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wow only 15 comments?

Well looks like you people's dont miss me >_>

Seriously, I spend more time on the comp than ever & don't seem to be doing anything.

So here's yours truely & imma **** for a bit!

GRID, the fun back into driving? THE FUN? Seriously, maybe I am wrong in the head or something, but I don't find this or games like this fun. A racing game to me is tearing around a track with a car that could have no body work but still drive at 200 mph & you are almost forced into smashing the other cars to bits to win. GRID is all about, break round this corner heeeere etc. I find it so boring & incredibly difficult, it makes me think of the Burnout days. You would be happy in first place 30 seconds (or something ridiculous) in front of everyone else & then you would crash, or take a corner wrong or something & then suddenly you are in 9th place & fail the race. GRID does this, GRID also has the AI levels where no matter what the difficulty the enemy cars crash, yeah, but can right themselves in speeds no one can achieve themselves (as in the players). It just makes this game for me, unenjoyable, I will happily be on the second lap staying in first place, coming up to a nasty, nasty corner or something & find myself enjoy the rest of the race in 9th place.

Just eww. Why are these games so popular? I think more along the lines of frustrating, yeah.

Dyl's fault again

Nah don't get ya hopes up again people, I am still not back & still have no plans to come back, just Dyl & his blog links again :P

So how has the last month & a bit treated ya all? Well, I hope. I myself have been better, but life goes on etc etc.

Also once again, with me & my phases, manga has replaced games & anime has replaced manga. I did however get three new games since we last spoke. DMC4; should have been a film, but they are money making bastards so they make it a game (with very little playable bits :P). Stranglehold; fun untill it got so hard I could have sent the controller through my screen & the overatted Condemned Criminal Origins. Bad luck with games it seems :P

Manga wise, just been trying to catch up on Naruto lately & reading Soul Eater (so much to read). Anime, well loads of stuff.

Well, see ya around~~

I aint back or nuffin'

So don't get ya hopes up :P.

Dyl Dyl just linked me to his leaving blog & I though I would just post a quick one myself. I know it has been less than a month & I'm not really missing this place to be honest, I just saw a few more sad comments & decided to see how everyone was.

Shoot! :)

Also while I was gone I got Dead Rising again ('ucking love it! \o/), my 360 Rrod (:( I will make them collect it at the weekend) & my mum had an operation. Wow the most exciting three weeks of my life so far. :|

Lots of love everyone.


*packs bags*...everyone read this please.

After the weekend I'm logging out...I was thinking of logging back in now & then to check on everyone...but I really don't wanna come back here...

I may come back to randomly post a rant of some kind...but whether you care or not, I'm leaving GS forever (or I may come back a few months later when it hopefully wont be so boring)

My MSN is

My Gamertag is down the side there.

& of course you can catch me as Locke at

So there's no reason we can't keep in touch if ya want to...goodbye everyone...I wish I could say it's been a happy time...I met some great people...but GS is GS.

Weekly Recap + College Interview

I had to go in after the gifted & talented *gulp*....but he talked about my choice of courses a it would seem I'm in...yey.

It is hard to believe another week has passed. Here is the recap: Not many Xboxes can claim seven days of gaming in a row. Last week Yearly Bell and I can... and we will... and it feels so good! Our gamerscore didn't go up at all, but who is counting?

For the record, we only played one new game this last week. It was LOST PLANET. I was hoping for a few more, but I guess not everyone is made out of money! Also, according to the records, Yearly Bell must have been craving some FPS action because Call of Duty 4 was the weekly favorite. He played it on 7 of the days.

AHH SCREW IT! (caps)

Friends list is glitchy, wont register what I do or people keep popping up randomly, I untracked a load of people, its one in the morning, I no longer care.

Also R&C my new blog header, yes two guys are about to kiss...yes its very girly...yes its so CUTE.


I think it's time to clear my friends list (you know the drill) + Mini Rant

As I said, you know the drill, comment you stay, don't your gone, however, some people I will keep no matter what & others I will keep because they have their reasons for not commenting.

That said I'm hardly here anymore...this place just feels so dead when im on. Any active places are only active when Americans or non UK people come on so ofcourse due to the time difference this is like 4 am here.

So if you have any active forums in UK timezones & think I will like the place (like don't say, a Pokemon forum for instance since I don't like Pokemon) then drop me a link.

& about the Mini Rant...I play three games CoD4 (I moan about the multi alot, but it's still my fave game of the moment), TF2 (Laggy & boring) & LP [Lost Planet, if ya thinking Linkin Park, your wrong, no game exists of Linkin Park](I suck hard at). So I wanted a new game similar to the ones I play & guess what comes out today? The LP meets CoD4 like, Frontline: Fuels Of War.

Being that it's the weekend I decided to leave my 360 on for five hours so I can download the MP demo & my gawd I was dissapointed. Why? Maps are to large for such frantic combat (wander, wander, BOOM BANG, die, repeat), the controls stray away from the norm of FPS games so they feel fiddly, wanna look down the scope & then you throw a grenade & get killed? Yes I know the feeling, my god do I know the feeling. Then theres the sort of random out come battles of CoD4, which, fyi, suck major ass. *SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT BANG ded*....weren't we using the same gun?...& yet he killed me in one hit & took three hits & didn't die...? Then there are the vehicles...FACE IT they never work in FPS games...ok tanks & jeeps are easy to take down so lets push them aside. Its the freaking helicopters...normal people cant take them out, other helis can if the pilot is better but helicopters are so rare that basically for nearly the whole match the first person to grab a helicopter will be the winner. End Of.

Ohh & finally, this Frontlines game stile is EPIC FAILURE, mainly because it creates matches which are almost endless, capture a point, loose a point...repeat...the whole capture three points, hold three points, then go capture the final three just doesn't dont even have to be a good player to capture points...holding them is a different matter & thats the point, you capture, get killed, loose the point & repeat...over & over & over again....ugh....I deam this game, fail.

I finished the first series...season...w/e...of Numb3rs

Someone mentioned it in a blog of mine a while back & I was like...hmm....& started watching.

If it wasn't for the writing & characters I would have given up. Do American cops live in a time warp? British policing is leaps & bounds in-front of yours...yes you have better technology....but look at the cops in the '70s in Britain & then look at your FBI, they been sharing tips I swear.

Also the whole math thing feels like it was tacked in at the doesn't have any need to be in teh show & no real reason either & after the first few eps basically the Math never works because you cant do it on living people!...meh.

Yearly Bell's Weekly Recap - 25/2/2008

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: Not two, not five, but SEVEN days of gaming in a row! Last week was as solid as it gets when it comes to Yearly Bell throwing down with the games. Our gamerscore saw a 150 point boost which is good. I guess that is what completing 7 achievements can do! Also, according to the records, Yearly Bell must have been craving some FPS action because The Orange Box was the weekly favorite. He played it on 7 of the days.

People wonder why racism exists.

Just beat in the blog

Yeah....sod the multi! Who gives a crap about the multi?! The single-player should be what you are all talking about...the ending has left me in tears...its so human, no glory & much death.

Every become attatched many epic many deep moments, so many twists that shouldn't happen in war games...because they are good & unexpected. This game is the true meaning to next gen FPS's even got a ton of comedy & a final mission for fun. Please don't go back to WW2 :(

It can be frustrating, but every other moment is EPIC, so epic your screaming wow like a girl who's just had her cherry popped.

& as my SN says, which is also a spoiler

Heart breakers & life takers {[In your memory Price, Gaz & the Yanks, thanks for saving my ass all those times]}