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2 years on Gamespot and going

Well at this point i know i might not get alot of responses but shoutout to everyone who reads this and even though i'm not making any guarantees,i would try and blog a bit more from here on out.

Anyway like always i'm not much of a blog person as you could see but you know i gotta make a blog every once in a while to see how you guys are doing especiially to all the people who been with me from the beginning till now.

First things first it's been offically 2 years since i'm rolling gamespot and dispite the moderations that i went through,i've met a bunch of cool people along the way so it's all good.There were some that i used to be really cool with until something unknown happened and i ended up losing contact with him/her after a while and there are others who where with me from day 1 till now (n-re,Sword-bearerjust to name a few since there are others who pretty much left at some point)...also to Soulreavercross although she's a mod and we don't talk much BUT was one of myvery first friendson here so shoutout to soul.As for everyone else who i'm cool with Wolfman_chopper,tntkng,grunt1096(gametalk crew right here lol) and others like Pixel-Perfect,cheynz,Serentor,Sezzillaand everyone else i may forgot,just want to shoutout you guys for good times and hope that we can continue to talk and stay good friends as well.

In other news,been living the normal life like going to school,parties etc so i've been good and even better when summer arrives although i'll miss the cold.......yes i ain't joking lol.Well since it's kinda late i'll say it anyway,last year i met 50 cent,Tony Yayo and and later on i met Lloyd Banks as well,for all of those who are unaware of who they are,not sure what age you're living in,thats all i pretty much could say lol.Been a fan of all of them (G Unit) for years now soto see them in person was like a huge gift and no i didn't scream like one of Justin Bieber fangirls lol so yeah just wanted to throw that out there.I still gotta see that new fast and furious movie that i've been hearing so much about so for everyone who seen it,plaesae let me know what's your opinion on it.

So thats pretty much all i gotta say cuz i know you guys ain't wanna read paragraph after paragraph about my life so i'm gonna cut it short so hope all is well with everyone else and continue to live a happy life as well.(By the way,for all of those who got facebook send me a link through PM and i'll add you on there so we can have an extra connection that way).

Merry Christmas to all

Sorry for the late wishes,been busy all day today and still going but just want to wish everyone a merry christmas and hope that you guys enjoy the rest of the day.Also hope that everyone got what they wanted as well.

Been a while

Just passing through to see how you guys been doing and no i'm not dead in case you're wondering,just got tired of the site so i left and i apologise if i upset anyone about it.I can't guarantee that i would be back on here as much as before but i would try and see what's going on every now and then with everyone.Anyway don't really have much to say as of now but i do hope that everyone is doing great and if anyone wants to chat,you could always hit me a PM


What's up guys?,been awhile since my last blog even though i don't thinki was going to make another blog after the previous one.Anyway alot of people been asking me how come i'm not on here as much like before and the truth behind that is,i've been losing interest on here for awhile now even though i post every now and then.Alot of my friends on here either been banned or they just don't seem to be active on here as much like before and these are friends that where with me since i first joined gamespot.Don't get me wrong though,i still appreciate having you guys as my friends but you should all know the feeling when you have friends that where with you from the beginning and now you just don't see them around as much again,that's just the reason why i'm losing interest on here.I still would put post on the forums and unions like normal but it would be less than before.

Another thing is,i realised that some people got a "problem"with me for some reason,i just got to say for those people out there that you should step up and let me know what problem you got with me instead of running behind closed doors and talking S*** behind my back.This is not really a problem for me though cuz there would always be people out there who would hate on you so i'm just asking again,you got a problem with me,then step up like a man and let me know,this is just real talk.

In other news,i got some tickets to go see Jay Z and Eminem in concert so i'm looking forward to going and anyone who is a fan of Eminem should definitely go buy his album Recovery,best hiphop album on the market right now IMO.Other than that,i'm just enjoying the summer while it last since winter is right around the corner.Anyway guys,signing off so i would catch you later

Year since i'm on Gamespot

Just realised that its been a year since i'm on gamespot and to tell you the truth,its been great.Met new people on here,some i actually became close friends with-n-re,Serentor,tntkng,thomassmash,jakethesnake159and there are others who are also worth mentioning since their good friends -BrunoBRS,Darkman2007,Dgalmun,flowersjf,grunt1096,mariostar0001,Skye89,souleater289,Soulreavercross,Spade_Crisis,Sword-bearer,toxic_jackal,Yoweeh,cheynz,joynul,Just-Adam,siddarthshetty,SiK99,vj02,Hegna1.Some people actually "pretended"that we were good friends but then they turn and stab you behind your back but like always,i learn from my mistakes so its cool.

Apart from the friends note,its really been a good experience on gamespot so far aside from a couple of fights and moderations but that doesn't matter anyway.Thats just about it so a shotout saying thanks to all my friends and i would continue to be here for a long time.

Back for now

Well guys,sorry for the disappearance but i got caught up with alot of stuff as of late but i'm back for now.Not only that but gamespot was getting a bit boring for me as well but it looks like some things has changed since then.Anyway sorry for not letting everyone know on notice but i'll try to catch back up with the blogs.

Happy New Years

Right now,i'm on my way to Times Square and before things get a bit crowded,just wanted to say Happy New Years to all of my friends and family and hope that 2010 would be a great year for you.You also know that we can't have an offical happy new year without the drinks so here they are,many to choose from so no excuses.


And we can't forget the fireworks


Hope that everyone enjoy their final time in 2009.

Merry Christmas

To all my friends and their familes,merry christmas and hope you have a good one cuz i know i will.Oh and by the way,here is a pic of my tree and try not to be jealous.


Mystery Girls

Yesterday,i checked my mail and notice that some girl sent me an email saying this:-

Hi! I am Charity !
how are you! hope you
are fine and in perfect
condition of health.
I went through your
profile and i read it
and took intersest in
it,if you don't mind i
will like you to write
me on this ID:
hope to hear from you soon,
I will be waiting for your
mail because i have
something VERY
important to tell you.
Lots of love Charity!

Let me tell you one time that i have no freaking clue who this girl is or what profile she saw me in and this isn't the first time this happen.

The first message i got like this was about a year back and this girl that came out of nowhwere,sent me a message like this one.At first,i was curious as to who the hell this is but i just went with the flow and started talking with her.The next thing i knew,she said that she LOVED me(She NEVER SAW ME)and how she wanted to come and live by me and yes,i said LIVE.After that,i locked her off completely cuz i thought this girl is freaking crazy and trust me,the most i did was,had a normal conversation with her.

The second time was like 6 months ago and this other girl started sending me messages saying that her father died and she's alone or some sh*t like that but this time,this girl actually sent me a picture of herself and said that she's going to put a million dollars in the bank,that if i could withdraw it for her cuz she wants to come and LIVE WITH ME.Just like the first one,i locked her off with having no conversation with her whatsoever.

Now it comes down to this other girl but what i find interesting is that whoever this person is,they apprently know that i'm a guy so they only write as a female thinking that i'm some punk who needs a girl or something.I'm starting to think that someone who has my email,is spending me these kind of mails but i'm still uncertain as of who it is.This is like the only site i use mostly so i think someone is trying to pull something off but one day,i WILL find out who it is eventually.

Christmas Approaches

Christmas is almost here and these past few weeks has been cold but somehow i'm coping with it.I'm starting to finish up my time from school and this friday,we would have a lil party in Brooklyn College and after that,no classes again till next year january so i might as well enjoy my holiday as i could.I haven't even gotten the time to get gifts and some other stuff for family and friends yet.Everyone i know already hustle and made their shopping list just in time for christmas and i'm thinking that they already got me something while i haven't even bought s*** yet so i guess that makes me the bad guy.Christmas has always been my favourite holiday together with Carnival so this year,i'm hoping to make the most of of it.

Since most of you already know that i live in NY(Orginally from Trinidad),i'm planning to go to see the ball drop in Times Square.


I know some of you would call me crazy cuz of the amount of people who would be there and also trying to endure the cold but the thing is,i never in my life went there so i'm taking that chance to go with my friends together with my cousin.Usually all the celebrites are out there performing or such so i know alot of people are expected to be there but none of that is stopping me from going there.

In other news,i'm planning to get a PS3 sometime next year so for all the PS3 owners,i would let you know so that we can add each other and play online.When i do get it though,i'm planning to get both Assassin Creed 1 and 2 for now cuz those are the only ones that really interests me at the moment.

Thats about it for now,just letting everyone know what i've been up to lately and if anyone who lives in NY is planning to go as well,let me know and we might organise something.