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Gamespot 2009 Awards.

Sims 3 wins best strategy title? Really? It's a life simulator, not a strategy title. I enjoy Gamespot but part of me wonders if perhaps the nominees are allowed to contribute donations or perhaps take the voters on cruises. There's got to be more to it than what we see. Demon's Souls wins over Dragon Age: Origins. Yeah, a 9.0 scoring game beat a 9.5 scoring game. That means either the award is a lie or the ratings are a lie. I'm not sure which but it's annoying either way.

Numerous other awards just seemed bogus to me. I mean, generally I either agree with Gamespot or can understand where they're coming from but this year was just horrible. Award after award just made me go, "really? really Gamespot?" and I wasn't alone. The comment section attracts a lot of whiners but it also attracts a lot of people that yell, "good job!" or something to that effect. All I seen were comments that beat up on the decisions and for good reason. With the exception of a handful of awards - Gamespot's choices just don't make sense.

Maybe I'm just not seeing something they are. For the most part I own most of thenominated games. I really hated Killzone 2 because it's a console shooter. I own all the consoles but playing a shooter on one is akin to nails on a chalkboard for me. The controls are TERRIBLE. FPS's were designed to go with a mouse/keyboard. For some reason, Gamespot loves that game. Maybe they enjoy the challenge of having the gamepad handicap. I dunno.

So, if you pass this way and want to say something about all this, go ahead.