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I've been buying a lot of Zippos lately...

Don't ask why. I've always collected lighters. Bics, however, are simply too cheap for my mind to prioritize retaining them, and I find that they have a mysterious tendency to dissapear at the least opportune moments. Zippos, on the other hand, cost me a bit more, and as such, I tend to work a little harder to keep them around. I also love their classic design. There's something timeless about sparking up with a Zippo that really makes it worthwhile owning a few. Here are the ones I own:


This one is my favorite. I love the moth (it's not a butterfly >_> ) design. I've actually had two of these, but I lost my first one.


This was the first Zippo I ever owned. A little more manly than the preceding one, no doubt. It cost me a bit more than the others, but I think the finish is a little higher quality. At this point, I consider it a classic.


If you think this is similar to my moth one, you would be correct. They have the same finish; however, this one lacks the design and is actually a smaller model Zippo (I don't think the picture accurately reflects this). I like it because the colors are a bit more vivid than the moth; however, this one doesn't work as consistently well as my others.

... and finally, my latest acquisition:


This is a bit different from the others. It's a newer variety of Zippo, a Zippo Blu, which is a butane torch style lighter as opposed to the traditional varieties which take liquid fuel. As some of you may know, regular Zippos aren't all that great for your glass pipe/non-tobacco smoking needs; this one on the other had, should be perfect for such occassions. I also really dig the fluer de lis design on it. Should be an awesome addition to my collection. =)


For some reason I'm addicited to the song Naive by the Kooks right now.

I also am in the midst of one of the worst academic weeks of my life. On the bright side, when it's over on Wedsneday I'm slipping into an alternate reality. =)

... yup.

I got Zelda: Skyward Sword today...

First impression = "omg, why are the controls so bad?" ... then I started playing it. I must admit, I'm impressed with what Nintendo has done with this game, at least from an artistic perspective. It has a soft, almost watercolor essence woven throughout that gives it a nice artistic flair and sets a wondrous backdrop for the events that play out. The more I spent enjoying it, the happier I was that I didn't pass it up. Zelda has always had a certain charm to it, and the creators of Skyward Sword found the charm knob under the hood and dialed it up to ten. The first flight scene really brought a smile to my face, as did the numerous other Zelda-things (things in all Zelda games) that I encountered. Busting open a treasure chest for the first time since Twilight Princess had me grinning from ear to ear. I like the combat too. It's very responsive, and it seems they finally gave us that one to one feel that the combat in Twilight Princess SHOULD have had. All in all, I'm loving it so far. =)