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more ps3 info

ps3 come stock with a 60 gb hard drive

free full internet and online service

blue ray discs/ disc drive.

 discs  have dual layers and contain a 50 gb space


playstaion one and 2  games are playable on the ps3

 ps2 and ps 1 games will be rendered into HD

rumours of ps 1 and 2 downloadable games onto hardrive

ps3 info

playstation 3  is going to be shipped in november preowder should be taken at local gamestores   in a month to two moths from now. it should cost 500 dollars

games that are suposed to be out by launch

resident evil 5

devil may cry 4

killzone 2

 medal of honer airborne

 metal gear solid 4

metal storm

unreal tournemnet 2007