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Swtor is to blame not investors.FPSfan1985

Supplying a demand would be a good start.

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Haven't played them in years, but I would assume Jedi Academy would have the larger community. That being said, I sunk hundreds of hours into the MP for Jedi Outcast, and personally prefer it over Jedi Academy.

FFA matches in JA are a bit like pulling the lever on a fruit machine; mainly consisting of players running into a large group of other players, hitting the special attack key and crossing their fingers in the hope that they kill 1, 2 or even 3 opponents, with little to no strategy or skill being implemented. In saying that, fights in Jedi Outcast can turn that way as well, but the combat does rely more on the player's ability, and as a result is less likely to turn into a lottery.

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To me ME1 does the story the best and ME3 does the combat the best. So for me ME2 is the worst by default. Still a great great game but not the best in the series for me.


I agree. Been replaying ME2 to see why it is regarded by many to be the best in the series, and I just can't see it.

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Is anyone else incapable of keeping the front wing on their car around Monaco?

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Watched a couple of those yesterday. Looks pretty neat; the mod itself and the configured iCEnhancer mod.

Hopefully the modder(s) keep working on it so we can fly around Liberty City with Iron Man's full artillery. They seem to know what they're doing with getting the model rigged up and the new animations they've added.

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Been impressed by those three videos. It's looking like it will be an even more cinematic experience than the first. Haven't seen any footage of mutants though.

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I already own a physical copy but just bought it again for Steam.

If you're an RPG fan... get it.

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Don't think you can break down those walls yet. You need to go back out of that small area and keep progressing upwards.

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Should add to the list though Grim Fandango. That's another game with a world that sold me.


Snap. I think you hit a peak right there.

As for other games that sold me in terms of the setting:

Broken Sword 1 + 2

Jade Empire



Thief: Deadly Shadows

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (it's buggy, but once patched it's good)

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The Witcher 1 for me. Still enjoyed the sequel though.