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Damn the Christmas season and its cluster of sweet games

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Seriously. I do not like to buy a game unless I know I am getting my money's worth out it. I also like to get these games worth 60 bucks as close to their release date as possible. Normally this works out well for me as I eagerly anticipate new upcoming titles. This being said,  I just bought Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and Fallout 3 all within a 2 week time span. Little Big has a never ending supply of levels and disk levels that requiring beat several times to 100% complete them. Fallout 3 requires beating the game probably about 3 times before you experience most of the game. R2 has multiplayer modes to keep me busy for a real long time. Is any of this a problem? The answer is no.


The problem is Call of Duty: World at War. I've spent too much money on games already, but this game looks bananas. At first I did not think it would live up to COD4, but it does look really sweet. I'm afraid if I buy it that I will cast R2 aside since I already beat it once and I will end up feeling like I wasted money. I have absolutely no reason to buy the game cause the other 3 are still keeping me very busy (plus I bought Ninja Gaiden and haven't really started it, I was waiting until I got all the other games out of my system). I think I may be able to hold out until Killzone 2 comes out to get my fps fix. I promised myself I wouldn't buy another game until Prince of Persia came out and I really hope I keep my word. 

Sorry Microsoft...

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I have been a Sony kid since I Final Fantasy VIII came. I had a Playstation before that, but that was the game that really did it for me, but Playstation was the king of RPGs. When Ps2 came out, it was a no brainer to pick it up, and used all my 8th grade graduation money to buy it because it was too expensive for my parents to just buy it for me. I loved Ps2. Now, when the next generation of systems were coming out Ps3 had that hefty 600 dollar price tag and a really bad line up of games to support it and a terrible online system.

XBox360 had Oblivion, and I wanted it badly. So instead of waiting a few more months for a system I wasn't excited about and I would never buy a launch system cause you never know what the defects will be like so probably would of waited 6 more months anyways , didn't have games to support it, and was crazy expensive, I decided just to go ahead and buy the 360 the summer of 2006 and loved it. It was exciting to play more action oriented rpg's for a change and I started to get into first person shoots, it was great. 360 turned out to have some great rpg's like Bioshock and Mass Effect and Oblivion, and some japanese rpg's like Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey, not to mention all the great non-rpg's out there.

But alas my 360 got those rings of death in September 2007 and a month later Microsoft shipped me a new box and all was well. Then a couple weeks ago, my box got the rings, so I just shipped it out this morning and as soon as I got my rent covered I'm purchasing a ps3, fallout 3, and litte big planet. Ps3's are 80gigs for 400 now and my roommate is giving me 225 for my box. my xbla filled hard drive and 3 games he picked out of what I had and chose gta4, cod4, and scene it. I think it's a reasonable deal and it beats the hassle of ebay plus its still in the house.

Ps3 now has much improved internet service with home coming soon, finally have some good exclusives and I'm excited to play MGS4 because its been a while since 3 came out and I was a little sad I wouldnt have the chance before to play MGS4, and since before, i kept my 360 in the living room to be nice, but if one of my roommates is going to have a 360 I'm keeping this new console all to myself. The only Thing that saddens me is that I will no longer be able to play Fable 2, but I am very stoke about LBP, it looks very unique and lively and I'm thinking if Viva Pinata was fun, this game is just gonna be silly awesome. I hope no one took the time to read that, but if you did, thanks.