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League of Legends

I have been playing lots of League of Legends lately. If you feel like playing use to create an account and I will be happy to show you the ropes.

5 Great Indie Games: Your Price for Charity- The Humble Indie Bundle 2

You may have heard about the first one, but basicly these indie developers got together and are offering these game at your price. You put in how much you want to pay and what charities you would like it to go to. It is up for about five more days as of this posting so don't miss it. If you are reading this a little late, just keep an eye out in the future because I am sure they will do it again. Then you get the five games:


-Cortex Command



-Revenge of the Titans

All of these games work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. I personally love Machinarium and Braid. Osmos is another very fun and interesting game. I have not played the other two yet, but will be soon. Great games, great cause. Let people know.

My EVGA GTX 460 is in the mail.

My friend is building a computer so I am selling him my month or so old GT 240 and buying myself a GTX 460 by Evga that was on special from Newegg. I am very excited because I will now be running games that are looking much better than games on consoles. I am ready to tackle Crysis, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and Metro 2033. If anyone else is thinking about getting a gaming PC I highly recommend it. You get a much better gaming experience. Even if you don't like a mouse and keyboard you can still use a 360 or PS3 contoller with a PC.

-The rest of my PC is a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, 1.5TB 7,200RPM, 4GB DDR2, GTX 460.

Where has the casual market gone? Nintendo needs to think fast.

Casual sales are tapped and the Wiis market is going to drop rapidly. We are already seeing it. The market Nintendo was going for is a easy to reach and large demographic, but they don't buy lots. Casual gamers are kind of a one time use, they buy their Wii, a couple controllers, and a few crappy games and for the most part they are set. Once all those people have been sold Wiis like they have the software sales won't be matching system sales like they do on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game to system ratio is way off in comparison between Wii and other systems.

Nintendo is making lots of games for hardcore gamers now because they are begining to realize that. The casuals that are in it for the Wii Sports don't care about a new Zelda game. Nintendo has lost a lot of the hardcore gamers and while i myself have a Wii and have had it since launch. I haven't touched it in months. Maybe I can make a dent in some of the new games on the horizon, but I just don't feel the same motivation to complete games on the Wii. Nintendo it is too little too late. The next gen is coming soon, E3 2011 they better start at least announcing new consoles for release in 2012 or 2013. At least for Nintendo, because lots of gamers feel that HD games are very important and won't even touch Wii games.

Next gen will be interesting, this gen captured the casual gamers. Next gen needs to then implament and turn those casual gamers into more consistant gamers, they need to make them more interested in going on an adventure not just bowling with the family. Hard to say when Sony and Microsoft will roll out new consoles since they have the graphics capabilities to keep going for a while. These consoles are very flexible and the ability to update them makes this gen last longer than any others. The PS3 has a ways to go till it is being pushed but the 360 is pretty much there. Crytek is known with Crysis that they can make even the best of the power PCs cry when it came out, they are pushing but the 360 can't keep up with the PS3 from their reports, while neither come close to the PCs proformance. I guess it all comes down to how sucessful PS Move and Kinect are, that will set the pace for the rest of the system lives.

Me chiming in on MW2

I feel MW2 was a good game, but it had lots of bugs and problems that everyone and all reviewers seemed to overlook. I feel that shows that they didn't put lots of time and effort into making the game. It doesn't deserve the outrageous sales it recieved just for the developers to nickle dime its fans with over priced DLC that should have been free as a way to give back and show they care the way some companies like Valve do. I don't know any other game that gets as much great stuff constantly as Team Fortress 2. They even drop the price by half on Steam when they release a huge amount of content.

Overall MW2 after all it's patches is a great game, but it rode the coattails of COD4 too much. While that worked out it shows that they were relying on that to happen. Some games you can just feel the passion that was put into making the game. Some games like Plants vs Zombies, World of Goo (made by 2 guys), or even huge titles like Uncharted 2; all of them have that heart behind the game that shows you they bent over backwards to make the best game they could.

I just hope Black Ops is great, I don't see myself buying it, but for the record breaking sales it will be getting it better be worth every penny. I am sick of hearing about game designers being let go after making great games that just don't sell well enough, especially when I am trying to get into game design myself. Most of the money from MW2 stays with the high ups in the company, the low on the totem pole guys that are the ones working hard don't get their fair cut. They are like the Walmart of the game industry to me. They may have good prices and decent stuff, but I try not to support what they do to the market and their employees.

Our favorite Industry On the Downhill

That is unfortunately true. Our market and our gamers are ruined. People only want the next big shooter and that's all they see. The PS2 had some of the greatest games out there and rarely were they shooters, or if they were they were unique shooters like Bioshock. We need more adventure and people need to open their minds to games and try some new stuff. It is a shame that games like Demon's Souls does poorly in sales compared to the quality of the game. There is in a way nothing wrong with it and theres nothing they could do to make it better. It got good scores but people just don't care because there were no guns. Yes, the game was difficult and in that sense there were some things wrong. But time and time again companies take a chance, make an excellent critic appraised title, but there aren't any "guns," so the title finds it way down the price latter faster than it should and the devs go under. I want last gens risks and creativity back. Those games are diamonds in the rough now. My girlfriend doesn't enjoy First Person games and shes left with very few choices. She likes games, just not whats out there and that's really opened my eyes. I bought her a gamecube and soon will a PS2 so she can play the greats from that era I know she would love. She finished up Paper Mario faster than I did and that was one of her first games. We can't have thoughts like these or the future is doomed to generic run of the mills, MW2 paved the way for letting mediocrity slide. They proved you don't need hard work and dedication to make a great game.

Who are you?

I don't like how most games have to mainstream and pump them full of action just to get sales now. Dead Space 2 is more action oriented and so was Resident Evil 5. Though they are both great games, they just aren't the same as the predecessors. Developers don't have the freedom to experiment like they used to last gen which is unfortunate. The cost to make a game is too high to try and gamble now a days and only a few good new IPs make it because the vast majority of gamers fall into three categories. The two brainwashed: Casual and minigame gamers (Wii shovelware style). The COD, Halo style where all they play is the action packed FPS and won't touch anything else and rarely play anything single player. Then the best kind, the general gamers that play all the latest and greatest. Yes they may play those other games and that's fine, because they are still playing stuff that's out there and off the beaten path, with a diverse library of games.

Chalk Another One Up For The Red Ring Of Death.

Went to play my 360 to find I'm now the proud owner of a new brick. I've had it for about a year, but I've had my PS3 for two and a half years and my Wii since launch and both are doing just fine. Good thing there aren't any good games coming anytime soon.

E3 thoughts and Onlive: Free Year Plus Free Game

I have been doing the Onlive Beta Testing for the past few months. It wasn't game play but instead when they asked via email I would run their connection tests twice a day for a week and I did that a few times. Originally they told me that this would make me eligible for my first month of Onlive free and that sounded interesting. Then I receive another email from them letting me know that they are giving me one free year of Onlive and One FREE game of my choice, to kick off the launch while they launch it live on June 17th at E3. Before I was on the fence about Onlive and I have Gamefly also, but this is an offer no one could refuse so I will do it for a year and see how I like it. I am interested in the fact that I could play on my standard laptop or on other PCs, also the TV Micro Console has big appeal since my computer can just about max any game out there as is. Just got to wait and see but so far I like the idea of it all, the $15 a month plus game purchases seems maybe high to me but they also offer cheaper prices for multiple months at once as Xbox Live does, and for someone without a gaming PC that is a very fair price.

I am excited for E3 this year seems to have lots in store, the final flushing of Natal and Move. Maybe hints or revealing at new consoles, hopefully next gen I am tired of slimmer system re-hauls. What are you all looking forward to this E3?