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Holiday and Wii Help

I hope you all had a good holiday with your families. I got a lot of good gifts, including the Nintendo Wii. Its fun! How do I give out my Wii number thing? Someone help.


5000 posts!

I made my 5000th post eariler this week. It is a major acomplishment for me. I've been here for more than two years.

I hope some of my old friends come back. Please contact me.


Traverse Line

Have you ever wanted something to remind you of your favorite user, Kingdom Hearts Fan, and resident nickpicker when you were away from the computer. Have you everwanted a pleasant surprised everytime you look at a product and seen the name of the BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. If you have, that makes two of us. Introducing...

Traverse Line

Traverse Line is the new thing that ever adult, child, and infant on your street will want. Various productsthat are all introduced, created, designed, coordinated, sold, marketed, financed, accounted, packaged, sent, and responded by myself, TraverseTown. And although these items aren't on sale yet in the United States, Canada, or Western Europe, don't worry, because you can still spend hours upon hours looking at these remarkable product online for hours upon hours.

Introducing the TraverseTown Handkerchief:

When you need to wipe your hands or blow your nose, why not do on a small lime greensheet of fabric endorsed by me! Buy Now! - Actually you can't buy. Just look, ok?

Nowavailable in Pink and Baby Blue:


I like Computer Graphics Studio
Traverse Line... haha

More Talking!

09-15-2001 13:01:05

Hi it's me, and I finished my first two weeks of school, it's Ok, and I really like my Computer Graphics (Period5)I actually get to sit with my friend at lunch!

Big Brother 8 is rigged. I hate Dick and Daniele.

I'm waiting to watch Surivor, The Office, Heroes, Kid Nation, and more new Biggest Loser and Code Lyoko. Digimon appears on Jetix... which I don't get.

On Pokemon Diamond, I traded my Mesprit for a Weezing on the GTS, because Weezing is my all-time favorite and I got a freaking hacked Weezing! LV100, met at Lv2 and caught in a Master Ball, I don't think so, So I traded it away for another Weezing and as I'm typing this, I'm double checking If I've got anything new

In other news, the GTS Site is up and it's pretty useless.

Done checking... no trades. Boohoo.

I'm saving for the Office Season 3 DVD...

Here's some sites I reccomend.

My Profile at DM Infinity
Office Tally
Heroes Wiki
TV Links

Seriously, with that last one, watch you favorite TV Shows in an organized fashion! Do it!


Yay! No cavaties or anything...Hooray! Health is POWER! Yes. Yes it is. I'm better than you.


Wednesday September 5th 2007 : School

I'm starting 10th Grade next wednesday...I'm sad. Summer was fun. If you remember, I went to Alaska last summer, and this summer, I was never farther than 20 miles away from my house... it was quiet. Luckily, I can swim still.