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SiS 671/771 Ubuntu 9.10 Graphics Fix

Hello again people, another post only referring to these unfortunate users like myself to have these crappy drivers. I contacted the developer from SiS about releasing the 3D driver or updating the 2D for the latest Ubuntu release. He deleted my comment and ignored me, nice - I hate ignorance.

Anyway, I was looking around the bug tracker over on Launchpad and found this fantastic post from Nacho, who posted a SiSmedia .deb package that you need to install (after removing any previous .deb driver) and 9.10 should work after updating from 9.04/installing fresh.

If you carry this out, please let me know how it went :) also remember I take no liability if anything screws up with your computer, always, always backup files!

Linux on Laptop, Again

If any of you actually bother to read my blog (no pun intended), then you would have noticed I have tried to get Ubuntu successfully working on my Fujitsu Seimens Esprimo v5535 with the graphics. SiS isn't exactly an award winning company for Linux support, in fact - they probably make Microsoft look good in this light. Countless users in my boat have complained to SiS but no answer, what are we hoping to get in return? Well, only their 3D graphics Linux driver, which has been developed and should be released to the community for developers to expand on for newer Ubuntu versions (in my case anyway), but no. No driver release.

Fujitsu Seimens v5535

Can Fujitsu help? Certainly not. They actually replied to an email I sent to them about the matter with the following quoted message. I accept the reply and agree that they can't help us all out, but this leaves SiS to do so. I wrote an email to send them but I haven't got as far as being able to find an address or form on their website for technical support.

"Dear Mr. Edmonds,

Whilst we take onboard your situation, Fujitsu do not support Linux on this product and there will not be Linux drivers made available for your product by Fujitsu.

The product is not sold or advertised as supporting Linux based operating systems.

Yours sincerely"

So Fujitsu doesn't support Linux with this laptop, which is completely understandable. But SiS insist that we should contact our manufacturer/vendor for the driver that they have supposedly received, who is in the wrong? Cut a long story short, before you carry on reading, if you are thinking of going to Linux and have SiS hardware (or are looking at computers with SiS hardware), double check that they are supported on the distribution.

Solution in Ubuntu 9.04

This isn't a solution to our problem, there is no 3D driver available for the SiS Mirage 3+ IGP but a 2D driver is available and it's in a handy .deb format for easy install/un-install/re-install. To download it, simply head over to SiS on Linux and download 'xorg-driver-sis671_0.9_i386.deb' if you are like me and have the Mirage 3+ graphics family, be sure to install the .deb and then restart your system. The wireless seem to work out of the box now, which is fantastic! If not, give the restricted hardware driver a go for Aethos - System > Administration > Hardware Drivers.

Edit: GameSpot won't allow the URL to the main website or a dow load site so please visit this thread and use the URL in the 4th and/or 5th post. Remember to back up files and I can't take any responsibility for any data loss or stability problems.

Ubuntu 9.10 Problem

The driver above doesn't work in 9.10, it wont install and if you upgrade your 9.04 installation with that drive rin use, you wont get a GUI. This is because of the changes made between the two releases. There seems to be no solution as of yet, I am still looking though as 9.10 seems to be a great OS. The only problem is, it's kind of hard to enjoy the experience of it in 800x600 with no 3D support.

Don't worry guys, I'm on the lookout for a fix or even a driver from SiS to allow support in 9.10 and maybe, hopefully, 3D support to enable all that cool eye candy. Would be nice to play some Linux games too, right?

Amusing Gamers

Some people gaming online can really make you laugh, cry or weep on the floor like a constipated baby. Others can be right so-and-so's, who don't really deserve to be able to play online. When finding these gamers, befriending them, following them and joining matches they are currently in, it opens up a whole new level of overall gaming enjoyment.

Gone were the times of playing single player mode in the dark with no social life. Out come as a reformed you, a player that takes on team work, communication and strategic skills to turn the tide of battle! Unless of course you are playing Nintendogs, doesn't really have any battles available... unless you take things seriously and go round your friends house, kick their dog and scream that yours is better looking. It's a computer graphic!

While playing online with others, clans and communities are formed by tightly knit players who want to take it further and absorb as much experience, achievements and enjoyment out of games as possible. These are fantastic for new gamers, people looking for something on offer from others or if you are just bored. I remember the days of Unreal Tournament 2004, when I was running a clan with another player with one of the best Assault servers at the time. Things were great, everyone came in and had a laugh, we have some people who f**ks around and fell off edges of maps and whatnot, others performed weird stunts. Like the time I turned up on the server one evening, drunk as anything.

Passed out drunk

When you next turn on your console, think about other people online, be considerate, be fun and enjoy the game. When I get my 360 up and running just after Christmas, I expect to have a good time with you all! :)

Now, check out this fantastic video about sticking it in the wrong hole, really does finish your Friday off nicely.

Preparing To Purchase 360

Christmas is coming, everyone is preparing their 'What to get relatives' lists. I am still wandering what to get my other half, let alone my family. It is certain though, that making yourself happy with money is easy, games. Lot's and lot's of games. Since I only have a DS and my iPhone for console/mobile gaming (this is excluding my media computer), I am seriously considering joining the 360 band with XBOX Live Gold to really get into the swing of things. With two main titles that I would do anything to get my hands on, like raid a Game store or something, I am getting myself extremely excited with reading past reviews and watching some fantastic fan-made videos around the web. These two games of course being; Halo 3 and Halo Wars. I am a Halo lover, I admit it, I want the movie to be made, I want the story to be concluded properly, I want Cortana to exist in my toaster so I can make some cracking' crumpets but we need to take things slow. I shall obviously consider other games, but for now, I'm rather enjoying this hype self-creation :)

Finally Joined Gamespot

I have finally joined the best of gamers, the land of games and the underworld of society. I have also joined Gamespot too. Making this leap was a slight delayed decision, first reading articles on this site back in 2007 I wanted to start mingling in with the community to hopefully fulfil my dream to become an Editor for a popular gaming portal such as this. Meeting other like-minded gamers and networking with writers on Gamespot would be fantastic and great to join in-game sometime. Let's see how things go and hopefully I will stick around for a long time rating, reviewing and tagging games to help out the site and mingle with the community.