space... ect, What game or games are you most excited about? I currently own Saints Row 2 and GH world tour, I can't wait till GoW2 is out right now and then Left 4 Dead

What about you?